Another ‘Mummy’ Spin-off?

The third film has not yet even hit the big screen and there is already talks about a spin off movie following the grown up Alex O’Connor character played by Australian actor, Luke Ford. gives us this excerpt from an interview with Ford for ‘The Herald Sun’:

“There was talk at one point they might do a spin off series with Alex O’Connell depending on the success of this film”, said Ford, adding that “… they’re picking me up to be in the franchise, not necessarily taking over it. I’d definitely like to be part of that series if they ask me again”.

I hope that what the rumor is…..TALK. Does anybody at ‘Universal’ recall the colossal mess ‘The Mummy Returns’ spin-off, ‘The Scorpion King’ was?  That alone should have scared the studio to not even consider a spin-off!  Also, is anybody truly excited about the upcoming sequel anyways? 

For years, I was probably the first one to campaign for another sequel, but without Rachel Weisz (how they thought Maria Bello would be a good re-cast is beyond me) or the incredibly good looking Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bay, this movie has lost all credibility to me.

I was not a fan of the Alex O’Connor character in the second installment, and I don’t think I will like his grown up character in the third installment either. After this one, I hope they leave this franchise alone!

Your thoughts?

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13 thoughts on “Another ‘Mummy’ Spin-off?

  1. Yeah, if they couldn’t get Weisz or Fehr they shouldn’t have bothered in my opinion. I loved The Mummy AND The Mummy Returns but this just seems silly. I hated The Scorpion spin off. They should have done a spin off with Ardeth Bay’s character, why they would want to do a spin off with just the son is weird.

  2. my rachel weisz replaced by maria bello? bah…

    i actually liked the first two mummy flicks. by not having some of the main actors im not sure…

  3. ive had enough of stephen sommers messing up all my classic monster favorites.
    thank god hes not making wolfman. ugh.

  4. The Mummy 3 – If Rachel Weisz was in it I would be soooo looking forward to it. But Maria Bello? What on earth?!

  5. I really liked the first movie and for that matter, the second wasn’t that bad either. It was no Schindler’s List, but it wasn’t trying to be either. Look what a train wreck ‘The Fountain’ was, and that could have been great…

  6. I am for some reason am looking forward to this now for the month of august since dragonball was moved to next year.

    Ya i don’t care about star wars clone wars with third rate animation.

  7. It’s funny how they keep making spin off movies with the wrong characters, from the wrong franchises. There’s so many other, more interesting characters, franchises to be had, if only they’d actually listen to the fans. Oh, well. :(

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