The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded September 4th 2008

Hey there folks! For your viewing and listening enjoyment is The Movie Blog: Uncut that was originally recorded on Thursday September 4th 2008.

1) Watching the 1986 “The Fly”

2) Two- question settled for good

3) Sword and Sandal films. A New Hercules

4) Del Toro busy till 2017

5) We take questions and comments from the live chat board

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17 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded September 4th 2008

  1. MP3 link please? For medical reasons, I can’t watch the video feed — the horrific blue-screen, the camera holding for far too long on people who aren’t even talking, and John’s constant gesticulations conspire to give me seizures.

  2. hey John,

    you always say that nolan is 5 for 5. it’s actually 6 for 6 in my opinion. before he did “Momento” he did a little film called “The Following”. you should definately check it out. i love the movie. Netflix it. you won’t be sorry! promise.

  3. I’m very sorry that I wasn’t there last night. Why is sleep so nice?

    It’s the end of the week though and even though I have to friggin work tommorrow, I will be there tonight.

  4. Completely agree with you guys on the whole Two-Face thing. They should have ended Two-Face’s turn right after that hospital scene. The hospital blows up. Dent’s missing. A body hasn’t been found. END. The Joker has an intimate ending with Batman and Gordon. Maybe Joker targets Gordon, and Batman saves him. THE END. That would have been a perfect movie. It just felt like they tried to stuff too much into this film…which is a shame. Nolan even admits it; he said they didn’t want to hold anything back; hold anything for another movie. It’s a shame that he thinks like that because this film was perfect until the third act. It just went on too long and was stuffed with useless crap: Boat scene, Two-Face, Sonar – TOO MUCH. KEEP IT INTIMATE! GOD DAMN!!

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