Julie Andrews Joins Tooth Fairy

Julie-Andrews1The golden pipes of Julie Andrews will soon grace the magical tale that is Tooth Fairy. We get wind of this casting from the grizzle riddled caves of Yahoo:

Julie Andrews has earned her wings. The actress will join Dwayne (“The Rock”) Johnson and Ashley Judd in the family comedy “Tooth Fairy.”

The 20th Century Fox film centers on Derek Thompson (Johnson), a minor-league hockey player whose nickname is the Tooth Fairy because of his ability to knock out opposing players’ teeth. Judd plays his girlfriend. When he discourages a youngster, Derek is ordered to one week’s hard labor as a real tooth fairy, complete with wings, magic wand and frilly tutu. Along the way, he rediscovers his forgotten dreams.

Welcome to hell Julie Andrews!

This movie sound more and more horrible with each news release. We now know that the Rock will indeed be wearing a tutu, but rediscovering your dreams along the way? Are you serious? If a dude rediscovers his dreams while sneaking in and out of children’s bedrooms; then maybe he should keep his dreams to himself.

But hey, who knows! This film may end up surprising us all, but right now I’m thinking that it may be competition for Beverly Hills Chihuahua as the best movie to see under the influence of glue.

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3 thoughts on “Julie Andrews Joins Tooth Fairy

  1. Didn’t throat surgery essentially steal away Andrews’ golden pipes? Last I remember she can’t sing anymore because of it or maybe she’s been practicing and slowly regaining it?

    Bizarre that such a movie can have respected actresses like Judd and Andrews on it…

  2. Stephen Merchant from “Extras” and the British version of “The Office” has also signed up to destroy his career by appearing in this.

    This hits me hardest out of all of you guys, I’m willing to bet, because I have been a HUGE fan of The Rock for over ten years now, and not just because he’s hot. I followed his transition from the ring to the silver screen with great interest and high hopes, but it seems that my hopes were all for nothing. I really like this guy. He seems like a nice guy, and every interview I’ve seen or read talks about how the interviewer was surprised at how nice and smart he is. His film choices are NOT smart. He is now in Cuba Gooding Jr territory with this film, and I doubt that he will recover from the blow that this film will wield. He isn’t taken seriously as an actor to begin with. The name change doesn’t mean shit to most people. He’s still the WWE guy for most people, and it pains me to see him drowning in a shit puddle like this when he’s worthy of better. The Rundown was fun, but other than that, what does he have to show for himself? There’s no need to keep accepting paychecks for shit roles unless he spent all his WWE money already.

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