Mark Cuban – A Billionaire Who Gets It and the MPAA

Mark-Cuban MPAAA lot of people hate the man. A lot of people call him a spoiled rich kid (even though he made his own fortune from nothing). But to me, there is no owner (sports teams, studios, theaters chains) that understands common sense more than Mark Cuban. This guy is a maverick (and yes, he does own the MBA Dallas Mavericks), a true independent thinker, and seems to be more connected with the general public than any other major executive I’ve ever seen.

Recently, Cuban put up a post on his blog asking people for their suggestions about how to better market movies and improve the image of the theater going experience. He got over 900 comments on that post. Oh yeah… and did I mention that whoever gave him a great idea, he would give them a job to implement their idea? He’s awesome!

In response to some of the comments, Cuban followed up and talked a bit about how the MPAA is chasing their tails trying to fight piracy… and instead should be using their money to better the theater going experience and improving the theater experience image. I’VE BEEN SAYING THAT EXACT SAME THING FOR YEARS!!!! Here’s what Mark had to say:

In a meeting I had with senior folks at the MPAA, I suggested that the theater industry spend money on improving our image rather than fighting the “war” on piracy. (A stupid war, thats not really a war and is a waste of money). That ever nickel spent trying to stop a 13 year old or his grandmother from downloading a movie, or spent trying to lobby our government into spending millions upon millions trying to stop pirated DVD sales in China could be spent promoting the positives of the movie theater going experience. (And hopefully our government can spend the millions and millions over here on our shores doing something that helps our citizens instead of acting as new business development departments for movie companies who don’t need their help. Movie studios have lasted this long without any real business from china and similar countries, they will be just fine without government help for years to come. Sorry for the political rant )

Bang on Mark!!! I love this guy!

I just wish more studio executives and owners had as much common sense as this guy. I’m sure there are guys with higher IQs than Mark Cuban… but a high IQ doesn’t always mean your head is out of your ass.

I’m going to email him with my idea of “Tuesday half price ticket and free lap dance night“. I may be working for him soon. (via)

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7 thoughts on “Mark Cuban – A Billionaire Who Gets It and the MPAA

  1. Your idea of tuesday half price tickets is nothing new. We already had somethng like this in Romania for the past 10 years, the least.

  2. I’ve no idea who this dude Cuban is but he’s a clever bastard.

    The best way to get people in the cinemas, at least in the UK, is to improve the goddamn cinemas. They suck. They’re rarely clean, the projectors or the sound often screw up, the staff just don’t give a shit and the audience always has one or two wankers in there who insist on pissing everybody off. Hire security guards, cleaners and competent projectionists and you’re on the right track.

  3. I love your lap dance idea, but don’t think it’s gonna happen. Call me crazy.

    I think Phsycho has a great suggestion, giving audiences a discount on purchasing the movie they just saw. It makes sense. But, the production companies are only after record dollars, so that won’t happen.

    I must admit, that for the most part, if the price of a dvd movie was justified, I’d buy it without worrying, but now that all these technologies keep coming out so quickly, and the cost of things just keep rising, I won’t be making too many purchases anytime soon. It’s insane (and assinyne) to think that we should fork over $30+ to watch a movie we should be able to buy for under $20 (I thought technology was supposed to ease the plight of man?). I don’t care for much of the extras, because most of the time, they’re not watched during the movie, and you have to spend another 20 min selecting the deleted/extended scenes you want to watch. Plus, how many of us actually care about the other frivilous extras like commentary? Seriously…

  4. I think they should give people half price coupons to be used on the dvd purchase of the movie they just saw. Give them out on monday – thursday nights.

  5. Personally John,
    I think you may have something there with your Tuesday night thing. I think the free lap-dance thing is a litle far-fetched though. The movie studios would lose money and not be happy. I would propose to you the following:

    Tuesday Night Half-Price Movie Ticket


    Free Lap-Dance in the Theatre while you wait for the movie to begin! No Commercials before the movie, all advertising will appear on the ass of the stripper.

    I feel that this is brilliant as you will have no choice but to stare at thh advertisement for at least 3 minutes (that will feel like ten seconds). This will make studios and their advertisers happy as the ads still get in there. In addition to that, it will improve our economy as artists that create the ads will still need to design and apply them (on a regular basis), as well as giving Romanian and Thai women who don’t speak a lick of English steady income.


  6. in england we alredy have orange wednesdays. orange is a fone network and if you have one of their sim cards you can get two tickets for the price of one. jus thought id give you some international news haha

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