Incredible Hulk Set Explosion Video

Without exaggeration, The Incredible Hulk is shooting as I type this literally a 3 minute walk up the street from my loft. They’ve had a part of Main St. blocked off here in Hamilton Ontario for a couple of days now and are shooting at night. We went for a walk down there earlier, but they were still just setting up the action.

I got my hands on this video a fellow Hamiltonian shot of the set showing us a great explosion and a couple of cars going flying all over the place. It looks great! I think they’re shooting in town here for a couple of more days Check it out:

Here are a couple a stills we took tonight while walking around



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13 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Set Explosion Video

  1. does anyone know where the movie will do “the red carpet” premier in June?( It’s not listed on the upcoming events for the Chinese theater in CA)

  2. Hahaha.. Thats great!! That was my friend who took that video with her cell phone.. It was like 2 am… she woke me up to tell me i just missed a huge scene!! WOO!!

  3. Last night I was in the Japanese restaurant that is immediately to the left of the blue neon sign in that video.

    I was talking to some of the crew while I was there until another paranoid set member decided we were too close to the set (nothing was on fire or exploding that night) and scurried us along.

    This looks pretty cool.

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