Cage, Mendez and Herzog ReImagine Bad Lieutenant

Eva Mendez has curves that make dresses look prettier, so when I hear of her in a movie I tend to at least pause. Also thanks to Doug’s fanatical following of one Werner Herzog I tend to wonder when I hear Herzog’s name is attached to something too.

And lastly, falling from grace but still an actor I try to pay attention to Nic Cage makes me perk up too. So imagine how much attention I have in a reimagining of Bad Lieutenant that has all three of these people together in one film?

The 1992 original film starred Harvey Keitel as a corrupt cop investigating a nun’s rape. It was produced by Edward R. Pressman and directed by Abel Ferrara from a screenplay by Ferrara and Zoe Lund.

Billy Finkelstein wrote the updated version, and Pressman is producing alongside Stephen Belafonte. Alan and Gabe Polsky also produce.

I hesitate to get excited about this news as the last time Mendez and Cage locked in a film (Ghost Rider) it didn’t turn out so well. Mendez is getting jobs purely because she’s smokin hot. I don’t care for her acting much at all. Keep in mind that the secondary in the original Bad Lieutenant was a nun. Eva Mendez wearing the habit might cause many people to rush off to confession.

Cage used to be at the top of my list, and though I still have a soft spot for him, he has been pretty hit or miss in the last decade. However Cage plays flawwed vulnerability like a harp. And the role he is playing is a New York City police detective, with a serious drug and gambling addiction.

And lastly, this ‘reimagining’ tries to dodge the “remake” bullet but it will still be judged accordingly and it falls short of the time frame. I might be in denial about the date, but 1992 wasn’t so long ago.

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3 thoughts on “Cage, Mendez and Herzog ReImagine Bad Lieutenant

  1. I totally disagree with your assessment of Eva Mendes. Yes, she’s severely attractive and could melt butter in one’s hands (or over one’s pants) in a matter of mere minutes. But…I’m sorry. She also is a really good actress. I take it you haven’t seen We Own The Night. I’m also looking forward to the Spirit.

    However, there was another really good actress who got a lot of attention in one film…

    I remember Frankie Thorne.
    She played the raped nun in the original Lieutenant.
    Next I seen her in a DTV Lorenzo Lamas action pic…
    Then…*poof* the woman vanishes.
    Never heard from again!

    Watch your a$$

  2. This movie can really only get worse in a remake, simply because with it being high profile, it won’t be as dark, violent, and just plain disgusting like the original film was (which received an NC-17).

  3. Wow, 16 years to a remake. What happened waiting 25 or 30 years to remake/re-image a movie. At this rate we’ll start seeing movies re-imagined after only 5 years. PMAN SMASH!!!!

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