The Movie Blog: Uncut – August 18th 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the Monday installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut. This episode was originally recorded live on Monday August 18th 2008. I am joined by Doug Nagy, so take off your shoes, kick back, relax and listen in as we discuss:

1) Voltron finally coming together

2) Doug talks about Kiefer Sutherland’s Mirrors

3) Spy Hunter is no more

4) Leprechaun in the wild west?

5) Punisher is rated “R”

6) Taking questions from the live chat board

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20 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – August 18th 2008

  1. John you disapoint me .
    you not only shows your dislike for anithing related to oriental pop cullture(manga,japanimation,ETC)a lot of times *OF COURSE ITS YOUR TASTE ANIWAY*,but now you think shogun is a history passed in FUCKING CHINA????
    And with amazing movies like those the dude cited and others maded in Japan and even South Korea you coudnt pick anithing else then a novel writed by a BRITISH????
    pliss go see twilight samurai or gohato and you will see the light.

  2. Hey Freeman,

    The show wasn’t edited. The guys in the booth just forgot to start the recording when the show started so we missed the first few minutes of the show. Doug and I decided just to re-record the opening introduction so there would be one.

  3. If the comments about the editing are true, then you should remove “Uncut” from the title.

    This may have nothing to do with the alleged editing, but I did notice that the beginning of this show was somewhat different (i.e., John still talking during logo page, no name captions, and the camera seems to jump at one point).

    I hope that John will respond to the comments about the editing.

  4. Great show guys! After the show ended I searched for and watched Doug’s review for Meet The Spartans. AWESOME REVIEW! Doug you were spot on! That movie never should have been made. How the hell can Meet The Spartans come out in theaters and Scorpion King 2 goes direct to DVD. Such an injustice!

  5. Thank you John, you’re feelings about the overeaction of Potter fans about the HBP move is exactly what i’ve been saying. But i’ve come to realise that a large portion of Potter fans are teenagers and children; immature adolescents who have no idea how the world works and are lacking a perspective on how lucky they are that the series has been adapted faithfully and not fucked up.

    Their anger will pass in a month and there will be no boycott because i think the next movie is going to be the best Potter film yet and they won’t dare miss it.

  6. I can understand your complaint about the Voltron sword fight thing. It’s the same way I felt about many Japanese action series like Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Superhuman Samurai. Power Rangers was really the same exact way from what you’re describing. The robot would fight the monster in the end, put up a fight, almost lose, then pull out the sword and end the battle with one move. And it was the same exact thing in nearly all the episodes I watched with maybe small differences.

  7. John, I was able to tune in live and had lots of fun watching and listening as I worked in to the wee hours.

    That being said, please make sure you spend a bit of time each episode making those “Elevator Action” sound effects you seem to excel at ;)

  8. Hurray for daily shows! I’m with you on The Dark Knight being overrated. I thought it was great, but it’s not the second coming of Jesus like I hear so many people hyping it to be.

    Corey Haim as Tom Cruise!

  9. Chuck should remain a mystery – something us girls can fantasize about!
    Host nudity by the holidays – fantasy or nightmare female fans?

  10. Hey john havent watched this episode yet, but i know it will be great. One question for ya though are the weekly shows gonna be the same length as the prerecorded ones?

  11. Hey Lesley

    Clothes shall become optional as we lose our grip on reality over the coming weeks. No doubt by Christmas we’ll be dong the show in bed sheets and shower caps.

    It takes a few hours to get the show rendered, get the MP3 version put together and get everything uploaded. So I’d say you should see the new shows daily at around 9 or 10pm.

  12. Now that you are on daily – are you thinking about your clothes more? How many tshirts do you guys have?
    John – short pants OK with me! Doug – let’s see your legs too!

    Now that you’re on earlier, I can’t watch live as I’m still working #$%!
    What time will the recorded show be on the website daily?

    Hard-working fan from Vancouver.

  13. Watched it live. Is it just me or was there a different start on the live show then there was on this recorded one? Either way, great show guys.

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