Seven House Bunny Clips Online

It would see that the House Bunny is doing us all a favour and showing us more than a trailer (though not much more) with seven clips now online. says:

What’s better than Anna Faris as an ex-Playboy model? How about Anna Faris as an ex-Playboy model in a movie with film clips named Hot Dogs and Manhole? Yep…we got ’em.IESB has seven video film clips from THE HOUSE BUNNY starring Anna Faris due out in theaters August 22!

Most of what you will see there is as I mentioned, in the trailer. Which I predict will be the best parts of the film. Otherwise, this is a clever but dangerous ruse by the film producers to keep all their aces up their sleeves and show us this bluff of a sampling.

I like Anna Faris. She plays the ditz well and I find her rather pretty. And the offspring of Tom Hanks, Colin appears to be her love interest in this movie, but I haven’t seen him in anything since Get Over It in 2001. Granted he has been in stuff, just nothing I have seen. (Ok, he had a bit part in King Kong, but I dont remember it so it wasn’t great)

So since this film has been washed down into the opportunity to see Anna Faris painted up wearing lingerie and racy outfits, these clips will serve just fine.

Go check out to see the clips.

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5 thoughts on “Seven House Bunny Clips Online

  1. ok this totally looks like a chick flick but it is like the funniest movie ever. i had tears rolling down my face all the way through. EVERYONE HAS TO SEE IT!! I have seen it four times so far lol

  2. I met Anna Farris in a bar in L.A. a few months ago. She was very friendly but it seems like she is a ditz in real life also. Perhaps that is why she plays a ditz so well…..

  3. Well I’m a guy. This looks like a chick flick. Yet I want to see it. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME.

    Okay. I find Anna Ferris to be incredibly cute for some reason. Her playing a ditzy blonde makes her even more cute. And I’ve found some of the clips funny, especially the one where she has the big goggles on and is trying to act smart.

    Doesn’t look bad to me.

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