15 thoughts on “Hear Hulk Say “Hulk Smash”

  1. I am not trying to be negative as I am really looking forward to this film but doesn’t anybody find it a little odd that Ed Norton is nowhere to be seen leading up to this release? I mean he did the MTV awards but that was a tiny thing.
    he is not on leno, letterman, kimmel. I haven’t seen any print interviews with him.
    Has anybody seen him doing any junket stuff? I haven’t.
    The lead star in a huge summer film and he is nowhere to be seen. Its very odd.

  2. i sayd earlier this would be the best superhero movie this summer (maybe meaning the best one ever)

    i only see TDK and spiderman 2 getting in its way (ironman was amazing but not enough action)

  3. OMG they did it; they’ve actually convinced the audience that this will be awesome. I was going to play Metal Gear Solid 4 on Thursday but screw it, i have a date with The Hulk.

  4. @ tom

    Im with you on that one but the movie it self will may end up being 105-120 mins long anyway for some thing that they didnt show yet.

  5. I think that this is a big indication that this movie will be awesome. As long as he says that, and smashes some shit up reeeeal nice, I will die a happy man.

    Also, first comment bitches!!!

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