Beyonce Knowles and Ali Larter Join ‘Obsessed’

Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter, and up and coming actor Idris Elba have all signed onto to star in the ‘Fatal Attraction’-esque thriller, ‘Obsessed.’ The film is being produced by Screen Gems.

Variety gives us more details:

In “Obsessed,” Elba will play an asset manager who has a knockout wife (Knowles) and thriving career until a temp office worker (Larter) begins stalking him.

Wow…Beyonce Knowles is doing a movie where she’s not expected to sing? Wow, I’m shocked.  I was sure she was going to become the female ‘Elvis’ in movies. Honestly, I’m actually a little interested in hearing more about this project. Ali Larter has displayed her versaility in ‘Heroes.’ After seeing her portray the evil ‘Jessica,’ I am more than confident that she will play the perfect villain in this movie.

I’m also becoming a big fan of the handsome Idris Elba and happy to see he’s getting more attention. However, I hope no one sees him in the Prom Night remake. (which is being produced by Screen Gems, ironically enough)  The trailer alone lets me know this will be a movie he will want to hide on his filmography.

So what do think? Will you see ‘Obsessed?’

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