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Pinhead-Hellraiser-remakePinhead from the Hellraiser films is maybe one of the most unknown, and yet instantly recognizable 80’s horror icons around. The dude was juat a fantastic character… even if the subsequent films in the franchise weren’t really all that enjoyable (but that’s up for debate). Well now is looks like Pinhead is coming back… but not in another sequel, in a remake.

Now, before you get too up in arms about his news, you also have to understand that Clive Barker has been tapped to write the remake himself, which is good news. The good folks over at Movieweb quote Barker and give us this:

“They’re going to remake Hellraiser One with a lot more money and they’ve invited me to write it – the invitation came from Bob Weinstein – which I am going to do, on the basis that if I don’t do it, it will be done in some way that I probably won’t like!

“It’s only that one that I really, really, really care about in terms of its remake value – and it’ll be kind of fun to have the extra money to do the effects and all that cool stuff. So it puts me in the situation of writing both the beginning and the end of Pinhead at the same time – ‘In my end is my beginning…’ I’m not in the middle, as it were, I’m leaving out his middle age, I’m just dealing with his beginning and his end.”

This may not be popular, but I for one am kinda looking forward to revisiting that character and that story, and with Barker doing the writing, you can at least be sure that the feel of the original will be kept in tact. This is one I’m looking forward too.

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14 thoughts on “Hellraiser Remake

  1. I would like to see him delve more into the Order of the Gash, and the legends surrounding these beings that so compelled Frank to seek them out in the first place.
    Will the character Kircher be written in to shed some light on the stories behind these mysterious creatures from another realm?
    The Gray oiled- female Cenobite seated on a pile of rotting heads and tongues, would be interesting to see as well.

    Pinhead took on a sterile appearance as the series began to wane.
    The pins in his head elicited no blood, and the novella describes the wounds as “festering” and never healing.
    Yet his head appeared clean at the insertion points; neither did there seem to be no real suffering on his part compared to the Channard Cenobite. “And to think… he hesitated.”

    Whether Doug Bradley would be called back is in question, for he has aged a bit.
    He’s a bit more robust than he was in the first movie.
    The subsequent makeup took that into consideration, covering his neck completely with material.
    Also the lead Cenobite took on a more Shakespearian eloquence, as if each line had to be a sound bite.
    There was nothing of the Menacing- Malevolent Cenobite we first saw telling Kirsty, he would tear her soul apart.
    What did the world look like to Frank after his first few ‘pleasure,” sessions?

    For the novella makes reference to his suffering as being able to look into the world he left behind, but never being able to rejoin it.

    Finally was there a clear cut look of the Engineer?
    That thing pictured riding on the bike chasing Kirsty was just plain awful.
    “The Engineer will arrive should the moment merit,” came the reply.
    Now to me this indicates a specialist/foreman of some kind would be called in if we fall short of the experiences you seek.
    What with the bloodletting we saw in Hostile and Saw1-3; the original is tame by today’s standards.

    Just a thought.

  2. im glad there making a remake of hellraiser but the only thing im worried about is there are a lot of remakes appearing and hellraiser might become like one of these terrible,cheesy remakes which arent as good as the original and that some movie critic is going to say is the best thing since slice bread

  3. Several comments to make; first, as Iconic as Pinhead is to my friends and I, I went to a bar for a Halloween party as Pinhead (bought a really cool mask).. and barely anyone knew who I was… I think Pinhead needs to make a comeback among the younger audiences and really put Freddy and Jason in their place. A question was asked earlier about who was directing the movie.. I don’t really remember who it is, but it isn’t Barker, he said it would be weird to direct it too. Personally, I’m looking forward to this remake, it’s been something my friends and I have been wanting to see for awhile, because although the original had a great story and renewed my love for horror movies, the effects were slightly hillarious, although I agree about the CGI stuff.. Yoda was always better as a puppet. My only big worry about this is, who’s going to play Kirsty? If it’s someone like Hillary Duff, I may just go postal.

  4. The Original Hellraiser had some of the best effects imo of its time, when the body forms from the floorboards to the way he looked without skin.

    My only hope is the remake dosent delve into the region of CGI, which ruins many would be great horror mories, real goo, real modeled flesh will always look better than the perfect looking smooth CGI crap movie makers seem to think looks fantastic.

    Who hear dosent think Alien looks better in model form close up dripping, than the poor CGI of it in AvP.

    Im very Glad Clive barker is on board, so it cant get sodemised like the resent feeble attempts of the hellraiser series. Pin head being the only reason to watch them.

    I know many hr fans believe Pin head isnt required to make a good Hellraiser film, and is only used to pull in viewers, but for me hes the reaosn I watch, his lines, his very subtle expressions – Why I love bloodline so much – doug bradley is fantastic in it.

  5. Hellraiser remake? Sign me up.

    Nightbreed Remake? Sign me up.

    Anything the Clive Barker does? Sign me up.

    I would love to see those films get remade, that would be very sweet indeed. I love the old ones, but some updates would be very welcome.

    I have had the opportunity to meet him a few times and also attend some of his readings. Very Cool Dude.

    I would love to see Weaveworld or Imajica get some sort of visual treatment as well.

  6. I have my own theory on this Barker who is working on a film base on his McFarlane action figure call Tortured Souls: Animae Damnatae that is due sometime in 2007. The same year that Hellraiser is going to be 20 years old. Look for an unrated DVD Hellraiser to come out. I think the talk about a so call Hellraiser remake would get Barker back in the main light in Hollywood. I am also sure that when he is going to have any kind of interview they are going to ask him how the remaking is coming a long. He will say that they are working on it and later on we are going to hear about a remake of his Nightbreed that I hear him say over 20 times that he would love to make that film over. So what I think of this Hellraiser remake talk it is just hype for Tortured Souls: Animae Damnatae and maybe a Nightbreed remake. That is what I think. Because on the Hellraiser DVD he talks about how he is so sick of Pinhead and the story line of Hellraiser. My self I love Clive he is one of my heroes in my life. This is my own. Theory what do you guys think of it???

  7. If anyone can make this better it’s going to be Barker. The original is excellent but I can’t wait to see what’s going to come of it with more money for better special effects. If nothing else, it’s good to hear that Barker is back to writing. It’s been a few years since he’s put pen to paper so this will be a nice change for him and his fans.

  8. At what point should Clive get insulted that his movies all need to be remade cause they werent as good as they should have been first time around?

    Hehehe Im just being bitchy, there are alot of old horror movies that didn’t get the treatment the story deserved because of a lack of technology. Looking forward to this and glad Clive is on board in some capacity.


  9. I disagree on the notion that Pinhead (named by the fans; his actual name, other than ‘lead cenobite’ was never revealed)is a horror icon that is most ‘unknown’. He is, in fact, quite iconic. The problem some had with the character is that he isn’t your Jason or Freddy. He doesn’t go around doing mass murders of sex craved co-eds. There was a small attempt on this in part III (hell On Earth) but it didn’t quite take off.

    I’d much rather Clive be tapped to remake “Nightbreed/Cabal” (or “Rawhead Rex”, for that matter); but there’s something else that needs to be said, John. Barker also directed the first “Hellraiser”.
    Is he directing the new version also?

  10. I have not seen the original it quite some time but i remember it being a blood bath, maybe not by todays standards but a good horror movie

  11. The best thing about the Hellraiser films (at least the first 3 anyway), was the scores. They’re some of the best horror-film scores I’ve ever listened to. Awesome stuff…

  12. i love that film,but this is the first horror remake that i think warrants it. the original had an unfinished/incomplete feel to it. glad Clive is onboard.

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