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2008 is the year of Robert Downey Jr. He’s already had 2 major hits with Iron Man and Tropic Thunder, but lest you start thinking of him as a comedy or action actor, don’t forget he’s also one of the more gifted dramatic actors of our generation (when he’s not high or stoned). And although I was foaming at the mouth to see Iron Man by the time it came out, and even though I loved Tropic Thunder, the movie I’ve most been curious to see him in this year is “The Soloist“. This is the one people are giving early whispers of “OSCAR” to, and after seeing The Soloist trailer, I can understand why.

I can not wait to see this movie. Check it out:

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14 thoughts on “The Soloist Trailer

  1. Didnt we already see a movie like this with Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler, just a different backdrop…. Still looks interesting always like the movies that make you feel like you can do anything at the end :-)

  2. Personally I think Jamie is a terrible actor, I hate to pigeon hole someone an actor but I think he is at his best when he is in his element of Drama/Actor/Musician. He was phenomenal in Ray, terrible in everything else. You will see, he will shine in this movie the Soloist. Pairing Jamie with Downey is another sound choice, Robert Downey Jr. may have had his problems in the past but his talent has never once been questioned! I like Jamie as a comedian, but as an actor he has alot more to prove to me.

    I think this movie will be a winner!

  3. This could have potential, but we musicians are praying, through clenched teeth, “Please don’t be another August Rush!”

  4. “…when he’s not hight or stoned…” – I think he made great movies even when he was high or stoned. I think Chaplin was from that period. And anyway I’m not sure (I don’t know him personally) but I think he’s been sober for a few years now. I have always thought he was one of the best actors of his generation – I know people are always saying Sean Penn – but I’d take Downey over Penn in a heartbeat.

  5. I thought the trailer was going to be dramatic, you know, designed for OSCAR! It turns out to be fun, and glossy. From the trailer, looks like Downey is leading, not Foxx?

  6. wow both him and fox look like they made smart choices with this movie…i love both actors……past n present …..wierd science % living color…….i am going to see this movie for sure…and i will pay for it! with $$$$$$$$ go team go!

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