Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet Is Unfortunately A Go

I’ve never understood the thinking that some people have that leads them to believe that just because someone does something well… that means they can do ANYTHING well. For example, just because someone is a good singer, that means they’d be great as an actor. WTF?!?! That’s like saying “I’ve got these really bad head aches. I’ve got this AWEOME plumber who is just amazing… I’ll get him to crack my head open and do some exploratory brain surgery on me”. Makes no sense.

Anyway, it’s no secret that I really like Seth Rogen. I think he has a real gift when it comes to comedy and I enjoy his projects (for the most part) immensely. But still… just because I think he’s a funny dude does NOT mean he’s be a good choice for The Green Hornet. We heard a long time ago that this was probably going to happen… but now according to EW, it’s now official:

Sony is moving forward with what may be the most unlikely superhero film yet: The Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen. The Knocked Up star will play Britt Reid, a bored playboy who inherits his father’s crusading newspaper and spends his nights fighting crime with his sidekick, Kato. Additionally, Rogen is currently penning the film’s script with his writing partner, Evan Goldberg (Superbad); Sony has yet to hire a director for the project. Hornet is due in theaters on June 25, 2010.

Horrible, horrible horrible news. This is a world class mistake. This ranks right up there with Jack Black as The Green Lantern sort of bad. I’m sorry… but a pudgy awkward looking guy playing Britt Reid is beyond stupid. I love Rogen, but this is not a good fit, and I fear terribly for this project. Green Hornet, in my opinion, is a disaster waiting to happen. I will certainly give this film a shot and I hope beyond hope that I’m dead bloody wrong about this… but man this is ugly.

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18 thoughts on “Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet Is Unfortunately A Go

  1. Uh-huh, and your point? Are you honestly implying that it was a good movie? Just because a movie fairs well at the box office doesn’t mean it was good. It could just mean people didn’t have anything better to do, or that everyone wanted to see the freak show. I’ll use Hancock as the most recent example. Although many of those people could have seen Wall-E instead, but like many adults, they probably just had a hard time asking for a ticket to an animated feature. Bet they’re sorry now.

  2. Well now, I’m not all that pleased with the news either, but lets remember. A lot of us groaned back in 1988 when we heard Michael Keaton was going to play Batman.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with this article. Rogen is a funny guy, but The Green Hornet is not a funny character. Making him funny will be a disaster, not to mention unfair. The Green Hornet is a part of American entertainment history, the very DNA of the modern hero/anti-hero as we know it. The Hornet started in radio and has spanned all other forms of media since 1936. To deface this character with a comedic movie is wrong. I don’t think Seth Rogen realizes the mistake he is about to make, but somebody should really talk some sense into him before it’s too late. What’s next? A psychological thriller staring Plastic Man? Or how about a realistic crime drama with The Blue Falcon and Dyno-mutt. Heck how about Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer in space?

    A good Hornet movie would look something like this: (Click the Link)

  4. Probably going to be a “comedy” where he finds out his grandfather was the real Green Hornet, and now he tries to follow in his footsteps with non-hillarious results.

  5. i gonna go out on a limb and say that this could be a good idea.

    with all due respect to the “green hornet legacy”, if it’s based on the 60’s TV series, and it most likely is, then it is RIPE for a humourous take.

    it doesn’t have to be a rude comedy like rogen previous work, (i think pineapple express is gonna rock, btw), but seeing seth as the green hornet (modern day or 60’s? anyone know?) would be hilarious.

    who’s on deck to play kato? tony jaa? that could be sweet.

  6. Isn’t this what they said about John Favreau when he was first announced as the director of Iron Man?

  7. Most hero movies suck gigantic balls, so there’s not much at stake here. If it’s gonna be a failure, at least it’ll be an interesting failure.

  8. I don’t have a problem with someone trying something new. Would anyone ever have suspected that such brilliant (and far more goofy) comedians like Robin Williams or Jim Carrey could be fantastic dramatic actors? For all we know Rogen could also be a fantastic action star waiting to happen. We haven’t seen him do anything other than comedy at this point.

    I’m prepared to wait and see. Truth be told Green Hornet doesn’t have that much of a cult following these days, so this is something that can afford to be used as a bit of an experiment. Who knows, Rogen may do a fantastic job. I’m expecting a humorous action film, similar to MIB or Zorro just like Darren said above.

    However, it could all be a horrible, horrible mistake, and Rogen will make a terrible film, and fall back on his old crutches by having Green Hornet, Kato and some third wheel character like McLovin, to once again make a Superbad style film.

  9. The Green Hornet is a character that im not to familiar with but i do know that originally the writing and directing credits were going to Kevin Smith but he walked away from it to make Clerks II.

    So Seth Rogen takin the writing credit i can see i dont see him as a comic hero, but you never know he may surprise us all. With a name like the Green Hornet and all the hype over comic-movies in recent years i guess anything is possible. I will for sure go see it just because i like Rogen but if it flops i agree he should take the hint and walk away.

  10. Mr. John Campea——
    You are not going to like what I have to say.

    Was it you, or was it not you that said, when Rogen got this project The only way The Green Hornet movie can possibly work is if it is an action comedy? Now, you seem to be taking up my rebuttal, that the Hornet film should not be a comedy.

    But I’m starting to give Rogen another look. I recall a few months ago where he might be taking a serious (or mildly serious approach) to Green Hornet. After some thought, it could work just fine if it was something like Mask Of Zorro where there is action, but some dry humor thrown within, or maybe something like Men In Black, (minus aliens)

    Also, John, if one used your reasoning then Michael Keaton should not have been in Tim Burton’s first Batman film. Rogen could beef up, and given Hornet’s overall physical persona, he was, aside from his gadgets, an average guy with some fighting skills. Let me ask: in Superbad, did you buy Rogen as a (granted, drunk and incompetent) police officer?

  11. Yeah… and the sandman is jumping from roof top to roof top… ???
    WTF!!!! Are you all out of your mind….??? Seth Rogen as the
    Green Hornet??? Who’s going to play Kato…??? Jack Black???
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….. Fuckin Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m with you on this John… Seriously Fucked Up!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see this disaster of a film…. Ha Ha Ha….


  12. i believe in giving everyone a fair chance…if he screws this up then he should stay away from films like these, but who knows, he might do pretty well. lets just hope.

  13. kristina

    he doesnt wear tights he just wore like a tux and half a mask like a bank robber from 1927. hes like one of Hammerhead’s thugs!!!

    the gren hornet looks more like a bad guy then anything- hes like a henchman. and hes a horrible character- he sucks some MAJOR balls…

  14. You know there is a good chance that he will possibly get in shape for the role, does that not cross anybodies mind?

  15. I’m not familiar with this comic, so I dunno if he’s supposed to be a comedic character or not, but the thought of having to watch this chunkybutt run around in tights for two hours…yikes:) The premise sounds like a mashup of Batman and Iron Man minus any coolness. Another playboy trying to save the world.

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