Incredible Hulk Trailer Appearing On DVD

They guys over at ComingSoon give us this:

This new trailer for Marvel Studios and Universal Pictures’ The Incredible Hulk can be found on Best Buy promo DVDs free with select DVD purchases.

This new Incredible Hulk trailer doesn’t really show us anything we haven’t seen before… but I just frigging LOVE the use of the Hulk TV show original tune in it.

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3 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Trailer Appearing On DVD

  1. Hey John,
    As a matter of fact in two separate trailers for The Hulk you can catch an inkling of the four distinct notes that are a part of the hulk theme for the old tv show. Man did I love that show. The Hulk was the very first halloween costume that I can remember (don’t ask) and every time I hear it I hear David Banner (yes, David Banner) walking down that long lonely road.

    RIP Bill Bixby and ditto on the “please don’t suck”

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