Jessica Simpson sets LOWEST Box Office Record

Blonde-Ambition-FailureEvery few months, we hear about a blockbuster breaking box office records on opening weekend, I can honestly say that I have never heard of a movie making news because it made hardly any money. Jessica Simpson’s ‘Blonde Ambition’ was which was ordered to go straight to DVD next month, had a limited engagement in Texas last weekend and only took in (GULP) 1,190 dollars over the weekend.

IMDB gives us these embarrassing details:

Blonde Ambition, co-starring Luke Wilson, took in just $1,190 over the weekend. True, it was shown in only eight Texas theaters, but that’s still an average of less than $50 per theater per day, meaning about six people showed up to see it in each location each day. On his TV Guide Online blog, film critic Ken Fox asked, “Doesn’t someone like Jessica Simpson have more than 48 friends?

Okay, I know I poked fun at the woman earlier last week about her trying to get the leading role in a possible ‘Pretty Woman’ remake, and this is going to sound very “Chris Crocker” of me, but LEAVE JESSICA SIMPSON ALONE!

Out of all the brainless, horny, overly rich “princesses” out there, you have to admit Jessica Simpson is the most harmless of the bunch. She hasn’t been arrested for a DUI. She doesn’t do drugs, and she hasn’t been knocked up by a random guy. She has earned her money unlike a lot of the debutantes in the tabloids.

True, this woman should NOT be an actress. I just recently watched ‘Employee of the Month’ and realized if they had a replaced her with a female blow up doll, I probably wouldn’t even notice the difference. Although, Jessica is not the ONLY actress out there that has had a movie come out STRAIGHT to DVD. Every month I’m at the video store, I see tons of straight to DVD movies that suck which star A-list and Oscar winning stars. For me, I just don’t understand why this made the news.

The opening weekend in Texas is quite embarrassing I can’t deny, although it only OPENED in Texas for a limited engagement before it goes straight to DVD. To me, it really shouldn’t count as the lowest box office record if the movie didn’t open nationwide.

So those are my thoughts about Miss Simpson. Sure, the woman opens herself up to public mockery, but I think picking on her for a poor box office record, is just (GULP) mean.

P.S. This poster looks eerily similar to the one sheet poster for Mariah Carey’s bomb, ‘Glitter.’ THAT should have been a huge sign right there!

What are your thoughts?

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