The Movie Blog: Uncut – August 15th 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the Friday installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut. This episode was originally recorded live on Friday August 15th 2008. Take off your shoes, kick back, relax and enjoy the show.

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38 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – August 15th 2008

  1. finaljoe

    lol. yeah the superman appearing in batman 3 was a joke.

    and yeah i see your point and its a good one..i hope they can find a way to work that out without fucking up the movie…which isnt going to happen

  2. Hey John, a little respect for the ‘international friends’ please. your comment about the harold & kumar dvd being out now so ‘who cares’ is a little careless. it’s not out on dvd in Aus yet & yes it is only a harold & kumar turd/flick/movie but i actually have a copy to watch tonight and well doogie dies or something happens to him, whatever, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but it could have been. so just a thought for next time, most movies are still getting staggered releases worldwide and you have international listeners so at least a spoiler warning please.
    p.s. i took a look over the net at a little ‘milk & cheese’ and if you had of said it was probably the unfunniest comic in the world, then you would have been correct. if you had of said it was amusing you would have been wrong but to rave like you did leads me to believe that you were actually mistaken & thinking of Groo or something else entirely. it was the ratner/boll of comics. good natured ribbing aside, looking forward to the podcast daily-ness.

  3. Hazmat: Re Batman: I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. But IF Bale was going to be in a JL movie then his Batman would have to be changed and that would undoubtedly dilute his character.

    And I would be VERY surprised (and pissed off) if Superman appeared at the end of Batman 3. Nolan’s films are legitimate films, not lame crossover vehicles.

    Re Star Wars: I have to say you are deluded if you think that then. Star Wars IS NOT made for 30 year olds or the people who originally saw them when they were released. Star Wars changes to keep up with the eras. Fanboys also need to change but are highly reluctant to do so. You had your Star Wars experience now let the kids of today have theirs.

    Campea: My point is George Miller is a talented storyteller. When The Road Warrior came out I doubt anyone could would expect him to make some like Babe. Babe is a fantastic film and if the JL movie is made with the same care and attention people should be happy. Besides, JL will be a family film. No doubt about that.

    Re Stars Wars: Big Bird would be wrong in a Star Wars film because he is a Sesame Street character not a Star Wars character. It would also just as wrong to put Pinhead or Hannibal Lector in a Star Wars film. The girl is not that much of a departure for a Star Wars film. In fact she is a lot like C-3PO and R2-D2 if they were written for today’s audience.

    Star Wars was never a musical (to my knowledge) so a hip hop (my kids certainly aren’t fans of this by the way) so would be once again out of place.

    DRAGONSLAYER: It’s great when a film comes out that both adults and kids can enjoy, however that doesn’t invalidate films that are aimed at kids. Kids are humans too and they should have entertainment made for them. If I made a drug movie like Pineapple Express I don’t expect people who never touched the stuff to find it as amusing as people who do. If I made a film for teenage girls like Travelling I don’t expect teenage boys to like it. If I made a film about the daily lives of people in Poland I don’t expect an American to be as affected by it as a Polish person.

    I’m going to assume that you don’t have kids (and if that is true why watch Clone Wars?) but if or when you do you may appreciate what I’m saying more. I watched Ratatouille with my son and half way through he went to play his toys though I loved the film. He was enthralled by Clone Wars but I’d give it a 5/10. But I don’t hate the film because I see it for what it is whereas fanboys seem to expect a “real Star Wars film” from it and hate because it’s not and was never intended to be.


    cuz that guy would suck if hes in any way the next villain…

    cuz my friend sayd his name was mister reese… since its like mysteries?

    thanx for clearing that up guys….

    okay….coinsidence then…i dont read much DC stuff though im more (no. im completely into) into marvel…so im ignorant when it comes to batmans villains (usually)

  5. Ummm when you all of you folks talk about JLA and you say that you can’t have 2 superman francshises and 2 batman franchises I get a little confused.

    while I get what you mean about batman – you are of course referring to the nolan franchise but what is the other superman franchise you refer to??

    You don’t mean the routh/singer superman “franchise” do you?? Are people still under the delusion that there is going to be a follow up to Superman Returns??

    That ship not only sailed it also tragically sunk claiming the lives of everyone on board.
    There will not be another Superman Returns.
    It will be Superman Reboots.

  6. hey john

    a little off topic but..
    did you know the guy in TDK that knows batmans identity and tries to blackmail him is named mr. reese?

    i just sawll it again because i found out that theres no school 2morrow and i noticed that….

    theres NO WAY that means what i think it means

    mr. reese?

  7. Hey VonJustice

    We have a giant monitor that we can see the chat board on. So when u see doug looking off to the side, that’s just him reading that chat board

  8. I agree with John, Final Joe. I get the same way with Disney Channel movies. Each movie that is a Disney Channel production SUCKED (especially that piece of shit Camp Rock, the worst movie ever). And it’s because they don’t give a crap about making good movies that kids and adults of every age can enjoy. They just make them so that they can get viewers. If Pixar can do it, why not Disney Channel?

    You can see my full thoughts at

  9. If there’s a riot over the Potter delay, I will be joining the march of a lifetime! (Or at least of that particular week when we have such a riot).

  10. He FinalJoe,

    Yes, Jaws was 33 years ago. HOWEVER…. in the last 20 years, what has George Miller done?

    The “Babe” Movies
    Happy Feet (Fuck!)
    Lorenzo’s Oil (meh)

    In contrast, Steven Spielberg has kept busy in the last 20 years with:

    Saving Private Ryan
    Jurassic Park
    Minority Report
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Schindler’s List
    Catch Me If You Can
    Amistad (his best movie in my opinion)
    War of the Worlds

    So yeah… I’ll put Spielberg’s resume up against Miller’s any day.

    And dude, you said:

    “You don’t lose talent over the years. In fact you grow more mature and experienced.”

    Really? So explain George Lucas. According to your argument, Dan Mario should come out of retirement since he would have only gotten better.

    My point here FinalJoe, is that if you’re going to make a Justice League movie right, you DO NOT get a guy who has only directed kids movies (Babe and Happy Feet) in the last 20 years.

    Now, you also said:

    “The film was made for KIDS. Yes kids, not 30 year old men. When I was at the theatre the KIDS laughed at her jokes. “

    So, according to you, if George Lucas had put Big Bird in Clone Wars as a Sith Lord that would have been an ok idea… because hell, kids love Big Bird.

    Or why not have Count Doku bust into a Sith Rap? The kiddies love the hip hop music.

  11. oh and starwars is not supposed to be a kids movie…it IS supposed to be for 30 year olds…because it was they who watched the original starwars back then

    if the first 6 are made for everyone and grown ups like it- but the last one is made for toddlers. people WILL get pissed. i think thats abvious.

    if you make 6 saw movies and the 7th one is rated G and all horro movie fans are pissed…you cant tell them “dude dont be pissed, thats OBVIOUSLY a kids movie…”

  12. @JOE
    dude, first off batman is way to realistic to go next to the rest of the JL, i dont know what DC was thinking when they joined them. yes they are different worlds but no one would mind. a movie with ruth and bale would be SO SICK. especially if the other characters are as famous and are the same as the actors used in the individual films…this of course is my opinion.
    i get your point though- nolan DID create his batman way to realistic but dude- its a DC movie….and we would not be surprised if superman appears at the end of batman 3 saying “what do you know about the justice league initiative” hence batman is made by a comic book company…no matter how realistic he is.

    the punisher lives in a very realistic world and he was an avenger (a reserve avenger so he wont be in the movie abviously) same with moonknight..moonknight is also sort of realistic and hes fought von doom and what not.

    not everyone in the marvel world would make sense if they go together because of the difference of worlds but the avengers movie seems to be moving without any signs of slowing down.

    i think that putting the differences of the worlds aside- it would just suck to have them not be in it. itll get people to recognize the characters if bales in it and itll be a major hook

  13. Campea: And Spielberg directed JAWS 33 years ago… what’s your point? Miller has talent. You don’t lose talent over the years. In fact you grow more mature and experienced.

    HAZMAT: Christian Bale’s Batman does not exist with Superman, Wonderwoman and other superheros. There is no superpowers in the series Nolan has created. Putting Bale in a JL movie would be 100 times worse than not putting him in. Bale’s Batman is TOTALLY against the tone and concept of JL. He would not work. The JL movie needs to be a seperate universe from Nolan’s films, crossing over actors would be counter-productive.

    Also, Campea your hatred of the girl character in CLONE WARS is over the top. The film was made for KIDS. Yes kids, not 30 year old men. When I was at the theatre the KIDS laughed at her jokes. So she worked. Not all films have to cater to adults. Making a films for purely for kids is perfectly valid.

  14. @finaljoe
    when will it ever make sense to NOT use the same character in a normal not-parallel world?
    if youre making a freaking jla movie and batman is in it and superman is in it- its not an ill advised move to use the same actors!
    its unexeptable that they arent planning on using routh or bale.

    theres rumor ed norton wont be in the avengers but thats a rumor and the rest of the actors will be in it so its different.
    its very simple

  15. John’s not wearing socks! That means you are either three steps away from turning into Crocket from Miami Vice, or you’ve embraced your inner-Californian! Good for you man! Good for you!

  16. Hey small little odd bug, for some reason on both Firefox and Safari on OS X won’t let me click the video into fullscreen. I’ve noticed other sites with that same video player interface allowing me to kick it into fullscreen.

  17. Hey Final Joe,

    Yes, he did direct Road Warrior… 27 YEARS AGO.

    Having a different Batman and a different Superman running at the same time is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

  18. 1.) George Miller directed THE ROAD WARRIOR. If you ever meet him get on your knees and kiss his toes.

    2.) Getting Bale and Routh for a JL movie would be WRONG WRONG WRONG. Seperating this film from those films is PRECISELY the RIGHT thing to do. I don’t want to see those universes crossing over. Nolan’s Batman films especially belong in their own universe, which is attempting to be as real as possible. There is NO Superman in Nolan’s Batman.

    Comic books have always had several different itterations of the same characters and sometimes at the same time. I don’t think the American public is retarded enough to think the JL movie is related to the BATMAN BEGINS/SUPERMAN RETURNS universes if Warner went in a different direction with a JL movie with different actors.

  19. great show as always guys!! i agree about the justice legue. i am angry at warner bros. though about harry potter. no, i’m not a fan. but i do feel sorry for them. and warner bros made the dumbest decision by moving it just to make money. stupid, stupid, stupid. here’s my reviews for the week:
    tropic thunder 6.8/10
    star wars clone wars: 4.9/10
    Mirrors: 9.4/10

  20. Hey John…

    I caught a glimpse at Ebert’s review of Clone Wars, and he agrees with you that Lucas is pretty much done and bereft of any creativity or originality.

    Question: when a legend like Ebert is trashing George Lucas, how is Lucas going to be perceived in Hollywood? Do actors/directors/producers take notice when important critics like Ebert trash their work?


  21. Great show again guys! I hope you find a way to keep the pace and consistency up when you move to 5 days a week. I’ll be watching for sure!

  22. Thank you for the show and for changing the time slot guys. An hour earlier is still pretty rough for us Brits but, hopefully, I can come by a little more for the shows.

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  24. Isn’t the Harry Potter move more about the balance sheet… Dark Knight has the Warner’s Balance sheet looking golden, they don’t need Harry Potter this year, so, it’s like free money on next years box office totals.

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