Eagle Eye Tv Spot

We have the new HD TV spot for Eagle Eye to show you this morning. I will warn you that the version we were able to get from You Tube looks more like a recording on a 20 year old VHS tape from a UHF channel. Enjoy your lo-fi hi-def!

Still not sure whet to think about this one. I enjoy films where characters are “on the run” but I am wondering if the invisible watchers will come off as cool, or annoying 60 minutes in. I suppose we will soon see; Sept 26th is not too far away.

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4 thoughts on “Eagle Eye Tv Spot

  1. How many movies are they going to do where it’s some uptight jackass over-the-phone controlling the protagonist’s every move? They’ve done these kinds of paper-thin plots so many times I’m surprised they still get green lit. There are much better stories to tell that give-way to a suspense movie.

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