The Movie Blog: Uncut – March 31st 2008

Hey there folks. Welcome to this week’s installment of The Movie Blog Uncut Roundtable edition. Today I’m joined by Doug Nagy and Darren Conley via Skype from Canada. I think I’m going to start every Podcast with an official countdown to when Transformers 2 opens from now on! :P

At any rate, take some time to download or stream this installment of Uncut as Doug, Darren and I discuss:

1) The uncertain future of Superman projects

2) Getting sick and tired of “Viaral Marketing”

3) Day of the Dead and What the hell happened to Ving Rhames’ career?

4) Will Smith Scientologist?

5) A Machete Trilogy?

All this and a few things more.


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8 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – March 31st 2008

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  2. I find most viral marketing to be pointless but it’s just a natural marketing tool now and i don’t see it going away. It’s like, what we percieve to be a bad TV show in a way. Some people don’t like it and wish it would just vanish, but some people are having fun with it, so let them. The rest of us can easily ignore it.

    Thanks for the show guys, glad to hear you again Darren.

  3. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)i have loved will smith since “parents just don’t understand” however, since reading andrew morton’s book on tom cruise i am convinced will and jada are scientologists and i had to end my one-sided relationship with will. i believe in free religion, unfortunately scientologists don’t.

  4. Ving Rhames was also in the remake of “Dawn of the the Dead” (which was fucking kickass) so maybe the studio thought that his presence this new “Day of the Dead” would attract more attention. However, in this film I believe he plays a completely different character.

  5. You can all moan about viral marketing all you like. The material at the end of the day is consistently better than anything pumped out by shit like Iron Man; whether it’s one photo; several photos or a trailer.

    I think I’d rather these “losers” done stuff like this to find material rather than sit in the dark for months not knowing the score; which you would also moan about if it was the case.

  6. I am sick and tired of viral marketing. Viral…sounds like a fucking disease, anyway. It sucks, having to go on an online wild goose chase just to see new pictures or a trailer. Fuck it. I don’t have time for all of that shit. I’m not THAT big of a nerd. Let some other loser go on all of those sites and find the shit for me. It’s not worth it.

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