Toby Maguire in the Crusaders

Toby Maguire will be putting down the spandex spidersuit for a while and work again with Seabuscuit director Gary Ross, on a legal drama set in the mid50s that deals with a real life landmark Brown v. Board of Education case called the Crusaders.

ComingSoon says:

Maguire would play Jack Greenberg, who, as an idealistic lawyer fresh out of law school, joined with NAACP Legal Defense Fund head and future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall to win a Supreme Court case that ruled segregation in American schools illegal.

Everytime I see Toby I can’t help but see Spiderman. He really owned that role, and I love him in it. But the funny thing is that I like Maguire in these dramatic roles too, and teaming with the same director for Seabiscuit is a good match.

He can distance himself from Spiderman, but he does tend to play the vulnerable eager to please genuinely nice guy. Emo-toby in Spiderman 3 just didn’t work. And this movie is set in the 50s, and if Pleasantville taught us anything, we know that Maguire can pull off the look. Come to think of it, that movie addressed a changing of established values and expectations too.

I really cheer for him, and hope that this story gets played out well. I like courtroom dramas that hit big issues in the heart and I think for this role, Toby will do well.

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5 thoughts on “Toby Maguire in the Crusaders

  1. Tobey is one of my favourites on the big screen, Couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role of Spiderman. All three were very entertaining. I particularly enjoyed no.3 showing a slightly darker side and adding a little jaz to his character – found that hilarious.

    Gary Ross also makes fantastic movies with Tobey Maguire , and I’m sure this one will be just as sucessful. Will be intersting to see what Tobey brings to this role.

  2. @Jason You disagree with the outcome of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling?

    Sanctamonious? Sorry you feel that courtroom dramas that put an end to a racist policy is sanctamonious.

    I suppose you have a problem with all people having equal opportunity?

  3. Gary Ross knows he can pull off the 50’s look and the story line too cause he wrote and directed pleasantville (love that movie). This will be Gary Ross’s third movie directing and every movie so far using toby. I’m expecting great things.

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