The Movie Blog: Uncut – September 5th 2008

Hey there folks! This is your 320th installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut, originally recorded Friday September 5th 2008. Doug and I are happy to be joining you on this glorious day. Listen in as we discuss:

1) The new film Bangkok Dangerous

2) Robert De Niro off movie that already started filming

3) The Dark Knight breaks Imax records

4) Ghost Busters 3 rumors

5) Michael Moore’s new film going straight to internet for free

6) TMNT Live action movie not happening?

7) A special announcement

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18 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – September 5th 2008

  1. John,

    I agree with your take on Spidy 3 & 4. Raimi is showing his weariness. I too, want a new director and cast and, as you said, the franchise stories can continue. Good call.

    Oh yeah, what was the special announcment? You missed that?

  2. One thing overlooked on a GB3 movie, is the video game, that is written by Akroyd and Ramis, and Murray and Hudson will also do voice work on it, which may counter Murray saying he would never do it again.

  3. The Dark Knight in IMAX is incredible! Those scenes that are shot with IMAX cameras (first time ever on a feature film) are breath taking! Wally Pfister should win the Oscar for Best Cinematography. If you haven’t seen it in IMAX, please DO. In fact, go RIGHT NOW. IT IS AWESOME. DOUG, what are you waiting for?! Go see it in IMAX. You will not be disappointed! Those exterior shots are amazing. You have to hold on to your seat because you think you’re gonna fall out of your seat and into the Batman world! It’s great! GO NOW!!! Take your whole family! It is Really something to SEE!

  4. Watching UFC 88 now, John. Did you watch it with Doug? How did he react to Tim Boesch’s use of the Conan the Barbarian theme?

  5. @John,

    at the end of the show you said Citizen Kane was one of those classic movies that you don’t like – WTF?! You have it at number 30-something on your top 100 films of all time; when you said you didn’t like it on the show were you just not concentrating and thought you were naming a different movie?

  6. Hey guys awesome show as always, i noticed that in one of the list it says special announcement, i didn’t hear anything like it on the show was it cut off, and does it have anything to do with the post below it about your comedy movie?

  7. @ john and doug

    hi guys. great show.

    theres something ive been meaning to ask you but ive been holding back for some reason.

    where did you get your theme song? is it downloadable? can you get it on your phone?

    its just so catchy and just when it starts to get good it ends and the show starts and im like “shit…”

    lol i know its a lame comment but its been bothering me for a while so i had to get it out of my system

  8. Murray, Ramis, Aykroyd and Hudson already did the voices for the Ghostbusters-game that may be released next year so it’s not a strech that it might happen, and i will welcome it

  9. My Ghostbuster 3

    Original cast retired because they caught all the bad Ghosts. Something terrible comes. They realize they are too old and they hire young guys. the young guys do pretty well with the petty henchmen of the terrible evil force. When it comes to the Terrible force they don’t have the experience to do it on their own. Original and new busters bust the unstoppable evil force together with the help of Louis Tully (Rick Moranis). one of the new guys dies in the process. joins the team as a ghost.

    Maybe one of the original cast members is already dead and a ghost from the start of the film working as a Ghostbuster. Murray would do well in this role. so many dead jokes.

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