Wall-E Stuff I Didn’t Hear About

I can’t say that I am that excited about Pixar’s next movie WALL•E but then there really hasn’t been much buzz around it anymore than showing a cute robot with a distorted digital voice looking into the stars. Hopefully we will see something soon that will give us something to get excited about. I tripped over links to some cross promotional buzz that apparently started about two weeks ago today. Which adds to my point that we just are not hearing much about it.

Pixar Animation said:

Some of you may not yet be aware of this viral marketing website related to the upcoming film, WALL•E. Head over to the Buy N Large Corporation to learn more about some of the possible robotic stars of the picture.

So the megacorp of Buy N Large is likely the organization that creates the robots in this Pixar effort, but we still don’t know if they will represent the badguys or the goodguys or ANYTHING at all.

There is also a collection of Retro Postcards themed around the movie too.

I have yet to be disappointed by a Pixar film so I still have big hopes for WALL•E, but this isn’t it yet.

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6 thoughts on “Wall-E Stuff I Didn’t Hear About

  1. Based on all the Comic Con materials and everything I’ve read and seen about Wall-E thus far, I think it will be Pixar’s best work yet. Like you, I have yet to be disappointed by any Pixar film, and Wall-E looks exceptional. I’m excited to hear Jeff Garlin is in the cast, as I think he has a great voice but am dying to know if he a good guy or bad guy?

  2. Wall.E was sopposed to be made back when toy story (the first one… yea thats how this movie been shefled) was made but they got involved with other projects. John Lassiter ( co head of pixar) stated that Wall.E was sopose to put pixar on the map and one of the most compelling stories produced by pixar.

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