Quantum Of Solace Poster

We have our first poster from the upcoming Bond film Quantum Of Solace, thanks to ropeofsilicon for the hookup!


I think this poster is cool, I wouldn’t hang it on my wall, but I enjoy the silhouette on the landscape in which the film will take place. It is starting to sound like this film is going to carry on the story from the previous film and I am not a fan of that idea. I don’t mind re-occuring characters but each film should be a stand alone story. That is one of the reasons I enjoy Bond films so much, they each have their own individual and unique feel.

That being said, I was a huge fan of the last installment and I would have to give the same crew the benefit of the doubt. We will see how it pans out November 7th, 2008.

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12 thoughts on “Quantum Of Solace Poster

  1. It was announced long ago that this would be a direct sequel to Casino Royale.

    I believe the poster seems very un-imaginative. I’m not too bummed tho since it’s just the beginning of the 007 hype machine’s upcoming grind.

  2. Isnt that gun he shoots the guy at the end of Casino Royale with? If so it would be cool to see the sequel pick up exactly where the last one left off. Like hes walking away from that guy after he shot him and now hes Bond on a mission to snuff out S.P.E.C.T.R.E. or whatever.

  3. i agree sfsilver….casino royale was prolly one of the best movies of the year…..and for the exact reason u said….i hope this one is as half as the other one….

  4. One of the major things that made Casino Royale probably the best of the Bond films was that it jettisoned the template of every stale Bond cliche and invented a new way of looking at an old familiar character. They succeeded brilliantly and I have faith in the team to deliver another great film.

    There’s no reason for it to be just another Bond film, Craig isn’t just another Bond.

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