The Movie Blog: Uncut – Sept 15th 2008

Hey there folks! This is your 326th installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut, originally recorded Monday September 15th 2008. Doug and I are happy to be joining you on this glorious day as we discuss:

1) Casting for “The Anniversary”

2) Should Rosario Dawson regret picking Eagle Eye over Zach and Miri?

3) The first 7 minutes of “The Day The Earth Stood Still”

4) Spaceballs

5) xXx 3 with Vin coming back

6) Eva Longoria in the Avengers Movie?

7) Taking questions from the live chat board

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21 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Sept 15th 2008

  1. I’m sorry, but The Day the Earth Stood Still looks like total shit.

    For starters (and this looks to be the least of the film’s WTF moments) who the hell was the random black kid? Is that supposed to be the Bobby Benson character from the original? I wonder if that kid has an older sister who happens to know anti-velociraptor gymnastics. Perhaps she could help him stave off “the invasion”

    Since when did Klaatu become so scary and have super powers?

    And to top it off, Klaatu has come to Earth and risked everything in order to command us to “Go Green” !!!?? This has to be the stupidest, most PC movie ever.. I won’t be suprised if Klaatu’s final speech includes the phrases “Buy a Prius” and “Vote Obama!”

    And the aliens sound like a bunch of smug assholes to tell us how to run our planet. At least in the original, Klaatu warned humanity that the aliens did not tolerance violence in their galactic community for fear of it spreading. I guess now they don’t tolerate people who don’t earn “carbon credits” either! So Gort has been reduced from a galactic enforcer of justice to a nosy global warming cop?

    The tone of this film looks all wrong based on the trailer. What are the chnaces we won’t get any eye-tearing inspirational moments like when Klaatu and Bobby visit the Lincoln memorial while Klaatu is learning about the human race and he reads the Gettysburg address “–and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” And Klaatu responds “Those are great words. He must have been a great man”

    This is a truly laughable deviation of the original plot. Yet another pathetic rip-off of a classic film. Not that I’m surprised.

  2. Was this episode really a marathon 5 hours long?

    If it was, I can’t believe I missed it, then again, if it was, it would have finished at about 6:00am over here in England and that’s when I get up to go to work!

    So phew!! I’m so glad I missed it! (Not!)

  3. No, you’re absolutley right. I just think that it’s sad that in the year 2008 it hasn’t become a money making industry yet. I most certainly hope it does in the Not SO Distant future.

    Maybe we should all just start making more socially diverse indy movies with little to no budgets for ourselves and posting them on YOUTUBE for everyone to see. Of course that takes out the cross- pollination aspect of everyone being able to get together in a mass congregation cinema setting.

    I say set up a film Tax through the Government to have us Pay in an allotted sum of money to be set aside for a certain amount of these movies to be made every year. I’d be more than happy to put up my portion.

  4. Hey Robert,

    I see what you’re saying, and in principle I agree with you… however…

    When you say:

    “I think that they should be able to have the option available to see movies that they relate to more.”

    That’s a wonderful thought (I know that sounded sarcastic, but it’s not meant to) but tell me… who is supposed to PAY for making those movies???

    Who is “obligated” to put up and risk millions of dollars to make movies they don’t believe is financially marketable?

    It’s fine for us to talk about how other people are “obligated” to spend their money and risk their businesses, but businesses have no obligation to invest and risk money in things they don’t think (rightly or wrongly) are financially viable. It’s up to the Market to dictate that.

    And trust me, when the market starts supporting those films, studios will start bending over backwards to produce them for them.

    The onus lies with the market, not with the studios. Just my opinion.

  5. Actually, John…

    No, I am very aware that movies don’t need to be “good” to make money. Lot’s of “bad” movies make tons.

    I apologize about that comment. I kinda stuck my foot in my mouth there and thanks for bringing up that point.

    But I still do think that It is up to the movie industry to do their part to make more movies with more socially diverse roles in them. It isn’t moral of them to do otherwise. I understand also that business’ basically are amoral entities. Also, I do believe that I did also state that the companies have a lack of obligation to do such a thing. I am allowed to state outrage against that… correct?

    Finally, I don’t think that your analogies are even close to relating to the question at hand. It’s a completely different situation. All parts of society can drink grape soda and all parts of society can drive any type of automobile. I guess all people in society can see any movie, but I think that they should be able to have the option available to see movies that they relate to more.

  6. Hey Robert Forest

    So are you saying only “good” movies can make money? LIke Spider-Man 3, or Pirates 3, or Shrek 3, or Meet the Spartans?

    No, a movie doesn’t have to be “good” to make money.

    You said:

    “I totally relate and agree with Dougs outlook and rage about the movie Industries obligation (or lack there of) to put out films with more diverse social roles”

    What gives you the right to say THEY (whoever “they” is) have an obligation? If a soda company makes grape soda, and they choose to make grape soda loving people their market, who gives you or me the right to say they have an “obligation” to make cherry soda for those who may like Cherry soda?

    We as a society should expect any business to act ethically… but none of us have the right to say who they have an “obligation” to choose as their target market or where they should risk their money.

    If Ford can’t make money making a car with 9 tires and a green satellite dish on the roof then they have the right to choose not to make those cars. Market dictates production.

  7. Yeah, but the films have to be “Good” too, …word on the street is that Miracle At St. Anna is piss poor at best. God knows that I’m not looking forward to it.

    …And Very much agreed about ALI being probably the best movie about a sports figure to date. Either that or Raging Bull. Of course we aren’t counting Documentaries.

  8. I agree they should, but if people don’t go to see these movies, then there is really no point. Sure, they could be critical hits, but if the audience isn’t getting the point the film is there to make, then why do it? Your better off setting a television series around it.

    Take Ali for example, and it may be a bad one, but whatever. It’s a film featuring a pretty much all “minority” cast, and is one of the best sports films ever made, in my opinion. However, it was a financial bomb, but critical hit. Now, maybe studios aren’t putting these films in the correct amount of theatres, and if that’s the case, then fuck ’em. Like say these movies have solid per screen averages, then it’s all on Hollywood, but alas, I have not done that much research. But if people just don’t want to see it, then it’s our own fault.

    We’ll see what happens when Miracle At St. Anna comes out…that I know is getting a wide release…

  9. Also, I totally relate and agree with Dougs outlook and rage about the movie Industries obligation (or lack there of) to put out films with more diverse social roles. I think is a fucking shame that the money is not being put toward bettering the social conscious of the World. It is a very sad commentary on the current state of world affairs in the movie market. Take the fucking first step in helping it.

    Either that or I think that I should find a way to make the satellites turn into a source for creating concentrated beams of energy to make all of human kind revert back in evolution to being spineless amoeba-like entities so that we stop being shit and are able to start all over again from the beginning of evolution!

  10. Josh Brunsting, thanks for restating the 6 for 6 about Nolan. I brought this to the attention of John about a week ago in a post and never heard anything back from them.

    I agree, you guys should all go and check out “The Following” it is the first Nolan film (…and I believe he did it as a film student). Brilliant and made on an absolute shoe string budget. Every aspiring direct should see it.

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