You know what, I’m a Fan Boy And I’m Proud Of It

John Campea with Oliver StoneThe Movie Blog has been growing a lot over the last couple of months. Traffic has been slowly but steadily growing… got a few more listeners to The Audio Edition… and most importantly (at least to me), the studios have been recognizing that I exist and have been adding me to their press list for screenings and the like (I’m going to see Accepted tomorrow).

You’ve got to remember something. This site isn’t AICN. This isn’t some big massive corporate site with huge money or businesses behind it (like FIlmForce for example). This is just a blog that I started myself, sitting in my friend’s basement one night back in July of 2003. This site is basically just me (aside from the guests on The Audio Edition).

As such, I’m still just a fan really… which means I’m still at that stage where I get really excited about stuff. Going to press screening is HUGE for me. You should see me, I’m like a little kid I get so excited about going!

Last week I was at a screening for Miami Vice, and I was with about 100 other media and press people… and they all act so professional. Like it’s no big deal to be there… and some of them act like it’s a chore to be there. Not me.. I’m like a frigging 7 year old boy going to his first hockey game. I LOVE THE MOVIES! And for me… some nobody with a little website… getting to go to these screenings is a thrill. A totall thrill. I know that’s not professional of me… but fuck it… who cares.

Last week, I got my first chance to actually sit down and interview someone! OLIVER F’ING STONE! Me… John no-F’ing’ body Campea got to munch on some donuts with Oliver Stone and then sit down and chat about his new movie.

So there I was… trying to act all cool like this is no big deal… but inside I was FREAKING OUT! Because that’s me… a nobody with a website… getting to talk movies with Oliver Stone. WILD!!!!

Before meeting Stone I was sitting in this room with a girl from Entertainment Tonight which was kinda fun (man she was HOT)… and the whole time all I could think about was “HOLY CRAP! I can’t believe I’m sitting here”.

I can’t actually play you guys my review for World Trade Center or my interview with Stone until later this week… but the whole point of this was to tell you about how this experience reminded me that all I am is a big kid who LOVES movies and who happens to get to do some pretty cool stuff right now.

And make no mistake my international friends… I owe all of this to you. The million of you who come here each month… who read my stuff, join in the discussions and listen to the shows. Without you all I am is a nobody with a website. But because of you I’m a nobody with a website that happens to get a million visits a month… and THAT made the studios take notice.

A commentor said the other day that celebrities owe nothing to their fans. Well I may be no celebrity… but even I know I owe everything to you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH… and let’s keep the conversation going.

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57 thoughts on “You know what, I’m a Fan Boy And I’m Proud Of It

  1. John-
    good for you.
    more power to you for knowing your roll and being who you are.

    your reviews remind a lot of this television program i watch.
    its called Cinemattractions.
    its a DVD review show about whats hot out on the market.
    they have great opinions and so far, every movie i’ve decided to rent, they’ve been right about.
    i think you’d find it interesting.
    cinemattractions . com
    email me and let me know what you think.
    [email protected]

    keep up the awesome work john!

  2. wow john i can’t believe it. oliver stone.

    my eyes are glassy right now.

    if u ever quit TMB i will get in contact with those indonesian who bombed Bali and get them to do ur house. joking =P

  3. congrats John! im so chuffed (happy) for you!
    its awsome to hear how you just started with a site, now your getting invites to premiers and interviews with freakin OLIVER STONE!!!!!
    im going for a job at a local tv and radio station, channel 2, next week to hopefully start my career in the biz. wish me luck and ill mention your name in my oscar winning acceptance speech! :)

  4. Ram has a great suggestion. I’d totally buy a Movie Blog tshirt.

    Congratulations on the achievement. I come here for my adily updates and the “stimulating conversation” and It’s nice to see that you’re getting some attention from the studios. Great job so far and keep it up! :)

  5. Great news…this is the first movie site I read for info!

    BTW, Accepted looks incredibly stupid …in a good way, sort of like Animal House…and hey with Lewis Black as Dean, it has to have redeeming qualities.


  6. Comrade John … Congrats’

    Oliver Stone .. WOW!!!
    Think you should change ur FAQ too …
    .. Well there was this time I interviewed Oliver Stone :)

    I see this success as very much like your post with regards to Kevin Smith’s major upgrade into the top critic circle. Certainly well deserved, and I’m sure it’ll be 1 of many such opportunities to come. Like many I’m sure – I have mostly been a passing spectator & commented very little, but having read this specific post, I feel inspired to comment more frequently.

    Great things come to great people … Its gestures like the thanks to us readers that feel heartfelt & that certainly counts for a lot.

    What has kept me passing by more and more frequently is certainly the level of energy i feel, there are few people I find that watch a trailer, see a poster, what the hell sometimes even hear of some idea or cating decision & are boosted by it. This place brings those elite specialist fans together.

    Places like imdb forums just seem like the odd filmfan (kool), the odd critic ‘wannabe’ (clarification: i’m not saying this is bad) & 100 odd people looking for someone or something to bitch about.

    So uh back on track.. Keep it up John & stay true to yourself, its the fanboy energy that makes this place unique, scratch that – BETTER.


    P.S – you should sell themovieblog t-shirts
    logo on the front – ‘fanboy & proud of it’ on the back (i’d buy one)

  7. holy shit dude ,how the fuck did you stop yourself throwing up .if that would have been me the nerves would have hit pretty bad and stone would have been covered in steaming vomit…qudos to you for not freaking out…have you any more news on your visit to the transformers set?

    you lucky lucky bastard;)

  8. John,
    A huge part of the Movie Blog’s appeal is your evident love of movies. It is endearing to us all to note that this site is a labour of love rather than a commercial enterprise. This fundamental fact has kept the MB and AE raw, vital and important. Please never change. And Dougie get your arse back where it belongs.

  9. Good work, John. You’re living the Canadian dream, which I imagine is a bit like the American dream but with less guns and better welfare.

    Given that I’d rather listen to the Audio Edition than watch most of the garbage on the telly – how long before we get The Movie Blog: The TV Series? You’re better looking than Ebert. Come on, Nagy would even come back for that!

  10. Wow man… thats amazing, but your not a nobody. At least not to us, the international friends. I love the fact that your a film critic with a fanboy attitude, it definitely works when your reviews are being heard by a majority of fanboys themselves.

    Congrats by the way, keep up the good work.

  11. That’s totally awesome, John! I’m so happy for you. For many months now, You, Doug, and Darren keep me thoroughly entertained 3 times a week and for that I’m grateful. I hope you get all the recognition you deserve! Keep up the good work!

  12. Top stuff John, you deserve it all mate, not everybody is brave enough to be as vocal with their opions, it makes you very vulnerable. But you my friend are good at what you do and that’s why people keep coming back, just keep bein yourself mate and things can only get better from here.

    PS. Plus now you don’t have Nagy holding you back (kidding)

  13. Way to go John! I’m really excited to see this interview not because its World Trade Center and only partly because its Oliver Stone. But mostly, I’m excited to hear what John Campea would say if he met face to face with Oliver Stone.

    I’m sick of all the dumbed-down movie critics who ask the ‘hard questions’ like “What’s it like working with Nick Cage?” and “What does this film mean to you?”. If anyone is going to ask the sort of genuinely interesting questions that I’m looking for its going to be you.

    Keep up the awesome work and don’t ever stop being a fanboy!

  14. Hey, John, John, that’s a great news. I know you will be just as successful as Harry Knowles. He’s a fun guy….so are you!
    Yeah, I could see you over the horizon with bountiful opportunites. Good luck and don’t forget us little guys.

  15. Good for you John – You are living my dream. By the way, I saw 13 tzameti on Sunday with a few friends and the movie was kick ass. The score was awesome. Have you seen the movie and what were your thoughts, especially of the ending?

  16. Congrats John ! I give you 5 stars for this post, for your honesty and for your luck too ! Don´t forget about us when you become really famous, and start going to hollywood parties, meet lindsay lohan and stuff…that day will come


  17. I wonder what it would be like to be in your shoes. I mean just meeting Oliver Stone is enough to give you goosebumps. You know, the would of entertainment are starting to have fans work from within.

    Ouentin Tarantino was a big fans of the movies he watched as a kid, and his career choic is to honor those films in his movies (which can cause some debates). Then there’s Peter Jackson. As soon as he watched King Kong, his future was set in stone.

    Now, there’s you, Campea. You are now a fan who is living the big dream. If you think Stone was enough, wait until Kevin Smith joins the Audio Edition! ;-)

  18. What I want to know is; When are we going to see Doug interviewing these celebrities? I’d pay a dollar to see that!

  19. John, let’s get something straight here. You are an inspiration for all film geeks. You’re not to that point of obsessive nerd, but just enough that it’s socially acceptable. I love it man. You deserve this, you work your ass off, and look at the result. You should be proud bro. I simply can’t live without my dose of TMB.

  20. getting on the internet i usually do the following

    check my email (msn)
    check facebook
    check myspace
    check the movie blog
    check youtube

    everything now and then after all of the above i’ll check and apple movie trailers.

    you do a great job. it’s simple and has good information (plus you update a shitload). keep it up.

  21. That’s awesome John. I’m glad to see you doing something you love and it turned out successful. I’m inspired by your story … all the best for the future of The Movie Blog for you. This interview with Oliver Stone is, I believe, just the beginning for you. I can see you interviewing many many more movie icons.

  22. Fredo Teabaggins. Greetings from Orem Utah!

    Ha I thought those were sandles. Thats to funny. John, if you had an iron on transfer shirt of some marvel character, your fanboy attire would have been complete!

  23. Interviewing Oliver Stone is big, what a fantastic opportunity for you! I look forward to hearing/seeing the interview later in the week.

    Thank you for all your hard work, I love coming by the site several times throughout my day to see what news has popped up. I wish you continued success.

    BTW…I think it’s funny so many have commented on your outfit/shoes. I say keep the casual attire (within reason) it’s you. :)

  24. John hit the big time, who would of thunk it. Enjoy your stardom sir, and I will keep hitting the site and commenting when I can, to get those studios to fly you places and what not.

    Don’t forget your roots young man ;)



    I WORK IF FILM AND TV AND I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT SCREENINGS AND STUFF. I LOVE WHAT I DO as well. I will invite you to the premiere for a film I just produced staring howie mandel as soon as I get the date for it. Hold it down and I will talk to you soon.

  26. Is the interview in a QT format…or will you have it as part of an ‘audio edition’?

    Anyway, since I myself occasionaly go to some film fests (specifically Austin) when I get the bread, I suppose I could consider myself, by your definition, a fanboy, although I really don’t consider myself one.

    When I go to film fests, most of the time, it is shop talk and advice on craft. Laid back. Drinks in the Driskill bar. But y’know, John, I sort of know the feeling.


  27. Aw, from the look of the headline and the seriousness of the pics, i thought this was gonna be a story about Stone attacking you for being a fanboy and you laying into him. Oh well, congrats John.

  28. John, congrats. I go to press screenings in Salt Lake City, Utah for the local paper and I always feel privleged to attend. BTW, are you wearing a gauze chaftan shirt and poplin parachute pants with flip flops? If so, I have that exact same outfit from International Male! Super!

  29. Thats awesome you lucky bastard :)
    I’m a fanboy, I always was and always will be. Movies are my life.
    Movies are like my escape, there like my drugs. Thats why I come to this site, it hypes my excitment for movies. And Campea you pump and hype movies like no other. Before I came here I didn’t give a crap about Transformers, then you made it so exciting and hyped it so much and now I bought every DVD I could on Transformers, I bought some of the toyline. I LOVE Transformers now. Your thanking us, but really we should be thanking you for such an amazing site.

  30. Holy shit that is awesome. Congrats on the big interview. I hope you asked him at least one tough question and not just “Sooooo, tell me about that um… movie…”

    Love the sandals too. Way to be professional. :)

  31. Shit. I knew you went to a screening to see the movie but I didn’t realise you actually had an interview with Stone himself! Seriously, that rules! As much as I don’t like the trailer for WTC I’m a huge fan of Oliver Stone and I’m looking forward to seeing the interview.

    Same as Bishop. I don’t always agree with what you’re saying but you’re always enthusiastic about the movies you love or hate and it’s great because far too many critics, like you said, treat the whole thing like it’s no big deal. A lot of critics sound like they don’t even enjoy the movies that they’re recommending and they can talk all day about the technicalities and all of that but if they don’t give a shit then I don’t give a shit about their opinion.

    Dude, there’s no way you can stop The Movie Blog! You interviewed Oliver Stone!

  32. Hey John,
    Just thought I would chime in here. While I don’t always agree with your opinions, I enjoy hearing about them. Congratulations on getting this opportunity, with hope for more to come. Can’t wait to hear what the two of you have to say to each other.

    – Bishop

  33. John, I come to your blog cause I am also a FANBOY and felt you were the same. Plus the comments by other fanboys here are priceless. I only go to this site for news on movies. Its quick and to the point. Free of anyoying pop-ups and pop unders. And about movies I like.

    I had no idea you were doing stuff like interviewing Stone. Rock on!!!

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