Movie Blog Uncut – Feb 25th 2008 – Oscar Wrap Up

Hey there folks. It was a wonderful Oscar Sunday over here at The Movie Blog headquarters in Hollywood California. We had a great Oscar party and also did our 3rd annual “TMB Podcasts The Oscars”. Thank you to everyone who joined us! Today’s show we just dedicate to wrapping up our thoughts on the Oscars this year.

At any rate, take some time to download or stream this installment of Uncut as Doug and I discuss:

1) Over all Oscar Show impressions

2) The show’s ratings and why they were low this year

3) Jon Stewart’s great job hosting

4) Will Javier be the next Adrian Brody?

5) Brad Refro’s exclusion from the memorial segment

6) The giant snub against Transformers for best VFX

7) Doug dishes fashion

All this and a few things more.


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23 thoughts on “Movie Blog Uncut – Feb 25th 2008 – Oscar Wrap Up

  1. Even better….mess with people big time and have a civi do it!!!! LOL
    I nominate Doug! You’re inability to NOT CURSE would be the best! maybe you both should argue, hosting the Oscars!!!! even better!!!!

  2. I loved when Robin Williams hosted it! He should do it again.
    Either that or at least an actor who is funny normally…
    Maybe even one of the following:
    -Mike Meyers (try it…you just never know…but again he’s canadian so the odds are a no)
    -Billy Crystal…he rocked!!!!! I loved it when he hosted!
    -Ryan Reynolds…I think he’d be funny
    I don’t know…but if they picked a more funny actore, it would be a better hosting job. They’re used to be funny on camera…so at least it seems more natural.

  3. Brad Renfro was awesome in “Apt Pupil”, “Sleepers”, “Ghost World”, and “The Cure” among other things so i wouldn’t say that he wasn’t important or wasn’t worthy. The dude made his most notable movies when he was younger, and kind of moved into more indie stuff as he got older.
    Yea he got into drugs, and such but it’s not like he’s the only one who ever has. He was someone who kind of flew under the radar, but i don’t think that just disqualifies him from getting atleast a mention in the In Memoriam.

  4. Campea – this is at least the 5th podcast of yours i’ve heard where it sounds like you are literally out to lunch. dude it’s glaringly obvious & a tad offputting. munch out before or after you record bud.

  5. Happy Birthday, John!

    @Kristina – hey, girl I have to disagree on the tattoo opinion, but I respect your dislike for them on girls. I have many friends who got tattos in the lower back region way before it became trendy and slutty. Personally, I love tattoos, but within in reason. I only have one myself, on the back of my left shoulder and I love it.

  6. Happy Birthday, John!

    As for the Oscars. I didn’t really care for the academy awards this year and the reason is that Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem wasn’t nominated at all. Not even a single technical award nomination and that pissed me off. It’s total bullshit. This was probably my favourite movie of 2007. I know this movie isn’t perfect and it has problems but from a technical point of view it was just stunning. This movie has excellent visual effects, sound effects, great cinematography. Even the soundtrack by Brian Tyler is just amazing. This movie rocked my world! Just like Transformers rocked for John!

    It’s sad…really.

  7. Wow, I got a podcast shout-out! Nice.

    Happy birthday John! I don’t necessarily disagree with your reasons for the Oscars having lower ratings. But you’d already said them! I love blockbusters too, but I too understand that they won’t always be the Oscar movies, and I’m okay with that.

    Comparison of Oscar voting to Us voting–hahahahahahaha!

  8. happy birthday Campea!
    or feliz aniversario!
    or tanjyobi omedeto!
    And john,ILM did a amazing job on the robots on transformers,the way Bay used then in the movie ruined all.
    so in fact it is BAYS fault.

  9. its called the academy awards right.

    members of the academy vote for it.

    it is their show..their how can
    they get it wrong???

    simple…they can’t.

    they voted and in their opinion transformers didn’t have the best effects.

  10. John,

    Javier’s next film is Killing Pablo it a film adapted for the book Killing Pablo which documents the final days of Pablo Escobar the ruthless and powerful Columbian drug lord he plays Escobar it also features Christan Bale that should be something to look out for and be another excellent for him.

    (excuse the early post to many typos)

  11. John,

    Javier’s next upcoming film is Killing Pablo it’s a film adapted on the book Killing Pablo with documents the final days of the power and ruthless Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar that should be something to look out for and could be another excellent role for him.

  12. John, Happy Birthday.

    Also, you need to see the movie Bully. It’s amazing and Brad Renfro rocks it. And Roger Ebert gave it four stars, and you love that guy, right?

    Kristina: The fact that I have a vagina will not stop me from getting a kick-ass tattoo. Fuck that.

  13. Happy early b-day Campea!

    Next year, you guys HAVE to do a Movieblog Oscar pool with the international friends. Don’t even need a prize, just do it for shits and giggles(and bragging rights).

    I liked the Oscar show overall. The musical numbers were shit EXCEPT Falling Slowly. THat song made me go to Blockbuster and buy the movie, and I’ve never even seen it. What a gorgeous song.

    Nobody watched because nobody’s seen the movies.

    And as far as fashion goes, Cotillard won by a mile. She was a pretty little mermaid. All the red dresses canceled each other out, but Hannah Montana looked cute. I wasn’t a big fan of Garner’s outfit. Diaz looked a hot mess. Kidman’s necklace looked like she got puked on. Swinton looked like a fucking Hefty bag. Diablo Cody needs to disappear. God, I HATE tattoos on women. Gals, DO NOT GET TRAMP STAMPS. It ruins you! See Megan Fox for a prime example.

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