FanExpo 2008 – Kristy Swanson

The hottest party girl in the bunch, I just couldn’t resist coming by to say hi to Kristy Swanson – The Original Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was very cool and a lot of fun.

The first time we tried to take a picture of her, we caught her stuffing pizza in her mouth. She saw the camera aimed at her and tried to cover up, but we assured her we didn’t take that picture.

The next time we came by we went for video while she was signing an autograph and she spotted the very cool Flip Video Ultra (I wish I had the Mino) unit that we picked up for the Con. And we ended up with an impromptu product endorsement. (Hey Flip people… you hear that?? Free advertising!!)

We were standing around chatting with her, and she’s just so fun to be around. So she agreed to do a little sound bite for TMB!

If there was one person I would have hung out with all weekend it was Kristy.

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One thought on “FanExpo 2008 – Kristy Swanson

  1. Rodney, you kiss ass! LOL

    Actually, I couldn’t make it up to T O this weekend, but my buddy was there and I made him get me a signed pic dedicated to me from this lovely lady! He told me it was a blast, and I see you enjoyed yourself too. Glad it was a great time.

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