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Baby Mama ReviewThanks for checking out the Baby Mama Review. If you’d like, you can check out the video version of the Baby Mama review at the bottom of this post.

This movie was written and directed by veteran Saturday Night Live writer Michael McCullers . It stars Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and also has Greg Kinnear, Sigourney Weaver and last but certainly not least Steve Martin.

The General Idea

Basically a successful vice president (Fey) of an organic supermarket chain wants to have a baby but has a million to one chance of ever getting pregnant. So she goes to a surrogacy center (run by Weaver ) and hires a less than responsible girl named Angie (Poehler) to carry her fertilized egg in her white trash womb. Add a little romance in the way of good old Greg Kinnear and a touch of Martin as Fey’s hippy corporate boss and you’ve got yourself Baby Mama.

The Good

Going in to see this movie I was expecting a few laughs, some yawns and a lot of placenta jokes. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while there was one placenta joke Baby Mama is a very entertaining movie. In fact it’s REALLY FUNNY (and I was sitting near men who were also dying with laughter so it’s not just for us folks with fallopian tubes).

This flick had a fantastic and properly directed cast. Goddamn is Steven Martin hilarious, I haven’t enjoyed him in a movie to this degree in a long time. He was well used in this movie, him and Fey worked great off each other and it is obvious in all of their scenes together that they are having a ball. Poehler’s physical comedy totally killed me in this, it’s not just the way she pisses in a sink, it’s everything. Dax Shepard who plays Poehler’s common law husband fully embodies the essence of idiocy for his role. Weaver and Kinnear also performed well but they had less to work with.

The dialog was great and it is shared with all of the characters (although I think Shepard wins with the highest ratio of laughs per line) . By far the best thing about Baby Mama is how perfectly the cast worked together, it really looked like the kind of movie that people couldn’t wait to go to set for.

There was so much great stuff going on, tons of strong improvisation, diggs taken at the organic food trade, there’s even a shower scene with Fey and Poehler in which McCuller pay homage to the 80’s Meryl Streep film Silkwood (I don’t think many caught the reference but regardless it was a very funny scene). It looked like everyone is having a lot of fun acting and directing and I certainly enjoyed watching.

The Bad

As much as I liked Baby Mama it was pretty predictable, especially in the 3rd act. This movie wasn’t about the story, it was about the characters and that’s fine but I knew exactly what was going to happen at the end of the movie as soon as the last act arrived which disappointed me. Also although the characters were very funny they felt a little shallow (especially Kinnear’s character). At times the movie did feel like just one hilarious sketch after another. Super funny, but a little surfacey.


I was entertained by Baby Mama, it’s humorous and it have a great cast, and it’s the kind of movie that I could bring my mom and my brother to and know that both of them would leave smiling.

More than that though for me what I really liked was this was a movie about women making choices that were right for them. One woman chose to wait to have a child, to work hard at her career and then decided to have a baby when it was right for her, through the only way that was possible; surrogacy. The other woman made the tough choice of providing someone else with the gift of new life in order to provide herself with the means to have a chance at a better life.

It’s a topical movie, it’s a funny movie and it also has a really great placenta joke, what more can one ask for out of a comedy? Overall I give this movie a 7 out of 10.


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19 thoughts on “Baby Mama Review

  1. when i approached this movie i was expecting much more than what i got. i feel as though they showed the best parts in the movie trailers and it basically told you the story. if i were to rank this movie out of ten it’d get a 5. i mean it wasnt a horrible movie but its not one of those that you’d watch more than most, one that leaves an impact on you. in my opinon it was a waste of film, because after one time you wouldnt want to see it again. i would not even reccomend you to waste your valuable time watching this movie, you can do without it!

  2. Its a great movie to go to with your girlfriends – we laughed our butts off! We are all in our 30’s and 40’s. GO SEE IT!!

  3. Not funny as reviewed. Story was very predictable and the characters were very flat in their performances. Definitely a bargain bin movie.

  4. man I hate that movie. the actresses are the worst and the plot is the worst ever. you have got to be the dumbest piece of shit to even consider watching a movie like that.

  5. Andee23

    I agree that many comedies tend to overlook the proper character development these days. Sadly besides the Tina Fey character in this the rest of the people are not as fleshed out as they could have been, I wished that I knew more about Amy Poehler’s character in particular. Who knows though, McCullers could have written lush back stories that ended up on the cutting room floor…

  6. Sharon,

    You touch on this in your review but I would like to know more about how proficient of a job Michael McCullers did in your opinion of fleshing out the characters in the writing something which tends to be overlooked in comedies these days.

    BTW Congrats on the great video review very insightful we all hope to see many more in the future.

  7. Good review, Sharon. I’m glad you enjoyed it and it didn’t waste precious minutes of your life. :)

    For myself, I have no desire whatsoever to see this flick. Maybe when it’s out on DVD and I don’t have anything else to watch. Though most likely I’ll catch it on cable in a year.

  8. I thought it looked bad too but it’s really funny, seriously! Plus Steve martin is gold in this, I have no idea why they aren’t advertising him in the movie.

    and yes this was my first video review, thanks for the welcome phil :)

  9. Oh geesh…not sure I can stomach this movie. I will probably wait until it is on Lifetime network.

    Mark Salinas, MN

  10. Well, all of the ones that I’ve read pretty much ripped the thing a new asshole, which is why this one surprised me. Really, it’s the first positive one I’ve seen, although truth be told I wasn’t hunting down reviews for this.

  11. A seven? Really?! I’ve been reading SCATHING reviews for this thing. The trailer didn’t make me laugh, and I’m not a big fan of anyone in this thing, so I think I’ll pass on this one.

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