SMPTE Seeks To Standardize 3-D

3DIt looks like the necessary step are being taken to ensure that a lot more 3-D will be coming into our living rooms! We get wind of this development thanks to THR:

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is starting a significant initiative that could help to propel the stereoscopic 3-D home entertainment industry forward. The international standards-setting body will create 3-D mastering standards for content that will be viewed in the home — for all devices and delivery methods.

“Right now there are many companies that have different technical methods for doing 3-D in the home, but you need to format content in different ways in order to have it work on those different systems,” explained SMPTE engineering vp Wendy Aylsworth. “If the studios have to make different (types of) discs for these home entertainment systems, it’s not going to happen. And consumers, I think, will not want to read the box to see what will work on their sets.”

I love 3-D films and am all for these developments! I want to watch 3-D at home in a bad way! Movie nights would just be “that much” more fun with 3-D glasses and a crazy film that employs the technology. With luck, even independent filmmakers will one day have the means to make these types of movies. I for one would love to see a slew of B-Grade exploitation films in 3-D.

The 3-D craze is in full swing at the theaters and it’s nice to see some of that rubbing off on the home market. Studios no doubt want people to enjoy their 3-D films at home as they saw them in theaters, and with Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 all getting bathed in 3-D, there has never been a better brand to push the medium into our living rooms.

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8 thoughts on “SMPTE Seeks To Standardize 3-D

  1. I haven’t seen it myself yet, but people who get to see 3DH at conventions describe it as “Back to the Future 2” technology. An improved, less nauseating, version of 3D that you don’t need glasses for. The only catch is that you need a special TV to view it on.

    We may get to start seeing it as early as next year. There’s a lot of unconfirmed rumors that James Cameron is using it to film “Avatar.”

  2. This news was an unexpected surprise. I love hearing about this stuff and am glad I’m not the only one who wants a rediculously oversized 3-D home movie theater.

    Not only movies, but talk about immersive video game possibilities. This gets us all that much closer to virtual reality.

    Not sure what 3DH is. Do tell.

  3. Lol, your a sick bastard DON !!

    I’m with Finaljoe on this one. Why should I have to wear rayban glasses for something I detest anyway. 3D sucks (IMO). Don’t want it ever.

  4. FinalJoe, 3-D technology is NOT the same as it was back then. It is totally different now. I can *almost* promise it won’t even give you headaches. 3-D used to give me headaches as well, but this new technology doesn’t, and I’ve been on the imdb boards for Journey to the Center of the Earth, which used this newer tech, and there are many people on there that say the same thing about the headache thing.

    No more red and blue paper glasses. The glasses are JUST like sunglasses now, only the lenses aren’t shaded. That’s IT. And if you were to watch the movie with the glasses off, it would look just like any other normal non 3-D movie. No multiple fuzzy lines of various colors or anything like that.

    As much as Journey to the Center of the Earth sucked in terms of script and acting, the 3-D technology used in it was outstanding, and I hope for a future in that technology.

    My ultimate dream would be to have Jurassic Park re-released in theaters with that technology.

  5. Porn movies in 3D!!!!!

    Positive- Holy shit you will actually be in the pink hole.
    Negative – Rods will be on your face.

  6. 3D is okay for a novelty but if it lasts for anything more than a couple of minutes I get a headache.

    Film works as a flat medium. There is something naturally appealling about it to the human eye. They tried Cinerama in the 50s with How the West Was Won and it flopped, They’ve already tried 3D in the 50s and the 80s and it’s already flopped both times. No matter how improved 3D is it will never compete with the visual appeal or QUALITY of flat cinematography.

    And Toy Story in 3D? Ugh. That’s just as bad as Gone with the Wind in widescreen or Ted Turner trying to fuck up Citizen Kane with his crayolas.

    What next? The Mona Lisa in 3D? Bring your 3D glasses to the Louvre kids!

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