Rob Corddry Lands Role Of Ari Fleischer In W

RobRob Corddry joins the list of heavyweights in Oliver Stone’s W. We get wind of this casting thanks to our friends at comingsoon:

MTV says that former “Daily Show” correspondent Rob Corddry has snagged the role of press secretary Ari Fleischer in Oliver Stone’s upcoming presidential biopic, W. Josh Brolin, James Cromwell, Elizabeth Banks, Ellen Burstyn, Thandie Newton and Ioan Gruffudd were previously cast as George W., George Sr., Laura, and Barbara Bush, as well as Condoleezza Rice and Tony Blair, respectively.

This is a delightful casting. Rob Corddry was hilarious in Harold & Kumar 2 and will be cool to see him switch it up for this role in W. Ari Fleischer was one of my favorite press secretaries. He had to answer some pretty tough questions in his day and was able to bullshit and deflect with the best of them.

No press secretary has been able to properly fill his shoes and the CNN news cover age has suffered for it. I am interested in reading his book Taking Heat. I can only imagine how much stress the position would generate, during his tenure his stomach probably turned potatoes into diamonds. Ari also no doubt reveals some secrets from behind the curtain; these saucy details beckon to me like a mermaid on a rock. I am interested in seeing a film about Bush, but would almost prefer to see a film on Fleischer alone. May this film be a launching pad for a standalone film.

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