Alexander Nevskyto to play Hercules

It is quite often that we get similar movies based on the same property released. Especially when that property is in the public domain. It looks like Millennium Films will be producing a new Hercules movie, and then we hear that Russian Bodybuilder Alexander Nevskyto will not only finance the $12million film, but he will also star.

Comingsoon Offers:

In a move reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role as mythical strongman Conan the Barbarian, Nevsky will play the classic Roman hero adopted from Greek legend (where he’s called Heracles).

The last time I heard of this happening, and independent studio was making a War of the Worlds movie at the same time as the version starring Tom Cruise. I never heard what happened to the independent one.

I think it’s funny that Coming Soon makes mention of Arnie’s role in Conan as a parallel to this Russian hulk’s new project when in fact it was a Hercules Movie that Arnold first made his appearance. Then barely able to speak English Arnold played Hercules transported to modern day New York (and by modern I mean 1970) in Hercules in New York. Schwarzenegger’s lines were dubbed in.

So do you think this independent Hercules film will offer any competition to Millennium Films’ efforts?

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5 thoughts on “Alexander Nevskyto to play Hercules

  1. I got a DVD of Hercules in New York with his real voice reinstated. By god its awful. I think the independant war of the worlds was from the transmorpher people.

  2. lol why isnt doug writing this article? he always writes the spartan type movie articles…

    btw arnolds lines where dubbed???? i didnt know that- i gotta watch that again now..

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