Doug’s Enchanted Review

Enchanted-DougI was skeptical about this film. The idea of a cartoon person coming to the real world just seemed like it was a disaster waiting to happen. I thought I would be walking into a train-wreck of a movie that desecrated the name of Disney. I was wrong.

The General Idea

This movie begins in Andalasia where everything unfolds as fairy tales should. The lady in the forest begins singing gay and merry songs with her woodland pals when prince charming shows up, saves her from a wicked troll and requests that they be wed the following day.

The wicked stepmother intervenes (as they always do) and sends our damsel through a portal that brings her to the dreary, gum stained streets of New York City. She is pursued by her beloved, her friend the chipmunk and a double agent underling of the evil step mother. Madness ensues!

The Good

This movie was extremely entertaining, and very funny at points. The picture celebrated the clichés of a disney fairy tale unapologetically and then forced them upon the real world to see if our way of life is any better. The story itself unfolded in a fairly predictable manner, and as the movie progressed the morals were extolled without being preachy.

A word must be said about the performance of Amy Adams. She was absolute magic in this role and really did make you think that she could be from la la land. The movie was really on her shoulders a lot of the time and she carried the weight like a veteran beast of burden. She should be very proud of herself, legions of children will delight in this movie because of the quality of her performance.

The Bad

I stress to find knits to pick with this movie. I did not like one particular musical score so I guess I can mention that. There was a scene in the park with buskers, and the music seemed out of place when compared to the rest of the film. So I guess I would suggest a superior song; but that is where my problems end.


I could go into the details of the film and break down the scenes, but I would prefer you do this for yourselves. This is a movie you must take your young children to see. It is safe, clean and it celebrates what is good in life. We will always be a people that enjoy a good fable; this movie is just that, and I recommend it highly. This movie is Disney magic kids. I give it a 9/10


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