NPH Fights Chronic Body Odour

Because your day is not complete without your daily dose of Doogie. NPH reprises his role in a “public service announcement”

I know its just a commercial and I try not to give away free publicity like this, but its so funny. And you can believe him because he used to be a doctor for pretend.


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13 thoughts on “NPH Fights Chronic Body Odour

  1. @Rodney, I guess my point is that in the past, if you were out of the closet gay, you really couldn’t get straight roles. Things seemed to have changed with NPH and I think that is a testament to his ability and society’s acceptance in general.

  2. I’d say NPH has shrugged off Doogie but then again I barely remember that show.

    I associate NPH more with Harold & Kumar “NPH” than Doogie these days. He’s quite believable as Barney on How I Met Your Mother that I never see him as Doogie Sr. in that role.

  3. I think a TV Series of Doogie Howser MD would be awesome. Have Doogie all growed up still practicing medicine. He could still be the youngest guy in the staff, but have him now about the age of young doctors and have him be chief of staff.

    The dynamic of dealing with a younger person in a superior role would be insanely fun. And NPH would make it all worthwhile.

  4. @JMarps, you can be gay and still have a hetero presence. (clearly) He isnt a pride parade leather harness wearing extroverted flaming homosexual. Just because he is out of the closet doesn’t mean he is going to suddenly “flame on”

    His personal life he is very hetero because that is who he is. Which adds to the level of acceptance for homosexuals. People fear the strangeness of a man acting feminine and therin lies a lot of the misguided hatred of homosexuals. I think if all gays were to act manly, there would be less fear. lol. NPH just happens to have that going for him.

  5. I remember the tremendous popularity of Doogie Howser, MD. I loved the show, so it’s great to see him again. Wonder what his next ventures might be, and if he can ever shake that image of being Doogie Howser (it’s kind of like Carroll O’Conner will always be seen as Archie Bunker, on some level)

  6. This is great. Ya know why? NPH is having quite the renaissance. And he is getting that renaissance by playing very “straight” characters. His characters in Harold and Kumar and in How I Met Your Mother are over the top heterosexual. The previous spokesmen for Old Spice were very “manly” — Bruce Campbell and then Will Ferrell as his character Jackie Moon from Semi-Pro. Now they (Old Spice) have gone with NPH, who is out of the closet. But everyone knows him as this very hetero dude. It speaks to his ability as an actor to not only portray someone he is not in a particular medium, but also to his ability to not let his personal life shape how people view him. It also speaks to America’s greater tolerance for homosexuals. We still have a ways to go, but this is a good sign.

    Maybe I am reading far to much into this, but it’s what struck me when I saw this on TV for the first time.

  7. Love the fact that NPH is making a huge comeback. He is by far one of the main reasons I watch “How I met your mother”.

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