Michael Sheen hopes for Underworld prequel

michael sheen.jpg Michael Sheen is doing a lot these days but apparently he hasn’t forgotten where he started and wouldn’t mind going back there. The people of cinemablend.com give us this:

Michael Sheen has been a busy little bee these days with no less than three projects up in the air, and that’s just on the big screen. In an interview with Coming Soon about his current PR child The Queen, in which he plays British PM Tony Blair, CS took the opportunity to squeeze for a little fan boy juice. Here’s what they came up with regarding that Underworld 3 prequel we told you about a while back.

When asked if he’d like to go back and play Lucian he said, ” Oh, yeah, absolutely! I love playing that character. It’s great, and I’m always amazed by how popular the character is with people who are into that sort of genre thing. He adds, “It’s an incredibly popular character, so I think the idea is that we’re trying to work out the whole idea of doing a third film. It would be a prequel and it would be about Lucian, the third film. Hopefully, we’ll get that together.

I’m not a fan of Underworld movies, even with Kate Beckinsale doing her girl power kick butt thing with cool vampires it just never floated my boat. But I do like Michael Sheen. He did a few lower profile roles before Underworld and in everything I’ve seen him in he has been a strong actor, even when there wasn’t much to work with.

Now there are reasons for Sheen to do this movie and reason for him to pass.

Reasons against doing the prequel: Many prequels are not successful. Yes of course we hear about the winners like Star Wars but what about the poorly executed cash grabs that were Ginger Snaps back: the beginning or Tremors 4: the Legend begins or Butch and Sundance: the Early Days. Also Sheen has moved on in his career, he did a wonderful job as Tony Blair in The Queen, opposite Helen Mirren, he has the role of Nero Caesar in Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire and he will no doubt be getting better offers for interesting role that he hasn’t played before. Finally, there is just doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest for another Underworld movie.

However there are reasons for this flick to go on ahead and beneficial parts to Sheen doing his role again. First is the fact that there is a new twist on the Underworld if it is delving into the life of Lucian may get fans interested in another movie. Also since Sheen’s role will have more screen time that means there will be more cash involved, probably quite a lot more. And also it does show respect for a film that really put Michael Sheen on the map.

Do I think it’s enough? Nope. It’s possible the Underworld Prequel will be a box office hit. But It think it will more likely be a blow to Sheen’s career.

What does everyone out there think, if Sheen goes through with this movie will it help or hurt his career?

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12 thoughts on “Michael Sheen hopes for Underworld prequel

  1. I would love to see another Underworld. Micheal is wonderful as Lucian in these movies. I hated when Kraven killed him. I hope he does come back and is more powerful than he was. Lets let Micheal do his thing. It would be great.

    Mary Kay

  2. Well, I am a HUGE fan of the Underworld movies, and of the character Lucian as played by Michael in particular. I would love to see a prequel featuring the story of Lucian. As for hurting Michael’s career – well, I’m not sure that it would hurt his profile in the USA. It’s a huge market for him to be exposed to – sadly, I don’t think many Americans would watch the Queen (happy to be corrected on this!)so I think it could only further his popularity. The Lucian character has a pretty big fan following – probably one of the best after the Kate Beckinsale one.

    One thing is for certain. If they do make a prequel, Michael is the ONLY one who could play Lucian. My heart would break if they used anyone else!

  3. Any movie could hurt or help one’s career.
    I want to see a fully developed Lucian character in a fully developed relationship with his vampire love. I want to see the twelve steps of intimacy (i.e., no sex without the complete buildup) between them so that we can fully feel his wrath and hurt when she is executed. The movie must hold something for us romantics as well as for the darker crowd, and don’t confuse sex with romance, or we’ll stay home. Take a lesson from the sequel which didn’t do as well as the first Underworld: Vampire horror movies do better commercially if you can add in another interest such as romance. The sequel didn’t have credible romance, and thus I did not purchase the DVD.
    At least in the prequel I don’t have to worry about decapitation by helicopter blades.

  4. What you people say are irrelevant because, as you keep pointing out, the movies “didn’t float your boat” anyways, so who cares about your opinions regarding a third installment in the franchise? You won’t go see it anyway, and probbaly won’t see it on DVD anyways. As a result WHAT YOU THINK MEANS SQUAT. These movies are strictly for fans, and Underworld has enough fans to make money.

  5. Depends on a number of factors.
    First and foremost, like JimLord said, the quality of the film.

    Personally, I dont particularly care if it hurts his career, because I just want to see more underworld flicks.
    Guilty pleasure, schmilty pleasure.
    I just love ’em.

  6. Guilty Pleasure: I like these movies. These and the Nightwatch group are great to me. I don’t think the statement that Sheen has moved on is accurate. Underworld only just came out this year, so it hasn’t been that long. Either way, I wouldn’t mind another Underworld, but I don’t need it.


  7. WOOOOOT! I love Michael Sheen. Any movie with him in it is awesome. Underworld 2 was redeemed by his cameo! I love that guy, he is so amazing. He is my favourite actor (besides Moritz Bleibtreu). But as for hurting his career… plausibly it could.

  8. I like the Underworld series…primarily for the eye candy. As for hurt or help his career… I say neither. The fanboys will be happy to have him back but I doubt anything will cover up his supposedly amazing performance in The Queen.

  9. What Lord Jim said.

    But I would like to think *everyone* gets along okay…
    in any case, Sharon, prequels are never the best. While I did like the third Ginger Snaps film, it wasn’t nearly as good as part 2 :Snaps Back, which was better than the first. I really LOVED Emily Perkins. I wish I could see her in more stuff.

    The only prequels that did anything for me were Indy Jones & Temple Of Doom, Revenge Of The Sith, “From Dusk Til Dawn 3: Hangman’s Daughter” and the last season of “Enterprise”.

    Miss anything? No, neither did you.

  10. Help or hurt? Could go either way, depending on the quality of the film.

    More importantly, would you wanna go back to work for the guy (Len Wiseman) who stole your woman (Kate Beckinsale)? I’m a pretty open minded guy but that sounds evil! Or like the premise for a bad date movie…

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