Joss Whedon Burns Hope Of Serenity Sequel

Whedon Joss2MTV obtained the brass tax about the possibility of a Serenity sequel, from the lips of Whedon himself thanks to a panel at Comic Con. The following decree has been brought to us from our friends at MTV:

“There’s been no movement,” he said. “Those rumors are just rumors, and I don’t think they’re going to stop, no matter how many times I say, ‘No, it’s not happening.’ Because somebody will say, ‘He said yes. His eyes said yes. His nose said yes. There was a yes-iness about him.’ Because people want it.”

Battling these rumors must get frustrating for Whedon. He says “it’s not happening” only to have people say “yes it is.” As the man who made the universe, I can only imagine how bewildering it would be to see your words twisted and shoehorned into something that slightly resembles the possibility of a” maybe, or yes”. Fans don’t want to see what they love die out, just ask Elvis.

As strange as it is that Whedon has to keep reminding everyone that a Serenity sequel is going nowhere, he must understand that is is done out of hope and love. I liked Serenity, but wasn’t crazy about it; but even I want a sequel, for the fans. They are a devoted group with a love of the universe, and it’s a shame that the honeymoon is over, the candle is out, the boat has sank and the river run dry. May the fans take refuge in their memories, and pour over the material they do have as visual scripture. Amen.

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20 thoughts on “Joss Whedon Burns Hope Of Serenity Sequel

  1. Firefly/Serenity is the BEST Sci-fi EVER in my opinion. I sincerely wish they’d continue in some manner. I have all the comic books, the RPG, etc. and would dearly love for this as a straight-to-DVD movie or episodic continuation.

    It’s a crying shame this candle flickered before catching full flame.

  2. I’m so bummed that good shows like this and enterprise always seem to get the axe in favor of reality crap. Keep the faith fans! Keep blogging keep writing keep telling your friends to watch the DVDs!

  3. Serenity is the best movie I have ever seen, the only other one I have rated 10 is Star Trek Nemesis. The only reason I did not see Serenity at the Movie Theater was because I never saw it Advertised.

  4. @dawson

    You might dismiss it as non-canon, but Joss doesn’t. In firefly they sure smuggle cows but they also do save people as well. People did die in Serenity but how could you know what would happen in the series if it wasn’t cancelled? And I happen to recall people did die in the series (not the main protagonists, but then again how would they have the series if they died?).

  5. “if you liked firefly you should watch serenity. It is based on the firefly mythos…”

    Sorry, but you are so wrong. I have not got the time to relay every reason, but the tone change between firely and serenity was HUGE.
    Serenity they SAVE THE GALAXY and people die in huge space battles. Firefly they smuggle cows and tiny china dolls for the blck market.

    Firefly was superior, and yet I still enjoy serenity. I just personally dismiss it as non-canon, for reason to long to list.

  6. For those of you who are not sure – Firefly is, without a singke doubt in my mind, the greatest television show ever made. Serenity was good, but firefly was unique and perfect, BECAUSE it got cancelled, and every moment takes on a gretaer importence.

  7. You guys, maybe its up to the fans. Maybe we should write our own sequel scripts and cobble together something we can all live with. I taped (yes taped, on VHS), one episode or two of Firefly. I need to see the whole thing still, and I caught Serenity for about half an hour. I’m prepared to watch the entire thing now.

  8. I’m keepin the faith, folks. Serenity & Firefly simply kick too much ass to fade away. It will happen if we all believe.

  9. One of the recent quotes I heard from Joss that sums it up nicely is that “no one who owns a studio has been asking me to make another Firefly movie”

    Seems all the talk is the fans. Usually that much devotion gets the studios thinking, but no one seems to want to take the chance no matter how rabid its fanbase is.

    Its fans were just as rabid and wanting more Firefly after the show was cancelled and they put it in theaters. Then not enough people went.

    I am a Browncoat, and I love me some Firefly… but even I can see the light.

    1. I have been a fan since the big dummies cancled firefly…I wrote letters, e-mailed, and petitioned – the whole shebang. Then came Serenity and the fleeting moments of well written film once again inspired me with hope. Joss kept the torch burning and the actors all appeared to have their fingers crossed which, felt nice to be supported as a fan. Now – not even Joss seems interested in bringing back the best TV/movie in more years than we should have to count. Shame on the networks & studios that sit on their collective butts with reality trash and boring, predictable, and recently recycled crap that doesn’t even come close to creating characters or developing stories. If Joss doesn’t care, why should we fans? It is truly a sad day when I can watch the celulite on Kim Kardashians butt jiggle but can’t find a decent piece of sci fi on 250 channels. Thanks fans for keeping the lives of these 9 characters and Firefly alife…maybe we should resign ourself to Kims fatty cheeks and call it over…

  10. I like everything by Joss Whedon so far, and if he’d rather do something new, then by all means let him. There’s enough “fly around space” shows as it is anyway.

  11. They should take the Stargate approach Straight to DVD….
    I miss the adventure of Mal, Inara, Wash(RIP), Book(RIP), River, Simon,Zoe….and Jane… :(

  12. You know what gang, I think if another movie came out, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I hope you guys also know that Jewel Staite showed up on Stargate Atlantis where I think she has a rather permanent role for the next few seasons or so.

  13. I never watched firefly when it was on… I couldn’t get past the name. I saw Serenity on a lark and thought it was pretty good. That caused me to watch the series on DVD. All I can say is I’m sorry I couldn’t get past the name because that show was amazing. If any of you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it… it’s on for free!

    It’s an odd premise… a futuristic show with western wear, but god help it it works incredibly well. I do think they should have had a different name than firefly though… The Verse would have worked just fine as a title.

  14. I’m a huge fan of Firefly and Serenity and would have killed for a Serenity seqeul, although I’m not sure it would be the same without Wash and Book. It just wouldnt have the same feel about it.

  15. Like i said i havent seen the show firefly. But vargas if you liked firefly you should watch serenity. It is based on the firefly mythos.

  16. Well that sucks. Although i never saw firefly Serenity was awesome. Was firefly any good. Ive heard a lot of people talk about it.

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