Name That Torso #13

Last week’s correct answer was Halle Berry!

And now the game continues with the thirteenth installment of NAME THAT TORSO!


The answer will be revealed next Monday. The winner will have bragging rights and garner international respect!

****RULE #1 **** If you find the picture online, please don’t post the link and ruin the game for others *****


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40 thoughts on “Name That Torso #13

  1. I’d vote Knightley or Portman. Either or, they both have their appealing qualities while being less busty than 13 year olds.

    And yes, Dunst is floppy. She’d be a hell of a lot nicer shaped if she wore a bra every now and again.

  2. Ha ha ha, big sloppy tits. It’s just weird to think of anyone other than the retarded gorilla construction workers in my country saying that.

    I’m gonna say Reece Witherspoon; no idea why, it’s a punt.

  3. Dunst has big sloppy tits. These tits are neither big nor sloppy. The body looks a bit too full to be Portman. Portman has the body of a twelve year old. I want to say Charlize, but I think we’ve already had her torso in this game. I’m geniunely stumped, so I’m gonna wild guess with Elizabeth Banks.

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