Stephen Chow Confirmed For Green Hornet

Stephen ChowWe heard rumblings of this last week and I was on board then, and I remain so now. We get this news of confirmation from our friends at comingsoon:

Stephen Chow, one of Asia’s most popular box-office draws as the award-winning star and director of such films as Kung Fu Hustle, CJ7, and Shaolin Soccer, will direct Seth Rogen and star opposite him as Kato in Columbia Pictures’ The Green Hornet, set for release June 25, 2010, it was announced today by Doug Belgrad and Matt Tolmach, presidents of Columbia Pictures. The screenplay is by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg, who will also executive produce. Neal H. Moritz is the producer through his Original Film production company.

I still don’t like Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet. I think someone else would be better suited for this role, but he wrote it, and can do as he pleases at this point. The drafting of Stephen Chow gives me much hope for the project. He’s a great director for this movie, and will be a fine addition as Kato.

I will be honest pre-Chow, I wasn’t feeling this project at all. Now I am looking forward to it. A Green Hornet film in the spirit of the original could be a lot of fun and having Chow on board gives me great confidence that it will be the case. We will be sure to keep you posted on the updates, and hope to shoot you production stills ASAP.

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10 thoughts on “Stephen Chow Confirmed For Green Hornet

  1. Fact is…the green hornet doesn’t really have the biggest fan base…and itz pretti cheesy….so I don’t see how putting the ‘rogan’ touch on the story could really hurt…
    In any case…rogan did mention on an interview…that he and evan have penned a funny and a serious version of the story…but have not decided their direction..

  2. I went to see Kung Fu Hustle on the same day one of those shitty Star Wars prequels came out. Until today, I did not regret this decision. Hazmat_Pwns_All, the Ozzy Osbourne of this generation, has shown me the error of my ways and I will now murder myself in shame.

  3. i liked kung fu hustle but i dont think ill murder myself…lol

    but i actually think this is a pretty good idea….i never was a huge fan of green hornet, it was cheesy but it just felt like a corny batman knockoff with some kung fu….

    i see this being like the ben stiller, owen wilson starsky and hutch…i thought that movie was hilarious and did a great job poking fun at the old show….i think this will be like that, just more absurd, which is a good thing imo….rogan is a funny guy and chow is funny too and a decent enough martial artist

  4. if you ever saw kun fu hustle and liked it….murder urself

    and…i mean this is MY OPINION….the green hornet is WEAK

    i mean he dresses in a suit with pinstripes and he looks like a lame..skinny kingpin..

    imagine a cross of the riddler and hammerhead from spiderman..thats the green hornet. this is NOT an exageration btw

    im not being a pessimist, im being 100% serious…i just think that the green hornet is unfortunately extremely lame.

    and if you disagree then that is completely cool……just my input.

  5. You know, it’s funny. I feel as good about Stephen Chow as I do bad about Rogen. I think Seth Rogen is a pretty talented guy, but not for this. It just doesn’t seem to “fit”.

    Maybe James Marsters. :)

  6. Chow is fine, but the involvement of Rogen makes this project a farce! Why is he attached to this. If they play it straight he’s so wrong, and if its played for laughs is disrespecting the source material! I hated the fact Ben Stiller ruined Starsky and Hutch by making fun of it. That show was not a comedy, and neither is The Green Hornet! As long as Rogen is involved it’s a lose, lose either WAY!

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