Mike Tyson To Star In Bollywood Film

tysoncheer.jpgMike Tyson is making his mark in the word of acting in the fantasy world of Bollywood! We get this delightful news from Variety:

Mike Tyson wants to try something new…acting in Bollywood movies. Tyson said the energy on the sets of a music video he recently shot for a new comedy got him thinking about trying to do more Bollywood work, The Times of India reported Monday.

The former heavyweight boxing champion said in an interview that Firoz Nadiadwala, producer of “Fool n Final,” had approached him with a script. “Firoz has discussed a movie with me,” the newspaper quoted Tyson as saying.
“We seriously intend to work toward it,” he said, without disclosing any details. Tyson, 40, danced to Bollywood music at a two-day shoot in Las Vegas last month for a music video to promote “Fool n Final,” about a diamond heist.

This news is knee slapping hilarity! I cannot wait to see Tyson in his own Bollywood film. I hope he continues to go on and make a series of them. I want a catalog of Tyson Bollywood films, when I get sick of watching Elvis movies, they will really hit the spot. The Tyson Bollywood films will all make it into my collection, and movie marathons will happen!

I would have never of guessed this news in a million years. This is the kind of camp that comes along once a generation. I hope all of us realize how lucky we are about to become. Mike Tyson’s spending habits have forced him into a place that requires him to look outside the box to make cashola. We all benefit from his ability to diversify.

Boxers have a history of being wildly entertaining individuals, Mohammed Ali may not only one of the greatest fighters in the history of the world; he is also one of the greatest entertainers of all time. To compare Ali To Mike is to compare apples to oranges, in both boxing and entertainment. Two things are certain however: they are both tough as nails and masters of invoking emotions in people through words. I cannot stress how glad I am about the Bollywood invasion.

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One thought on “Mike Tyson To Star In Bollywood Film

  1. Hope the director doesn’t make him mad. Might wind up losing an ear, or having Tyson fulfil his post-championship wish of finally eating someone’s children.

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