The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast – July 14th 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the weekly Monday installment of The Movie Blog Uncut podcast. Take off your shoes, kick back, relax and listen in as Doug and I discuss:

1) Josh Brolin and W cast get in trouble with police

2) The Dark Knight gets first couple of negative reviews and people who haven’t seen the movie go ape shit

3) XBox 360 to stream Netflix instant movies

4) Christopher Lee not reprising his Lord of the Rings role for The Hobbit

5) School of Rock 2

6) Dragonball movie making lots of changes to the original story


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34 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast – July 14th 2008

  1. This question is for Mr. Doug Nagy: Any chance of you directing Rumpelstiltskin? I would love to see your take on the story using a Dark Knight style bank robbery to introduce the character. I laughed my ass off when you made reference to Rumpelstiltskin during your rant about Dragonball Z. The concept would be great “Forget this myth stuff.”

  2. “If a bunch of critics were coming out of “Schindler’s List” and raving about how it’s the funniest movie they’ve seen this decade, then as a blogger who loved that movie myself, I’m going to warn audiences that it’s NOT a comedy.”

    What if those critics happened to be Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himler???? hhmmm??

    all bad jokes aside seriously we need the itunes feed fixed pronto.

  3. Is there a fix for the feed on iTunes ?

    Or at least can you comment on what is the situation on this particular problem ?


    That would be greatly appreciated.

  4. The thing is john I have not seen all these reviews where people are calling it the “darkest movie” or “the most brutal movie” without saying brutal and dark for a comic book movie.

    I have not seen anyone claim it is the darkest movie in all movie history

  5. make that 4 negative reviews for TDK….

    K im not hear to defend the crazy fanboys who are talking shit about the bad reviews. Wishing death on someone for posting a bad reveiw is just not cool. Eveyone has there own opinion, like John said many times in the podcast.

    Two things though:

    1. The one 30 year vet u guys mentioned. His review was fine (i haven’t seen TDK yet btw). I just didn’t think “scarier than what the Joker does to anyone on screen is what Ledger must have been doing to himself” That seems to insinuate that the role had something to do with his death. Thats a bullshit ploy for a sound bite and way off track. Its also something that ALL the major networks are asking all the cast as the do there publicity rounds.

    The Veiw, The today show, etc.. have all asked about this. Get over it people there are ACTORS!

    2. It is funny that all the negative reviews are from New York based publications

    I know again its all subjective but this 2 things bothered me.

  6. I meant to say worst, not worsed. Been doing too many math problems this morning. Anyway, yeah I had the chance to see it yesterday, and passed. Also had the chance to see it today, and passed. I’ll catch it this Friday with a regular audience. If it can be as goos as Batman Begins, I wil be happy.

  7. I also see what you’re saying, John. I’m actually one who chucks everything out, in terms of reviews, etc. I go into a movie expecting the worsed and hoping for the best. People said Batman Begins was dark and violent, and I saw that movie and agreed with them. I’m basically expecting Batman Begins 2. If it can be as good as Batman Begins, that’s great. It also seems odd to me that Richard Roeper is calling for ‘The Dark Knight’ to be nominated for best picture. I’m not validating any of these remarks, as i’ve yet to see the film. I’m just curious to why so many respected, smart critics are praising this film so much. Does it really transcend the genre? If they think it does, then to them…it does. I obviously won’t believe anybody until I see the film myself.

  8. Hey “John”

    I see what you’re trying to say, and I’m totally with you on advocating the subjectivity of our film experiences.


    If a bunch of critics were coming out of “Schindler’s List” and raving about how it’s the funniest movie they’ve seen this decade, then as a blogger who loved that movie myself, I’m going to warn audiences that it’s NOT a comedy. That it’s a great film, but don’t calibrate your expectations on these people calling it a “comedy”… because it’s not a comedy.

    The Dark Knight (I assume you haven’t had the chance to see it yet) is an AWESOME movie, but it’s awesome for what it is. It’s really not that violent of a film. It’s really not all that dark (yes, for a Comic book movie it is… but that’s it.

    This movie is excellent enough to stand on it’s own merits for what it is without the need to for people to label it things it simple is not.

  9. When they refer to “darkest” and most “violent”, they are referring to the impact it had. It doesn’t need to be shown in order for it to be violent or dark. Showing blood and gore doesn’t make a movie more violent or dark. The suggestion is more powerful than the actual thing. Maybe it affected them in a stronger way than it did you.

  10. Hey “John”

    You’re taking that out of context. I said REPEATEDLY that if you want to say it’s your favorite film of all time… great. If you want to give it a 10, that’s fine… that’s opinion.

    My problem was with the people who want to label it as something it’s not. “Darkest movie ever” when it’s not a dark movie outside of Comic Book films. “Brutal Intense violence” which is just flat out a lie.

    If you want to quote me, then quote me in the context of everything I said.

  11. I did listen. You said your friend called it “revolutionary”, and you said that its good, don’t lie about it. You’re basically calling them liars because they call it revolutionary, and God Father Part 2, etc. You said that. Not me.

  12. John, no offense, but you calling some reviewers liars, just because they think this movie is revolutionary, is the same thing as these fan boys bashing a reviewer who gives a negative review of dark knight. The fan boys are bashing him for giving his honest opinion, which happens to be negative. And you are bashing reviewers who are giving their honest opinion, which happens to be negative.

    I find it strange that so many are giving it outstanding reviews. But just because they love it so much, doesn’t mean you can call them liars.

    Gary Cogil, one of the most respected film critics in Dallas almost teared up in his review. Is that a lie?

    Watch what he had to say:

    Each person has their own opinion. Negative or positive, we can’t argue it.

  13. “go through rotten tomatoes and people attack bad reviews all the time”

    Yeah, but the 3 rotten reviews on RT now have ~750 comments between them, which is waaay above normal. Most of them are along the lines of;

    “This guy is g-a-y.”

    “he’s not just gay, he’s piss-filled *** bag.”

    “Look at his ugly *** face. Just by looking at it you can tell this guy has no life and craves attention”

    All very constructive…

  14. I just heard that Ebert and Roeper are saying that it is “best picture” nomination material. I heard this on the radio so I dont know if its a fact or not, but if so its pretty impressive.

  15. The Dark Knight fiasco just further proofs that the most vocal fan boys are fucking idiots.

    And come on John, name that site you mentioned. Come on…I know you want to.

  16. There are two levels of Xbox Live membership. Silver is free and basically just gives you access to the xbox marketplace (movies, video trailers, etc.) and allows you to communicate with friends. Gold costs 50 bucks a year and gives you access to everything (marketplace, friends, online multiplayer).

  17. John
    On the subject of the dragonball anger
    the reason people get more upset about changes in dragonball, than changes in say comic book adaptations is theres only one vision of dragonball, theirs no other adaptations or alternate anything. comics (like spider-man) have different artists, alternate stories, and transalated differently throughout the years.
    Because of that, it makes it alot harder to swallow anything other than the only version of dragonball (or any other anime) that we’ve seen.

    Personally, some of the changes anger me a bit, but im not bashing till i see a trailer. If anything, we should atleast be getting a badass piccolo (i hope..)

  18. you couldn’t have been more excited than I was about the dark knight….it has been since batman begins came out my absolute number one anticipated film….and I fucking loved it….I was as crazy waiting for this as john was for transformers maybe even more…batman is my favorite comic the only title i have ever collected full on and the joker is my favorite character in all of comic book history. if anyone was seriously set up to be disappointed star wars prequel style it was me……..and I fucking loved it……For me is is my favorite comic book film of all time. It just knocked off Superman The Motion Picture as number one. Its fucking great. …..
    I know you are all sick of hearing this but it is just a really good fucking movie plain and simple. will it cure cancer? no. will starvation still be rampant in the third world?? yes. will you have a good time watching a great epic comic book film on the big screen? absofuckinglutely.
    take that as you want. that is how I felt.

    and In all fairness john its not only the dark knight people go crazy about…go through rotten tomatoes and people attack bad reviews all the time……….I don’t know if you mention that in the show but I hope you do as this is not exclusive to the dark knight…….I have seen guys attacking critics on rotten tomatoes for years in the exact same manner over a film they have yet to see so you can’t go saying this is a dark knight thing.

    I would love to know if you do mention that on the show but since i can’t seem to get any shows via any of your podcasting options I don’t know what the fuck is going on out there!!!….the last show to appear was back in june…oh yeah one more thing…..I will say this…..everyone I know wants to see dark knight. it is the only film so far this year that every single person I work with and every single person I know wants to see. people are getting excited. the reviews are pretty much rock solid raves……so of course people are getting excited…..

  19. The thing i think is funny about those few negative Dark Knight reviews is that the reviews aren’t exactly all that bad, they all said very positive things about the movie while also stating overall why it didn’t work for them. God forbid they completly panned the movie.

    I can’t wait for the Dark Knight and i am sure i will love it but i do have to admit that the internet community is getting a little ridiculous with this.

  20. Hi John,

    Great blog. I was wondering is there a reason the most recent podcasts aren’t showing in iTunes? The most recent I have on my feed is June 16th 2008.

  21. The hype over Dark Knight is just getting exhausting at this point. I get the feeling that a LOT of people are going to be disappointed if they walk out of that theater and the movie doesn’t make them shit bricks of gold with diamond flecks in it. I just want a good movie. I’m not looking for a miraculous occurence, but some people are hyping this thing up to an insane degree, and I think it’ll turn around and bite them in the ass. I fear that this hype will bite me in the ass as well. Whenever I see a movie after it’s been hyped to high heaven, most of the time, I’m either underwhelmed or I flat out hate it. Juno is a prime example of this.

  22. He doesn’t say that there not sticking to the original source material. Infact if you have read everything he satys he says that there trying to make it as close to the source material as they possable can and he says that there changing things that need to be changed in order for it to work. and the point with the changes is swo that it will appeal to others besides the hardcore fans. and mostly everyone is taking what he said out of context. you should look at all the latest info and what he truely says

  23. Chris

    the subject doesnt change in almost every comic book movie- it chabges in EVERY comic book movie. it would be insane if they didnt change it…some people however, are shocked to hear it though.

    besides, if movies where EXACTLY like the comic books it wont be much of a movie if you already read the comic books.
    like- im sure not many people where expecting the green goblin to kill gwen stacy or optimus prime to look like a lego character

    but some might be comfortable with the idea of watching hugh jackman with a mask

  24. In regards to the Dragon Ball subject. This news actually doesn’t surprise me. In almost every Comic to Movie, Book to Movie, and Video Game to Movie, Something of the original concept gets changed around. I don’t know why? Maybe they don’t think it would work in film, maybe this original story is to long to be put into a film. Who knows?

    The only thing you really can do is wait for the trailer, wait till it comes out, and go watch it. if you don’t like it, then you don’t like it. It’s that simple, many people just don’t get it.

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