TMNT “Hybrid” Shooting Confirmed


The other day on an episode of Uncut, Campea mentioned that he thought the next turtles film would feature CGI Turtles and live action humans – Peter Laird has confirmed that this will in fact be the case. We get the following quote from our friends at MTV:

As it stands now, there is no intention of doing another live-action film like the first three, with actors and stuntmen in actual Turtle suits, contrary to what was said by Kevin. We have pretty much decided that the next “TMNT” movie should be what we’ve been calling a “hybrid” — that is to say, live-action humans and sets combined with very realistic CGI Turtles (and possibly some other CGI characters).

Laird starts the interview by blasting Eastman for leaking information about this upcoming film. Apparently Eastman sold his rights to Laird, and still wants to talk about he franchise. I can understand Eastman’s attachment to the franchise; but if he sold his share, fair is fair. Laid goes on to explain that more news will be released shortly, when he feels the time is right.

I personally wanted more “man in suit” turtle action. I can live with motion capture turtles, but wouldn’t be pleased with straight up CGI characters. If they are going to fight with humans, you need to keep the interaction real and the action fast. With motion capture, the actors have a human placeholder that they can emotionally respond to and fight with. Call Zemeckis, the guy eats mo-cap for lunch.

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14 thoughts on “TMNT “Hybrid” Shooting Confirmed

  1. @Hazmat: Shredder is boring! He’s always been around! :( Like so many other comics; some villians gets boring when they are overused!

  2. @Spiderfreak182: I’m not so sure about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But it would be cool to include Slash and maybe they could have some cool scenes in central park where Slash would be looking for a palm tree and take out the Turtles one by one because he feels that they try to stop him finding the palm tree. The Rat King could be mixed in maybe. The Dark Knight worked with two villains and Turtles could work as well.

  3. This is great news! :D I just hope that it isn’t a remake of the first movie! A fourth movie, a proper sequel, with the Rat King in it would be great (I think)! :D I think it’s too bad that Eastman is no longer involved because he could’ve contributed with some good ideas! @Rodny: It saddens me to hear that Eastman is like that! :( Maybe we are off best without him then…?

    I agree with Bret and Monty! I hope that Sara M G isn’t in this movie!!!! I hope that the Splinter voice from the first two movies (not Turtles 3) will be in it and a return of Casey Jones would be cool if the original actor isn’t too old. Casey Jones was fantastic in the movies, especially the first movie where he were really cool and admirable! :D

    I actually bought the three movies on DVD and got them this Monday. :D Very nice to have! :D Lots of smileys from me. :)

  4. Man in suit works for Godzilla, not Turtles in the half shell. If they get top notch effects team, it could work. Look at Yoda fighting Dooku and Palpatine, that looked pretty damn good.

  5. The updates on this movie are ridiculous. It’s like they’re holding a press conference every time they consider anything.

    I still wanted the full CGI treatment, but if Sarah Michelle is actually playing the real April this time, I’m in. Just as long as it’s not a remake.

  6. Eastman is pretty high on his own body odor. I ran into him at FanExpo and I didn’t recognize him and he got offended. He now is top boss at Heavy Metal magazine.

    But this is the ONLY way I could see live action turtles movie. Rubber suits are rediculous.

  7. They need to get WETA (who did “Gollum in Lord of the Rings”) or ILM (who did Davy Jones from “Pirates of the Caribbean”) to do the mo cap turtles.

    Also find martial artists that can move and fight like Tony Jaa or David Belle, as well as a reputable fight/action choreographer like Donnie Yen.

  8. unless the CGI is really good I dont see it looking real enough for my tastes. I really hope they dont make some super creature villain because they can. Oh wells it may turn out amazing.

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