Kung-Fu Panda 2 Announcement?

I have to admit that KungFu Panda was a delight and a seriously good time at the theater. I was already tiring of Jack Black but he nailed it in this movie. If you haven’t seen this yet. GO. Find a way. I will wait here.

And not surprising with the Hollywood machine, if a movie makes a pantload of money there is a little overflow button that triggers the thought process that leads to a sequel. Rumours said this was already greenlit, but Dreamworks is just getting close to making an official announcement on it

Yahoo reports:

“We’ve started conversations about it, and I think in the next 30 or 60 days, we’ll be able to talk completely about that,” Katzenberg told Reuters, when asked about a follow-up to a film that has raked in $560 million in global ticket sales.

My knee jerk reaction to this falls into what I call the Highlander theory.

Sometimes a movie is SO GOOD that it needs only one chapter. One installment. There can be only one. Highlander.

But then because the movie did so well and had such a good reception from fans, they push on and make more, and more. Some movies are great and deserve a sequel. These are usually stories where the main characters are continuing their job that is due to bring them into new confrontations. Cop movies, superhero movies, detective agency. There will always be another case. Its part of the job. So movies based on a new and interesting case make sense. But even those have potential to fail.

But when you have a story where an isolated event brings years of history to a peak and it is overcome with a “happily ever after” type ending, there is just no need for another.

But Hollywood will invent a new threat, and new conflict, all just to give them a reason to do the same movie over again.

Kung-Fu Panda had that type of an ending. A “this is the way it is now – and its all good” type resolution. So I fear for a new movie. However if it is even half as good as the first, I still think I would like it.

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11 thoughts on “Kung-Fu Panda 2 Announcement?

  1. You wouldn’t. Sorry but if the first was such a success, and it all was a brilliant movie, and there is a sequel to EVERY LITTLE MOVIE NOW. Please even what kind of storyline will be as good as the first? Please it was great. It will probably ruin everything if there is a sequel, and so soon even. I really don’t want to be rude, I honestly don’t. Just please PLEASE don’t make a sequel. It will be a better movie if not.Trust me. The movie was seriously the best you ever made. Only the BEST movies don’t have sequels most of the time. You should look at some with sequels and see. Except for movies like chicken little. Oh, I disliked it a lot.

  2. @ Mr. Chris.

    Agreed. You know at Shrek 2, they developed story about a guy (Shrek) who didn’t want to live in Far Far Away. At Shrek The Third the problem is about Shrek didn’t want to rule Far Far Away. It always goes with the same problem over and over again.

    I just can’t imagine if Kung Fu sequels always goes around the Panda fat problem. It was hilarious at the first movie, but will got very annoying at the second, third, forth, fifth, and sixth movie.

  3. You touch down on what I generally hate about sequels. What makes a first movie so charming is that the main character is thrown into an incredibly rare fish-out-of-water situation. But if it continues to happen in the following movies, then the charm instantly wears off (how many times did that damn Willy need freeing? Most whales just stay in the ocean.)

    Sequels always work best for characters who are always looking for trouble, or when trouble’s always looking for them. I think “Kung Fu Panda” may have promise because of the subject matter. “Shrek,” on the other hand, is about a loner who just wants to stay in his swamp, and logically shouldn’t be hiking across the countryside every time things turn sour.

    What bugs me most about sequels is that studios seem to make the announcement before even deciding on a story. How are excited are we supposed to be when even they don’t know what they’re doing yet?

  4. Kung Fu Panda was a suprise. After seeing Shrek the Third, I didn’t know if Dreamworks Animation had it anymore. But man, this movie was cool.

  5. I would LOVE Kungfu Panda 2. I think they could go crazy with chinese culture some more. Kungfu Panda was awesome! I could certainly relate with how he trained to be a master :D And there are loads of subtle nuances in the movie. Go KP2!

  6. I wasn’t a huge fan of KFP, but believe it to be a good cartoon movie for the kids. It definitely is not in the same category as Shrek or Toy Story, but nonetheless, it is an enjoyable family experience.

    However, a 2nd one would was not something I anticipated, regardless of how much it made. I know the Hollywood machine will take advantage wherever it can to exploit an opportunity, but as long as they keep with the same premise and try to target the right market (for itself) and not try to cater to everyone, it should do well. However, someone will drop the ball, as is the case with sequels. We can only hope the story will be a good one.

  7. I also heard that Dreamworks will make 4 or 5 sequel for Kung Fu Panda. So it will be a six Panda movies. I just hope those sequel won’t be like shrek the third. It just frustrating to see your favourite flick become such a big joke only for making money. They should think hard for the story development.

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