Greg Mottola’s Talks About Upcoming vigilante Project

17 Mottola LglSuperbad director Greg Mottola has announced plans for an upcoming vigilante parody film. We get wind of this news thanks to the following interview from our friends at slashfilm:

“We’re writing a comedy about a doorman who, while watching all the comings and goings in his building, figures out that one of his tenants is the victim of a scam. And no one believes him, and no one cares,” Mottola explained. “So it’s basically a parody of vigilante movies. He’s going to right a wrong. He’s a man against the system, a lone wolf trying to fight crime. And we are writing it kind of as a parody of movies like Get Carter or Point Blank, with a little bit of Bourne Identity… in there. The big question right now is whether of not Bill will have a mustache. That’s what we spend most of our days trying to figure out.”

There is certainly a number of directions that you could take this film. Will the doorman do more harm than good, or actually save the day through excellent vigilante action?

I think it would be funny to have the doorman have surprising luck and success as a vigilante. As he finds out more about the case, he begins to realize that he has found his niche in life, and begins to kick ass harder and faster the more time he spends in the trade. To have a doorman leave the film as a hardened one man crime fighting team would be an unexpected spin on this type of story and make for a hilarious metamorphosis.

I certainly hope that they don’t go the inspector gadget route. I don’ t want to see a bumbling doorman solve the mystery by accident or have someone else come to the rescue. That would be the direction that I would like the least. Let the doorman shine as a hero I say, let the evil doers tremble at their very name.

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One thought on “Greg Mottola’s Talks About Upcoming vigilante Project

  1. This has already been done as “Shoot ‘Em Up,” and I’d doubt anyone would be able to do any better in regards to creating an action/parody with quirky lead character.

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