New ‘Cloverfield’ Pic!

In just two more weeks, the public will finally be able to witness the movie everybody has been talking about since viewing the untitled trailer during screenings of ‘Transformers’ back in July. gives us this picture of co-stars Mike Vogel and Michael Stahl-David:

Sorry guys, no monster here! I’ve actually been avoiding most news about this movie because I want to be surprised. The last time I got hyped up to see a monster movie was back in 1998 when ‘Godzilla’ had came out, and I don’t want to feel that kind of disappointment again! :P

So guys, what are your thoughts? Will you be there January 18 to witness ‘Cloverfield’?

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22 thoughts on “New ‘Cloverfield’ Pic!

  1. Movie sucked ass. I was excited to see this one, but man, what a stinker, horrible acting annoying camera etc. The worst was the lame monster, total lack of creativity, and jesus, it seemed each time you saw the monster it got substantially smaller. Basically it starts out as tall as a skyscraper, and ends being the size of two minivans stacked on top of each other.

  2. Cloverfield is a coffee shop located on 54 street on the corner broadway. JJ Abrams used the name coffee shop for the movie.

  3. Why does this site like to ignore Indiana Jones news? Just wondering because there’s four new Indy 4 photos along with a huge article with spoilers over on the Vanity Fair site…But this site would rather talk about a movie called 27 Dresses. Go figure.

  4. If you pay attention to the middle of the pic, you see a camera. I believe that is the camera we’ll be looking in its point-of-view throughout the movie.

    I think it will make good money. Question is: How good is the film itself?


    Im actually extremely excited to see this film, since im one of those kids that grew up watchin old Godzilla movies. After following some of the viral campaign, i can safely say that this has the potential to reach a similar level to Godzilla in movie-dom, as long as they actually make the damn thing look original and not like Godzilla 2.0.

    As far as story goes, what I have learned involves a company called Taraguato (pretty sure I spelled it wrong) being pretty much at the center of the incident, and the creature itself is apparently an alien, lending credit to many theories which have claimed that it is at least above normal animals in intelligence.

  6. I wasn’t interested in this film at all until one of my friends told me about the fun promo stunts done for this movie. I’m fascinated with all the websites giving hidden clues. I’m most intrigued with the “Japanese” drink Slusho appearing in other tv shows and movies. Very cool.

    So I’m interested now, but I won’t be going opening night. No hurry with this one.

  7. Argh. For some reason I’ve lost almost all interest in this film.

    It just seems to be all hype, built solely on the fact that no one knows what the monster looks like. Is this minor curiosity going to make me shell out £5 for a ticket? No.

    From what I’ve seen from the trailers, it looks like a handi-cam movie in which we’ll see about 3 minutes of monster action and 90 minutes of the actors looking into the camera panicking…

    Also, from the [leg] shot of the monster, it looks pretty uninspired to be honest.

  8. Its about a monster named “Cloverfield”. His family went on vacation and left him he’s in New York on the run from the wet bandits.

    Wait..wrong movie..

  9. The trailer was the most original and exciting film promo of 2007. The excitement that ran through the audience at the Transformers screening last summer when this trailer ran was electric. I like the premise. JJ Abrams has a solid enough track record to bring me in. My only concern is that the film will be completely done in nauseating hand held format. I already have plans set with a group of 7 people to go opening night.

  10. I am still trying to figure out what the title ‘Cloverfield’ means? Is it a city near or part of New York?

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