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DragonAnother fantasy book series is about to make its way to the big screen. We get wind of the Dragonology adaptation from the gold hoarding caves of Yahoo:

The children’s book series “Dragonology” is headed for a feature version from Universal, which has acquired the film rights to the material and hired Leonard Hartman to write the adaptation. The faux-nonfiction books by Dugald A. Steer are based on the conceit that dragons exist, as revealed by the Victorian dragonologist Ernest Drake. An underlying theme is that dragons should be studied and revered in the same way as any rare species.

Screenwriter Hartman’s fantasy-adventure take on the material revolves around a group of dragonologists who go on a globetrotting quest to keep a corrupt man from taking control of the world’s dragons and using them to wipe out humanity.

I am all for dragons. If the villain is amassing an army of dragons to take over the earth, I think I will like him very much. This is the sort if inginuity you need if you are going to rule the globe. Using the power of dragonflame is as good a way as any to rule the world. Screw the atomic bomb, I’m glad Hitler didn’t have dragons! Nazi dragons certainty would have changed the course of history (although their outfits would have been bad ass.)

I haven’t read these books, so I beseech you international friends; if you have read this series, please share your thoughts with us. Is this a tale that will translate well to the silver screen, or should we expect more hunting for dragons than dragon warfare?

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9 thoughts on “Dragonology The Movie

  1. Doesn’t the book state on the front that most of the books where found NOT written by an author for example the pocket guide was found in and old antique book store so if what the book states is true and that dragons are actually real wouldn’t it just be making all his work into fantasy and movies and then the last people who actually believe in what the book says would stop believing and therefor be told straight to the face that the books are not real whilst there is a high possibility of them actually having some sense due to the research into saint Lenords forest 🌳 if you don’t believe me go there yourself and tell me if dragons are real or not!

  2. Here are a few subjestions:
    real people not cartoon
    follow the book
    make the dragons scary
    don’t leave out the action scenes and don’t add more

  3. I really enjoy the series of books they truely make you believe in everyting I really hope they don’t ruin it with the movies like they did with twilight many people believe the movies threw everyting out of proportion.

  4. And to keep it on topic, it should definetely be ONLY about Dr. Ernst Drake and the dragons he studies! And his Journey to become Dragon Master! Just follow the story line and you should be at least meteocre.

  5. Have you read the Dragonology chronicals? I have. You really need to read the book to make a REAL movie out of them. I am a dragon fan and i want to see a GOOD movie be made out of my favorite books! I also think you should use REAL people, it would make it more interesting. You could do some cool graphics with the dragon scenes and it would be a wonderful movie! But if you don’t want to be an amature, you would take may ideas. I mean, if you want to be a GOOD director. Contact me on my e-mail if you want some more ideas.

  6. i think the movie should be about dr.ernest drake traveling the world for dragons and other creatures like in mythology I also think the movie should be called ology

  7. I enjoy the Naomi Novik Temeraire dragon novels, set during the Napoleonic wars. An english ship encounters a dragon egg meant for Napoleon, and coolness ensues. Seems like Peter Jackson optioned this.

    I haven’t read these books, but I will be eagerly awaiting this movie.

  8. These books are actually pretty cool. They have an incredible presentation and look like you might expect a reference guide to a mythical race of creatues would be.

    The series of books also includes Pirateology, Wizardology and spinoff books that offer specific topics on each.

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