13 thoughts on “Best Dark Knight Picture Yet

  1. Yea that is one great photo. And it’s not fair that a talented actor like ledger is gone. And wont get to know how the people was amazed by performance. I think it’s sad that alot of people forget that this movie has not just Ledger, but has the best cast of comic book movie history.

  2. I know that they advertize the movie to much.but I think the picture is really cool it just sucks that heath had to die before he could see the movie it just sucks he had to die.but the movie is going to awesome.

  3. really? this one?
    not over the one that has batman blasting out a window with his motorcicle or the joker pointing a machine gun at the screen dressed as a nurse

    or the one that shows batman landing on a car making all the glass shatter (its on my myspace- thats how good that one is)

  4. I have loved every picture that has been released. I don’t think we have had the movie spoiled by all the pictures. There is a whole performance that no picture released can give away.

    And that picture is just so ironical.

  5. Though I agree with the oversaturation this movie has gotten, the statement ” don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t already know about it” is the goal of every marketing department in the business. It’s their job to bombard us. It’s our job to avoid as much of it as possible:)

  6. I think there’s enough images of this film to put together and just watch that!

    I’m really looking forward to Dark Knight but I have to say…the marketing life on this thing is RIDICULOUS. This film has been over-promoted…I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t already know about it.

  7. Aren’t people getting sick of seeing pictures of the joker online over and over and over and over? A new one has been released every other day for the past year. It’s the same guy with the same make-up. We’ve seen the trailer and all the clips. Frankly, by the time I see the actual movie I won’t even care anymore. If stuff is going to get released from the movie, release something new.

    Marketing dept guy #1: “what can we do to drum up excitement about our sequel?”
    Marketing dept guy #2: “let’s release a photo of Heath Ledger as the joker!”
    Marketing dept guy #1: “didn’t we already do that on Monday?”
    Marketing dept guy #3: “…and twice last week.”
    Marketing dept guy #2: “So? He looks badass, let’s release another one.”
    Marketing dept guys #1 and #3: “BRILLIANT!”
    Marketing dept guy #2: “BRILLIANT!”

    Me: “again? gash.”

  8. Aww. That picture makes me so sad. I just stared at the thing for a little while. It’s not fair that Heath won’t get to reap the benefits from this performance. Man, it’s sad.

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