Jason Reitman and Kevin Smith take on a Hockey Blog

Kevin Smith has got himself a new job. No it isn’t another script treatment for Wonder Woman, and its not even another movie. Its a blog. A Hockey Blog. And he will be joined by other celebs who dig the game too.

Cinematical says:

Yahoo/AP reports that both Jason Reitman and Kevin Smith will join The Hills’ Lauren Conrad, and country music star Dierks Bentley to write blogs professing their love of hockey for the National Hockey League’s website. This is cool and all, but where’s Mike Myers?

I have to agree that Mike Myers should have been approached for this gig. If there is one stereotype Canadians have, it is their hockey, and Mike wears that stereotype like a nerd wears his pocket protecter. WITH PRIDE!

I do find it interesting that it took this long to catch on to this little “blogging” thing people do as a media focus. This seems to be the right way to do it however. They could have cheapened the blogging sensation by creating a commercialized candy coated version, but it sounds more like they found some celbs who are all known for their love of Canada’s game and capturing their genuine thoughts and feelings about it.

I do hope they don’t censor them, and just let them spill whatever they want about Hockey news. The second they steer comments or forbid topics, this will no longer be a blogging activity and rather would be what most of these guys are better known for.


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5 thoughts on “Jason Reitman and Kevin Smith take on a Hockey Blog

  1. NHL(dot)com did this last year and, like Rogue mentioned, it was quite anticlimactic. The “blog” posts mainly consisted of one or two hard-to-find general statements about going to a game and it being exciting.

    Christie Brinkley was probably the biggest star they had last year, so it’s good to see some other people joining in this year, although LC’s first post says that she is both a “casual hockey fan” and that she “loves hockey”. Oh, and she’s a Kings fan who is blogging about the Ducks.

    I don’t think there was any censoring going on last year, but I doubt how great it will be given the awkwardness of that particular blog system and the other priorities in the celebrities’ lives.

    The addition of an actual writer like Kevin Smith may change it completely, but I’m less than optimistic about how good the celebrity NHL blogs will be.

  2. Oh, this will probably take off in the frozen north up here.

    I know out in Loser and Failville (we would like it if you still called us Vancouver) there is a hockey stick shaped hole in our hearts and we’ll take anything we can to fill it. Even *shudder* the Flames….

    Nah! Just Kidding! Go Montreal!

  3. I remember last year the “celeb” they had blogging was a bit of a stretch, but considering that 5 people in the states enjoy watching hockey it’d be difficult to find many A-List celebs doing it. I do remember reading some blogs and it mostly contained their take on the game, who played well, who sucked, who to put the blame on when their team lost. It’s nothing big , i doubt many people read the blogs anyway.

    Go Ducks!

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