The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded August 11th 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the Monday installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut. This episode was originally recorded live on Monday August 11th 2008. I am once again joined by special guest Kristopher Tapley (Senior Editor of InContention.Com). Take off your shoes, kick back, relax and listen in as we discuss:

1) Lots of ranting about Star Wars: Clone Wars

2) A Tropic Thunder boycott? How Stupid!

3) Early Oscar Picks (Could The Dark Knight actually get nominated this year?)

4) Questions and Comments from the live chat board

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34 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded August 11th 2008

  1. However, I won’t agree it to be the best film ever, which is totally your opinion and I respect that, but for me this movie is about #8 on my top ten. Pan’s Labyrinth is #1.

  2. I think these film’s will be nominated:

    The Dark Knight-This one is bound to win Best Picture/Director/Actor

    Iron Man-Will definitely win Best Visual Effects, but not actor or picture

    Wall-E-MIGHT win Best Picture, if they change their minds

    And to tell you the truth, Ledger’s got Best Actor locked, so we shouldn’t be suprised when he wins.

  3. Thanks for responding to my post, Kris. That’s one of the things I liked so much about the film: it didn’t just deal in the internal lives of the main characters, but rather conveyed how their choices affect the population at large. So many comic book films treat common civilians as cardboard cut-outs, with no presence or will of their own…this was a very refreshing change-of-pace, IMO.

    This is my favourite film thus far of 2008 (WALL*E is second, and I’m not sure what’s third), and I agree that it’s got a good shot at Best Director, particularly if one of the Best Picture nominees is more actor- than director-driven.

  4. yes kris, i agree, i dont understand why epople didnt like it. it was my favorite part of the movie, and really made a point. and what happens to the joker was a perfect ending for him (cant say much for for people who havent scene it). but i enjoyed the last hour and a half more than the first. and like i siad, the boat scene was great. if it had been left off at the hospital scene, part of me thinks that wouldve been good, and part of me doesnt. it just wouldve been an annoying ending and we would have missed “and here we go!!” (waits)” “you can never trust people these days” great line. so basically, for me, the dark knight is the best film ever made, and leged was so great! he really sereves an oscar

  5. You don’t read too many comic books do you, Servant? The ferry boat sequence was a classic sort of comic scene played out on the big screen. Great moment. Sorry a few folks hate it so much, but there we are…

  6. JC: I love your note that the movie might just as well have been called “Gotham.” It reminds me that the story truly is about the city first, the characters second. Not sure if you ever caught my review (, but here is what I had to say on that front:

    “Christopher Nolan has made a brief career of exploring characters built upon their somber, in some instances twisted pasts, however distant or immediate. Cases could be made for “Memento,” “Insomnia,” “Batman Begins” certainly, and even the more complicated “The Prestige.” He makes good on that string in “The Dark Knight” as the film becomes less about the characters and more about the environment they inhabit.

    The real hero of “The Dark Knight” is Gotham City. And just like Leonard Shelby, just like Will Dormer, similar to Robert Angier and, indeed, Bruce Wayne, the city is forced to discover where it stands en route to putting the past where it belongs and finding a way to push into the dawn of a new day. The tragedies of characters within are secondary to that struggle for therapeutic self-recovery, and the Batman knows that. By the end of this epic endeavor, so do those who can help the city to those ends.

    “Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.””

    John and I caught the film again tonight, and I stand by those words still.

    Then again, HE still thinks Two-Face is dead………oy!

  7. The boat scene was a disgrace. Oh yeah, a mom with her two little kids sitting on her lap wouldn’t blow up another boat of murderers to save the lives of her children??????

    Murderers who have killed for money wouldn’t kill other people to save their own lives??????

    If Batman had so much faith in the criminals, why doesn’t he just let them all out of jail?

    It was fucking retarded.

  8. Gotta disagree, that would leave Dark Knight at a terrible cliffhanger. Remember, Nolan doesn’t make these films to set up for sequels, he wants these films to stand alone. The ferry scene is brilliant, emotional, and seeing Two-Face hold the gun to Jim Gordon’s son got me teared up TWICE seeing it on IMAX. I don’t want these scenes missed out, and the whole soul of the movie is the transformation of Harvey Dent –> Two Face. There are probably many other themes in the movie, but that essence of a man’s downfall from perfect citizen was true-to-life.

  9. Just wanted to say that I think if The Dark Knight had ended where John suggested, it would’ve been a much more conventional film, and a less substantial one as well.

    The current ending of the film works even if there’s never another film. Ending it after the hospital scene would’ve been a typically annoying cliffhanger.

    And I, like Kris, agree that the ferry scene is quite possibly the heart of the movie, which could’ve just as easily been called “Gotham”.


  10. I think it would be awesome to offer a downloadablepodcast of the video version as well. That way i could watch it on my iPod while i`m on my way to work. And a download doesn`t generate more traffic than a stream does it?

  11. If some folks who dislike “Titanic” I can understand why they do. The film’s main (made up) characters have a little soap opera on a doomed ocean liner; there’s one line said by Leo’s Jack while chained to a pipe that makes me cringe…

    But I am stunned, as always, when folks badmouth theOscar winner for stuff ranging from the Celine Dion song (!) to the production design (!!) to the visual FX (!!!) and to which I reply the film deserved every nomination and every win it got.

    For as much money the darned film made, how long it spent at number one, even after a superior acting part by Leo came and went (Man In he Iron Mask) during its time. Someone liked the film… and while I found Cameron’s post-Titanic doc and other deep sea docs great stuff, I’m equally as happy and looking forward to next year’s Avatar.


    If a segment of people call for a boycott of a film, and/or picket a film, let them. If one wishes to see such film for whatever reason, let them. Both are expressing a freedom of expression. However, in past years, and quite recently, there has been one sad truth: the film being boycotted and the film that draws curiousity because of it winds up being a piece of dirt (Golden Compass, Love Guru) and efforts and energy on both sides are wasted.

    I generally do not support boycotts because in my view it is much ado about nothing. Sometimes it is misinterpretation, sometimes it was an earlier draft of a rewritten script leaked out, and most of the time the movie is a stinker anyway.

    Then there are times where a valid point is made. People boycott or bring attention to such issues; the voice has been heard. They are not idiots, they are not censors. I actually lose respect for those folks who call “boycotters” that, because there may well be a day when the table is turned, and thus the hyprocisy. I also likewise once lost respect for a certain group I when one day I listened to one of the ‘boycott leaders’ on his daily radio program where I heard him say “No Christian in their right mind has any business in Hollywood”. If that is what he believes then it’s time to take away the picket sign in front of Disneyland. Even if one makes a valid point, if said person discourages possible change or alternative options of any kind, don’t protest something that you have indirectly become a party to in the long run .

    In this case, where people are boycotting or called a boycott on Thunder because of offensive, demeaning words a character says, then even if I myself find those remarks offensive, I keep in mind that’s a character talking, an actor acting.

  12. You know, John, as much as I loved Iron Man, as much as I thought Wall-E was incredible, I think that The Dark Knight is probably the best movie of the year so far. I think it should be nominated for Best Picture. I mean, I read an article on this in the Carroll County Times about how Dark Knight and Heath Ledger could change the evolution of comic book movies. It’s just what you feel about animated movies. They’re still movies, therefore they should be nominated or win Best Picture. Look at LOTR. It was the first fantasy movie to win Best Picture. TDK could end up being the first comic book movie to win an oscar for anything.

    Marvel’s also doing the same thing with Iron Man.

  13. Wanted to make one other point- Im also in the camp like Kristopher that strongly feels we wil see the day( probably in the next 3 years) were movies will be released both in theaters and on Pay per view home viewing the same day. Studio cost continue to go up both in terms of movie budgets and overall marketing so it just seems logical to put there product out to as many eyeballs as quick as possible. I really feel this is direction the business will go in! .

  14. I don’t understand some of the TITANIC backlash. That film was huge because it was a great movie going experience! I saw it 7 TIMES in a theater. I also agree with your guest Kristopher that the LORD OF THE RINGS films were the most overrated movies Ive ever seen and so is Peter Jackson!.Style will never equal substance and involving story telling. Jackson is nowhere near the director that James Cameron is or will ever be!

  15. John… I’ve been listening to the podcast for years now, back where you were in the hundreds… I’ve never used iTunes because I hate that piece of software. However the independant mp3 you release “AudioEditionVol305.mp3” has no ID3 tag data. In my player it says:

    Title: audioedition
    Artist: OSX
    Album: OSX’s Album

    It would be great if you could update that info!

  16. Personally, I believe that having the podcasts every single day could make them less interesting to tune in to, over time. I’m not saying that people would not want to listen to them, but it’s like having chocolate sat on the table every single day…it doesn’t become a novelty to have taste. I could be wrong, I can see the appeal of having it every day, like a radio station. But, I would rather look forwards to watching something on a not so frequent scale, the anticipation makes a little more worthwhile :)

  17. i am going on vacation this weekend….but oddly enough, i kind of wish i wasn’t because i really want to see both films opening this weekend.


    apparently my priorities are kind of fucked.

  18. Hey i have to point this out. Last podcast there was scratching sounds during the first minutes. This time we hear typing and some guy whispering… Heads should roll, the podcast deserves better. Get your acts together.

  19. I fucking love the idea of a daily uncut show. The time doesn’t really matter to me very much though.

    I think another reason titanic was so huge was that the titanic story, the real one, hadn’t been done yet really and it was a popular subject at the time.

  20. Great show again guys! Thanks for filling in Chris. Looking forward to having Doug back.

    Best line of the show – “There’s this new little orange padawan, let’s call her Bitch” ROFL!

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