The Movie Blog: Uncut – Sept 12th 2008

Hey there folks! This is your 325th installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut, originally recorded Friday September 12th 2008. Doug and I are happy to be joining you on this glorious day as we discuss:

1) Burns After reading review

2) Righteous Kill review

3) Iron Man 2 in Imax and 3D?

4) Bittorrent site to sue recording industry

5) Taking questions from the live chat board

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12 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Sept 12th 2008

  1. Hi guys. Caught the show a couple of days late–and for the first time. Haven’t seen the new Coen brothers film yet but heard at least one negative review. I still want to see it and your review strengthens that desire. It’s my impression the Coen’s have rarely gotten their due from the media elite and I am happy to hear another perspective. Thanks.

  2. De Niro was actually given Sheen’s role in the Departed BUT he had to cancel because the Good Shepherd needed so many reshoots. I would only imagine what it would be like if De Niro was the one in the Departed rather than Sheen.

  3. Looks like my question about The Thing is now a talking point because has just posted an article saying that they are preparing to make a prequel.
    Sounds interesting but I just hoped they would do a sequel and bring back Kurt Russell.

  4. De Niro & Pacino two of my favorites actors and are the type of actors that their legacy will be AWESOME for ever, having said that (john, that quote will be remember like the one from Taxi Driver, LOL), but yes their last 8 years (hate the crap the last 10 or 15 years wtf) havent been the best and i hope for this next movies:

    For Deniro:

    Everybody’s Fine (2009) with Kate Beckinsale & Sam Rockwell.
    Frankie Machine (2010) – Directed by Michael Mann.

    For Pacino:

    Dali & I: The Surreal Story & Rififi (2009).

    Those movies for both can be a good comeback.

  5. Would it be possible to do an audio/video chat instead of or inclusive of text chat? You could still screen you “callers” and if they don’t ask the question they said they were going to you can cut them off.

  6. Im not certain, but I think Jason Statham was a swimmer before getting into movies.

    On your appreciation for Russell Crowe, I hear ya! This dude NEVER gives anything less then aw-inspiring performances. Also DiCaprio has been getting my attention lately.

    On Di Niro and Pacino, they are just in it for the payday, you can tell.. Its impossible to lose the skill these guys had in movies like Scarface and Taxi Driver. I am still hopefull for a comeback, hopefully Scorsese picks up at least one of them for a film. Scorsese and De Niro are gold together.

  7. Smallville gets worse every year. I’ve watched it from the beginning and am glad that it is almost over. I can’t wait for Heroes. I watched the Fringe pilot and I wasn’t too impressed but the Heroes pilot was also terrible so there is still hope. I might watch Lost or just wait till it comes to DVD next year. I am really hoping this season of Supernatural is amazing because it would be a shame if it got canceled.

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