Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: The Romantic Comedy

Harry Potter is a book series that I have to admit I have been enjoying almost since its beginnings. I took my kids to see it, and shortly after they showed interest in reading the books so I read it first to make sure I was keeping up on my kiddie pop culture and fell into that demographic never intended for the books and added myself to the adult readers of Harry Potter.

Since then, the light child friendly story of growth and adventure has been slowly turning more dark and sinister at a rate that keeps the kids interested without sending them to therapy in the process.

The Winnipeg Sun reports:

The Harry Potter series will lighten up on the darkness and turn into a romantic comedy for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

It seems everyone on the set is having a grand time with this lighter comedic take on Potter’s world except for Potter himself. Dan Radcliff has expressed his disappointment that they are focusing the film on the romantic entanglements present in the 6th book.

I am curious to see how they might actually play this as a lighter “romantic comedy” as the WHOLE of the book only touched on the relationships as a sidestory to the full on mystery of the identity of the Half Blood Prince.

For those Potter fans still under a rock I won’t blow the ending of this book, but this is the most character development we see in all seven of Rowlings works of the Potterverse and delves into the darker side of almost everyone on board before launching us head first into the seventh installment filled with a LOT of dark themes.

The very ending of Half Blood Prince made me compare it to the dramatic turning point that made the Empire Strikes Back to be among the fan favourite of the Original Star Wars trilogy. Could you imagine if they had lightened the mood of Empire and made it a romantic comedy?

This is bad news indeed for Potter fans.

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16 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: The Romantic Comedy

  1. LOL, this is just silly. I so hope it’s just a bunch of BS. The reason I liked the last 2 Potter films so much was for the darker more grown up themes they had. They both did very well, why go so much back to a lighter theme?

    Plus if the stories of the books are already good enough to be great films, why change them so damn much now?

  2. possible spoiler (beware): the thing with Ron’s romances was actually quite funny in the book. It’s sorted out before the book becomes dark though. I don’t mind if they change tone halfway. The recent movies have lacked a bit of comedic sparkle at the front.

  3. But Rodney, the quote you have isn’t even from anyone in the production and i don’t know where Radcliffe has been expressing any dissapointment. I thought Yates did a fantastic job of balancing character, humour, and all the darkness of the fifth film and he’ll do an even better job this time. As anyone who knows the story will tell you, there is a lot more romance in part 6, and comedy will naturally come from that.

    If you think about it, Goblet of Fire was quite a romantic comedy for a large part but efortlessly became dark as hell for the Voldemort showdown and Cedric’s death. Just don’t get worried over nothing.

  4. For those of you who want to discredit this as made up because it comes from The Sun, keep in mind that this is not the brit Tabloid that I am sourcing.

    The Sun is a franchise of major newspaper chains in Canada as well with many variations for different cities. This one happens to be from the Winnipeg Sun. A legitimate newspaper… not a tabloid

    This of course doesn’t mean this news isn’t publicity generated leakage, however it is not quoted from a Tabloid.

  5. Yes, this has to be made up rubbish! I can’t imagine them going the romantic comedy route…there is little comdey in the book and it would make no sense whatsoever. Still the very thought that it could be true makes me what to cry. LoL

  6. Come on people, don’t you know anything about English tabloids?
    There’s probably no truth whatsoever to this, especially the Sun tends to make up their “Entertainment”-News section completely.
    Considering the 6th film is made by the same director as the last installment (which was pretty dark considering the focus group of this franchise) I wouldn’t worry too much.

  7. lol.. i’m not a pot(ter)head so I find this rumour rather amusing. However, the key here is “the sun reports”. The sun is murdoch’s rag and literally makes things up. I wouldn’t fret potter lovers no studio would mess with the guarenteed cash-cow that is the harry potter films.

  8. the only man in the world that can make decent movies out of HP is Del toro.half blood and deathly hallows are really really dark,especially half blood necause of its tragic ending,i’m hoping for a miracle that yates go out and del toro get in!

  9. I have loved this book series and I think the adaptations to film have been great. However, I do not like the romantic comedy angle for Half-Blood Prince. The books got steadily darker and the movies should do the same. That is the story Rowling told.

    I realize that certain concessions must be made in the transition between book and film. But I do not like major departures from a book’s storyline. The only major flaw in Peter Jackson’s adaption of the LOTR books was the way they handled Farimir. It clearly shows that they missed Tolkien’s contrast of the flawed but favored Borimir with the purity of Farimir who, tragically, could not win his father’s love.

    Now they seem to be doing something similar with HBP. Too bad.

  10. Its funny that I have had the exact opposite experience with this franchise from Johns. I really enjoyed the first one, thought the second one built on it petty well and then started becomming less interested with each installment. I thought the most recent one was okay, but I havent had the same feeling of wonderment and curiosity about this universe since the first one.

  11. Now Im not a big HP fan. I not read any of the books but I seen all the movie and I liked them all. This news sounds like pre-production trash talking. The studio should know by now that HP fans have high expectations for each film. If they did change the naturally dark turn the books and films made then fans might turn away which means not only do they lose money but they will lose money on the next film after this one.

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