If Hollywood Directors Did McCain Attack Ads

We’ve all seen the John McCain attack ads. But what if he got a little more creative and hired some Hollywood directors to do some for him? John Woo? Kevin Smith? Wes Anderson? What would those ads look like? (Thanks to Jared for the heads up)

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16 thoughts on “If Hollywood Directors Did McCain Attack Ads

  1. The “John Woo” one was the best of them, (even if it isn’t saying much-they all were dullsville) although I actually think more slapstick comedy should have been in there (before Woo did the action pictures he did comedies in HK)…

    (Note: “Mel Gibson” isn’t here! WE need a “Apocolypto/Passion Of The Christ” in here somewhere, don’t you think?)

    Now let’s see some Obama ones, and see how his negative ads can be more creative, or at least be more honest. Second thought…better yet, “his” ads will be more like anything that make Obama look like The Savior Of The Universe, the Midas Touch, Caligula and The Second Coming all rolled into one….anything he isn’t.

  2. LMAO! and im a McCain supporter! its good to laugh at your self every now and then. If you take yourself to seriously or think your above fault or a good laugh what are you good for? very well done. the first is my favorite. John Woo FTW! “if only my friend Barack Obama had been elected!” “im Not OBAMA….BANG!” LMAO!

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