Doug Nagy Has Left The Building

John-DougDoug Nagy, my good friend and co-host of The Audio Edition from day #1 is no longer with The Movie Blog. Doug’s life has just got totally hectic and something had to give.

Doug’s situation has changed a lot over the last couple of months, and now making it here and the time it took to do the shows was starting to interfere with other commitments he has. He will be VERY VERY missed around here.

Doug was my co-host for the very first Audio Edtion way back on November 10th 2004, and in the 165 episodes we’ve done since, Doug has only missed 2 of them (I’ve actually missed more shows than he has!). The Campea/Nagy on air team is no more. It is a sad day (although he and I will still get in lots of trouble off air for sure).

Along with Darren (our fabulous Monday Round Table partner for almost a year) Doug and I celebrated our Podcast of the Year award, the first time our show got over 100,000 downloads in a month, freaked out the first time a couple of celebrities emailed us about the show, and just in general had a really good time.

But life is life, and sometimes you don’t always get to do the thing you enjoy when other things require your attention. I support Doug’s decision, even though it means The Audio Edition will never be the same.

So here is a question I have for you guys… since The Audio Edition has always been Doug and myself, and Doug won’t be here anymore… should we continue with The Audio Edition? Is it time for us to just pack up shop? We were the first Movie Site to have a podcast, we won Podcast of the Year, we have been the best damn podcast on the internet for almost 2 years now (but I’m biased)… so is it just time for us to close it up? Or should we keep the show going with Darren, myself and maybe others? Let me know in the poll below.

Should the Audio Edition continue without Doug?Should the Audio Edition continue without Doug?
Yes – Keep the show going with John, Darren and others
No – It's been a great run, time to shut it down
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120 thoughts on “Doug Nagy Has Left The Building

  1. Likewise go away on summer vacation and come back to no doug. Bloody hell, its a bad shock to the system going back to work but no doug on my commute …… Doug please come back !!!!!!

  2. Christ! I go out of town for a couple weeks, miss a few Audio Editions and WTF do I come back to find?!?!? No Nagy?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO! I love listening to his outrageous rantings as well as his unique insights. Sometimes he has me just about choking on whatever I’m drinking or eating at the time. He’s been a good foil to John at times too, not always agreeing with the same ideas and opinions. Hopefully Darren will be able to come out of his on-air shell more and help fill the void. Good luck Doug, hope you make some cameos in the future!

  3. Hey Steamline:

    #1 – The 1 million hits and 100,000 downloads aren’t the numbers. The Movie Blog has around 760,000 unique visitors in the month. About 25,000 unique Audio Edition Downloaders per month. That is less than 4% of the users actually listening to the show.

    #2 – only about 240 people subscrie to The Audio Editon through iTunes

    #3 – The 16 aren’t only Audio Edition guests… but people who have contributed to the whole site.

    Doug left for the reasons I expressed. Period. Did you listen to yesterday’s podcast?



  4. Hey John

    We all love a good scrap so –

    #1) 1 million hits per month versus over 100,000 podcast downloads per month isn’t that disproportionate?

    #2) I’d imagine that most download from I Tunes or other podcast sites before then visiting the main page of the site. Or they would come to the main page and then click on audio?

    #3) 16 different people…for maybe a couple of shows each. Doug did 160 and he was off the site before his final show was put up.

    Having said that, I’ve really enjoyed the podcasts and think it’s a terrific site. You deserve every success that comes to you. In my humble opinion you’ve got a fantastic eye for stories and a compelling point of view. Nagy is a brilliant comedian and wonderful emotional counterpoint. Only hope it didn’t come to an end because Nagy wasn’t appreciated?! Peace.

  5. The Web site will suffer if you stop doing the podcast. You have such a following, I doubt you will see too much of a drop in numbers without Doug.

    However, I’m very worried that without Doug The Audio Edition will become just another movie podcast.

    The back-and-forth between John and Doug is what made it special.

    It’s a sad day.

  6. Hey Streamline,

    You should ask some questions before saying things like that:

    #1 – Less than 4% of the people who come to The Movie Blog actually download and listen to The Audio Edition. Yet, this still accounts for half my monthly bandwidth bill.

    #2 – Just over 0.3% of the traffic to The Movie Blog comes directly to an Audio Edition post or to the Audio Edition Page… or comes from a link that references The Audio Edition.

    #3 – Over the past 3 years, 16 different people have contributed to The Movie Blog. I don’t leave up a permanent link to any of them. When I leave the Movie Blog and hand it off to someone else, I don’t expect a link to my personal blog stay up either once I’m no longer a part of it. It would be silly to do otherwise. As a matter of fact, I’m not aware of any other site that does that.

  7. John, how can you say that the site makes money but the audio edition doesn’t? It’s the audio edition that is the draw to the site for most of us. Doug is advertising the site on the audio edition. And your removing him from the links because he is no longer part of the site…isn’t he the co-host of the 160 shows you have in the archive? Seems petty.

  8. It sucks having a name as common as Jason sometimes. Just so you know I wasn’t wondering about a conspiracy theory. Is Doug going to continue living in Hamilton? If not we in the Hammer shall miss him.

    Keep going with the Audio Edition. Why don’t you try out a couple guest hosts and see if anyone works out (it’s what Ebert did when Siskel died). Their are lots of us floating around Hamilton with movie opinions…I was just talking movies with Chuck the other day:) You could even hit up the critic from CH and see if he would join you for an afternoon.

    Jason (from the Hammer)

  9. Although it is saddening to hear this, this shouldn’t be the end of The Audio Edition. However, I will say this – you NEED another person to do the podcast with because doing it on your own is not interesting enough, it is always better to have a discussion happening.

  10. I was very sad to hear Mr Doug Nagy had been forced to go to the mattresses to escape a planned assasination attempt by the friends of Christopher Reeve. His presence on the Audio Edition will be missed and I will pray for him during this difficult time.

    You’ve given me many, many laughs since I discovered the Movie Blog, Doug, and I look forward to having many more once you figure out how to communicate from whatever miserable, stinking bunker you end up in.

  11. Good luck Doug! Sad news indeed to hear that he’s going but John, you really must keep the AE alive. It’s a fantastic show and it would be really disappointing to see it end because of this. One of the other commenters suggested having guest hosts and I think this is a fantastic idea. Whatever happens, as long as there is a podcast, we’ll listen.

    Best of luck with it all!

  12. John, this will severely hurt the format of the show. I will sorely miss the zany and most times TOTALLY out of taste air that Doug brought.

    Doug: Thank you for sticking around as long as you did. I’m hoping you have loads of success in the future and look forward to hearing your name elsewhere someday.

    John ( again ) : DO NOT HANG THIS TOWEL UP!!! not yet, anyway. Other commentors have said that you did just well enough on your own when you had to. I agree. It’s a different show. But it’s a good one.

    I dont’ tune in for the funny. I tune in for the movie news, and to hear it from an objective source. I think you should look for maybe another co host, but even if you cant’ find one, please keep doing it…at least until you prove to us that it’s time to hang it up.

    I’ll keep listening.

  13. Oh noes! This is so sad and I’m going to miss Doug – maybe he’ll be back for special audio editions?! Please Doug?!

    I hope you’re going to continue with the Audio Edition because this international friend in the Philippines is going to be very lost without it.

    How about you and Darren have your roundtable monday podcast, you could do a solo podcast on wednesdays and have a guest on fridays.

  14. No way!!!! Doug please stay!!!!

    is there any chance of at least making guest appearances?

    It would be nice of you to stay, but that’s life! Good luck on your endeavours Doug!!! It was great listening to you!!!

  15. I am going to miss the guy, and his jokes (those were fuckin’ good ones)!

    I say we should do a “Best of Doug Nagy” edition!

    Man, it is sad to see him go, but alas, another destiny awaits him. Well, that, and he is now free to kick critic ass like Joel, LOL.

    Word of advice to Mr. Nagy:

    If you beat the shit out of a puck actor or selfish critic, send us a copy of that tape! [-)

    *sighs* There were so many jokes I wanted to hear, and Lohan would’ve been GOLD! Farewell.


  16. but doug is so awesome!!!!!!!! this is a travesty… but of course you should continue the blog, just promise to keep in the international friends salutation at the beginning of each podcast.

  17. Fare thee well Doug. You will be missed. NO offense to the rest of the cast, but doug really kept me tuning in.

    But keep on keepin’ on.

  18. John,

    Great to hear that you and Doug are still the best of friends.

    But, if it is truly just a matter of Doug being too busy, why not just get him for the round table edition? Rather than lose him entirely, why not just lessen his load? (I can envision Nagy enjoying that comment somehow…)

    At the very least, get him back for a monthly appearance if you can.

    Keep up the great work sir!

  19. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo NAGY you sonuvabuitch! you cant leave us! come back or pay the consequences! I will slap you with my 9″… Pe… Peacock! or was it a Rooster? I’m not sure! Damn you Doug! We need your silly comedy, and ukulele!

    You will be deeply missed!

    -Heavy Metal Viking Merola


    I am sorry but I had to express my feelings.

    I have been a listener to the AE. for a year and never thought I would see this day(I mean so soon). I think you making a big mistake but wish you the best of luck.
    ADIOS AMIGO! ;-(

    P.S. John please don’t stop, mexico needs you!

  21. Seriously…with all the talk about maybe moving to Toronto and such…was there something else going on…either creative differences or you guys were getting tired of doing this?


  22. WOW. This came out of the blue. It was only recently you guys were talking about a “live” edition of the show.

    I have come to The Audio Edition pretty late. I have only heard about 10 shows, but immediately I was hooked. It became a regular staple of my Saturday afternoon listening to the 2 or 3 shows each week while doing those house chores that were once so boring.

    You and Doug were a great team. You played off each other really well. A rare chemistry that will be hard to replace. And Doug’s voice was so distinctive.

    I would suggest a last show with Doug if possible, to say goodbye. Maybe a 90 minute Special Edition? And a highlight package from your previous shows would be really cool.

    I also think you should continue with the Audio Edition, but maybe only once a week, so you can get one or two guests. A solo show is pretty pointless when you cover your own views so well in the blog anyway. You really need people to bounce ideas/opinions off. Perhaps you can have 2 or 3 possible replacements “guesting” on the show for a while. I’m sure you will get plenty of response from listeners as to who is working out. Either way, don’t rush this decision.

    John, whatever you decide to do, you will always have my support.

    Good luck to Doug.

  23. Follow up to Paul

    Oh… and Doug’s URL has been in the Sub nav up until today. It’s not there anymore only because he’s not a part of The Movie Blog any longer.

  24. Hey Paul,

    No, Doug did not make any money from The Audio Edition. As a matter of fact… none of us did.

    The Audio edition is the one element of The Movie Blog that doesn’t generate any revenue. We don’t have any sponsors for it, and we don’t have any advertising attached to it.

    The funny thing is… The Audio Edition COSTS a lot of money. Because it is responsible for more than 50% of the sites bandwidth usage… but doesn’t generate any money to make up for it.

    Finding a sponsor has been something we talked about… but none of us knew how to go about finding one.


  25. was it a money issue?
    To be honest John you seem to be doing really well out of the movie blog gig, where as Doug is still doing his crappy jobs (along with his shows, which he needs to broadcast to the UK). Was Doug making any money from his appearances?

    Being in business with friends his damn tough. It would be a shame to see egos getting in the way. The whole Lady in the Water saga was a low point for you when slagging off your visitors.

    Also why is Doug’s website not featured in the sub nav?

  26. Good luck Doug!
    Campea… you better not stop doing the Audio Edition. It means too much to us to let you kill it!

  27. This is a shame the audio edition was defiantly successful because of the partnership between you guys. It’s the only podcast that I really got into and look forward to, others I just catch now and then.

    I think you should carry on john, but you may need to tweak the format a bit and it may be patchy for a bit. I prefer shows which feature more than one person; solo podcasts are a bit dry.

    I still think you guy’s could have got a high paying sponsor for the show I can’t believe none of the online DVD stores etc. have enquired it’s a great opportunity for them.

    Anyway thank you John and Doug for producing the ONLY podcast that was worth catching every episode of.

  28. Rather depressing news, but such is life. I’ve enjoyed the AE and the Movie Blog for about six months now and have laughed my ass off thanks to it more times than I can count. (Including one morning in a hospital waiting room listening to it on my MP3 player and trying damn hard not to laugh out loud while everyone else was staring glumly at the walls. The show made that day fly.)

    But things change, so good luck to Doug and to John, and please keep the AE going if you can. The Movie Blog certainly got my interest in going to movies back and I’ll still look forward to the AE regardless. Keep up the good work.

  29. Doug will have to be back for The Transformers edition of the audio edition in 2007 i don’t see how he could not be lol

  30. I heard it from the audioedition that something was off with Doug. His voice was pretty sad in the recent podcasts.

    Anyway, I wish him luck and THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

  31. Doug, you’re being a moron.

    I think you’re hilarious, but man, the only reason any of us even know who you are is because of T.A.E. I read you’re doing your own podcast soon, but I’m willing to bet your site doesn’t get 5% of The Movie Blog’s traffic, and you’re at your best when you’ve got Campae to mix with.

    T.A.E. won’t be the same, but man you’re a fool for doing this.

  32. Well all i can say is this is extremely depressing to hear, but at the same time nothing is gonna be accomplished by simply shutting down the audio audtion. I for one agree that a best of doug is needed at this time and that the audio audition should continue with multiple guests, i think the fans will be ok with a couple shows to see who works best with John.

    Best of luck to ya Doug and to everyone else at

    Hope for the best

    – Beejag

  33. Nagy has his own podcast show now

    Nagical Radio This upcoming Monday
    July 28th, 2006

    This upcoming Monday July 31st I will have my first podcast up. STAY TUNED!

    I would appreciate any ideas/feedback from all of you.


  34. Wow. Completely ou of the blue? This hurts. It was fun listening to your rants for the past year or so Doug. Good luck in everything you do!

    John, keep the podcast going for sure. You’re couple solo efforts were fine and informative. The problem will be the fact that you’ll just be rehashing what you already posted, so although you can never replce Doug, maybe someone could step in to give a second opinion. Maybe Darren could participate more often? i don’t know.

    Anyway, I’m saddened. The podcast just won’t be the same.
    take it easy boys.


  35. John… keep the podcast. Do it alone for a while if you have to, but what madet the podcast great was haveing more than just one person stating their thoughts (and of course the great smart-ass statements by Doug). Have guests, have friends, have whomever come in until you can find the right chemestry again.

    Doug…we will miss you man. You may not have seen/known a lot about movies, but you alway spoke your mind and what was on your mind was sometimes better than the movie being talked about. Come back, visit the podcast sometimes, I’m sure your always welcomed. And I understand you gotta do what you gotta do, so we can’t blame you for doing it. C-ya around man.


  36. Dude.
    That’s the shittiest news I’ve heard all year. You guys were like Jekyl and Hyde. One cannot exist without the other.
    GET HIM BACK ON AIR, YOU HEAR ME DOUGLAS, YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Will there ever be advertising on the podcast? Seems like GoDaddy sponsors everyone.

    I’ll be interested to hear Doug’s podcast when it comes out. Good luck.

    Maybe Sharon can call in reviews, updates or gossip?

  38. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! This can’t be happening!! Time to break out a pro-wrestling chant:
    Please dont’t go! Please don’t go!

    Will there be a farewell show?

  39. Never give up!!! Never Surrender!!!

    Keep the audio edition John! It won’t be the same without Doug, but YOU are lifeblood of the show!

  40. Best of luck on your other endeavours Doug!
    See if you can’t find a nice little fox to play Halo with you (I did!) and keep her!

    As for the show: John, you’re a fun guy; and Darren is amusing; but you need an insane, insensitive, funny someone to balance the show and keep it moving and lively.

    So have you considered auditions? Lots of folks (myself included) would love to get in on the action. Maybe do a series of shows with different prospects to see if any fit in. If it doesn’t work it’s worth a few chuckles.


  41. This is cockshit!

    Totally keep the site going, John. You need someone new to banter with, though. That lady with the sexy voice would be perfect if she wasn’t in LA.

    Best of luck to Mr Nagy.

  42. You gotta keep the audio edition going! It’s the only thing that keeps me from going insane at the office 3 days out of the week! Please keep doing it and bring on many guests. I don’t think you’ll ever find a replacement for Doug but you can get someone else that’s pretty funny.

  43. “freaked out the first time a couple of celebrities emailed us about the show”
    Which celebrities have e-mailed you guys about the AE to the point of freak out?

  44. This news has made me sad today. I’m at a loss of words. Even though I don’t know Doug personally, I have this feeling of losing a good friend. I honestly will miss you dude.

    I don’t have time to watch much tv shows. This podcast with Doug and Campea provided great movie news with a solid delivery of humor mixed entertainment.

    Please keep in touch with the movieblog and your fans. On that note, good Luck and have a safe journey.

    To you I say this, “We may lose a man in this adventure, but the show must go on”.

  45. First Richard, now Doug…*sighs* I still think the Audio Edtion should continue, true it won’t be the same, but hey shit happens. Hopefully Darren stays on, and John, please don’t give up on the Audio Edition or this site. 165 episodes is an accomlishment, and hopefully we will get to hear 165 more. Doug your humor will be missed, it was a huge part of the charm the a.e had, best wishes. And if the Audio Edtion goes sour, will this mean more Video Edtions in the near future?

    Keep going with the flow as long as you can.

  46. “Why does everything I whip leave me?!?!?!”
    Very sad – the podcast is truly amazing because of the banter between the two of you, but if I can have a Doug-cast AND a John/Darren-cast that kinda softens the blow… Still kinda sucks though… Such is life…

  47. God, so Doug is saying goodbye to us all on the round table tonight? I’m gonna be a blubbering bitch listening to it at work, i promise you. How can i miss somebody so much, whom i’ve never met?

    Oh well, i agree with everybody that you should keep the audio edition going John. That ‘lonely edition’ you did was actually very laid back and easy to listen to and i won’t mind more of the same. As long as Darren can keep showing up on Mondays to get a bit of a debate going, it should be fine. Two things though:

    a) If Doug could find the time to join you once upon a blue moon, said audio editions will become big events for us fans. I hope you can do that Doug.

    b) Maybe, you should search for a new apprentice, so to speak, just so you have somebody to debate with on a regular basis. It’s risky i know because whatever this new person says, people will take a while to get use to them but it’s worth a shot i think, as long as you agree.

    Anyhow, this English friend salutes you Mr Nagy for giving him much needed levity and hilarity over the last couple of months. The best of luck to you for the future.

  48. Bad, really bad day for the movieblog, for the audio edition and especially to all your listeners. I’ve been with AE from the first episode and always thought that it’s the “best damn podcast” out there. In these 2 years, I’ve missed on podcast (PotC2 + Superman, I was afraid of spoilers, have to check that now when I’ve seen both of em).

    Doug has always been big, big part of the audio edition and he will be missed. No question about that. Nevertheless, I think that you should _definetely_ keep doing audio editions. If not for any other reason, then cause it has became my daily routine. Hopefully you will find someone to replace Doug (although I liked those stand-alone-podcasts). Just don’t try and find another “Doug”. Even if he’s is as funny as Doug, he can’t beat the original. That’s just the way it’s.

    THX Doug for 2 GREAT years. Hope U all good! Hopefully we’ll heard you as a special quest sometime.

  49. You idiot Nagy. There is a thirst for quality movie discussion on the net, but not for standup podcasts (sad but fact). It’s like you’re relegating yourself to the third division. If John’s being a pain in the ass just take a break from it. What is it about double acts when they get to the top? It doesn’t matter that you haven’t seen any of the movies being discussed, that’s part of the genius – when you get incredibly angry about things you haven’t witnessed. Besides, the podcast isn’t review heavy at all. Can’t you get hooked up to skype while playing Halo? How about an earpiece from work? How about John leaves pauses that Nagy can fill in later when he has the time? Oooh, this brings back memories of when Princess Diana died.

  50. Couldn’t Doug even find time to do just one show per week? Reduce the Audio Edition to one show a week – the Monday roundtable! Have an epic 60 minute plus show of John, Darren and Douglas talking about the big stories of the past week.

    Fuck not being able to see movies to review Doug, your best stuff is about movie news! Especially the things you are most passionate about.

    The John Rambo rant was a thing of beauty. If this is the end, best of luck to you young Douglas. I will most certainly be subscribing to the Nagical RadioPodcast.

    Oh, and one more thing, this calls for a “Best of Doug” audio edition.

  51. Doug, you rock my world, good luck funny man.

    Having said that, where do I submit my application form as Doug’s replacement? the Audio Edition would go something like this;

    John: Bla blah
    Nord: You’re wrong
    John: No, you’re wrong
    Nord: No no, you are wrong
    John: Fuck you
    Nord: no no, fuck you
    John: Fuck me? fuck you!
    Nord: You talking to me?

    Followed by the sounds of slaps and girly cries of pain.

    Seriously, where do I send my resume?


  52. Oh my god. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nagy will be missed so much. Esp the little intro’s. John please do intro’s like his.

    I’m so upset over this now. But the rest of us will prevail. We better be kept informed of Nagys doings and stuff.


  53. Doug, all the best. Go forth and prosper. Good luck in whatever you are doing. As Johnny said in The Outsiders, “Stay gold, Pony Boy.”

    John, I am shocked that you are even considering shutting down. Yes Doug brought signifigant comedic entertainment to the podcast, but you guys won Podcast of the Year! Life has thrown the gauntlet at your feet and you are considering quitting? Come on. Find a replacement, or don’t, whatever you need to do, keep this thing going.

    And to all of you who are actually ‘mad’ at this development, go suck an egg. These guys do this for FREE. Give em a break, will ya?

  54. fuck!


    I finally get DSL and now Doug is gone! Again, I must say



    I remember when Richard left a while back…and now this.

    If I were you, I’d consider shutting it down. it wouldn’t be the same.

  55. John & Doug,

    Glad to hear it all good. Tho can’t you make make up some type of beef?? LOL It’s good for business man. Ya’ll could have like a rap war. Podcast Beefs! Think about it, you can make Diss podcasts, play it up for a month or so then make up and come back together like Voltron.

    If you guys could figure it out I would gladly pay to listen to the cast. I could pay $5.00 a month or whatever. If that got me a qt video version, it would be worth it to me and many others.(I think)

    Just my ideas…
    I’ll listen to both podcasts…

  56. Halo? You’ve got every enertainers dream man. Thousands of people listening to you, your name getting out there, people are becoming your fans without ever hearing your comedy routine, and you’re walking away from it?

    Every actor/singer/comedian out here is shaking our heads at you.

    Drop something else. Drop the girl friend or the wife. Drop Halo. Drop your blog.

    I think you are entertaining man, but this is one of the biggest brain farts I’ve ever seen.

    Best of luck to you.

  57. Truly Truly a sad day. But this should not be the death of the audio edition. As long as doug can come by once in a while (perhaps once a month) to join in, theres no problem with me. Keep it going with darren, and have a rotating guest list, a la the View. perhaps start to get minor celebrities who read this blog to possibly join in. Or at least start getting a lot of guests a la TWIT. I certainly enjoy listening to John even by himself. But this could usher in a new era of roundtable discussion by new people. Could be cool. Keep up the casts!

  58. What the fuck Campea…first, the chick bails, now this?!?! I can’t believe Doug is gone, did u not pay him enough $$$. Bring those pop-up ads back and pay your franchise player!! Of course I’ll still listen, but dammit John please do what you can.

    Is there anywhere I can purchase his comedy? I think he’s losing out on so much by not selling CDs and plugging them on the AE.

  59. The show must go on John. Keep it goin, you’ve come this far why stop? Your podcast is one of the best out there. Dont stop.

  60. I don’t think it is sad at all. Doug is clearly making a choice that is not easy for him to make but he feels is the best. I am sad, yes, but this is not a sad thing. OF COURSE The Movie Blog’s audio edition should continue.

    My personal vote would be to have you continue, but have guest spots with those you trust and feel could contribute.

    The real question though, is do YOU want to go on? You bring a lot of fine points to the table and I can’t help but wonder if you WANT to keep going.

    It is my hope you do as I love listening to your thoughts on movies etc. You bring up points that I may not even have thought of, but wished I did. I throughly enjoy the site and thh podcast even though i have only recently (the past 6mos) joined the party.

  61. Sad, sad day. You guys became part of my weekly routine. Doug’s wit and John’s talent for picking hot spot topics made for a great team.

    Please, please continue with casts.

    Find another host, do the revolving guest host thing, run a contest, have auditions, whatever it takes.

    The end of an era.

    Good luck Doug!

  62. this is terrible news.

    keep doing the audio edition and try some different folks in the co-host chair.

    the interaction between you two is what kept people listening, you’ll have to find someone you have good rapport with that will entertain us. don’t rush it, i say you try out as many people as you can.

  63. Nothing “went down” other than what was posted Mdean.

    I apologize to all the fans of the show.
    I work 40 + hours a week.
    I am doing stand up as much as I can.
    I have my own blog, and want to do more with it.
    I have not played halo in 6 months, because I don’t have time to shit.

    It wrenches my guts to let all of you down, I would like nothing more than to do the audio edition for a living – but that is not possible.

    If the boys will have me – I have no problems visiting the show from time to time as a guest. But I do not have the time to see movies for review, so it makes little sense to be a co host on a movie news site.

    I thank all of you for listening, and still consider you my international friends.

  64. hey john didnt mean to upset you.its just that this is so sudden.
    i love the movie blog and the audio edition
    like many others i enjoyed the solo podcast, but having 2 people who bounce of each other as well as you and doug do is a winning formula..
    sorry if i caused offence..

  65. Everyone has to move on at some time. Let’s face it, we’ve all left jobs when a new oppertunity presents itself.

    I’ll miss Doug, and I hope he comes back on occasion!

    The question is John, is there anyone who can step in, or a few people, on rotation, that you could try, and then decide on a permanent replacement?

  66. Hey Carl and Mddean and all my conspiracy theorist friends :)

    Nope… nothing more than meets the eye here. Doug and I are best of friends. This was just a decision he felt he had to make for his own schedule and plans sake.

    I don’t like it either… but as his friend I 100% support him.



  67. I agree with the others, this is good publicity for Doug. He should stay!! But seriously, can he at least continue the monday round table?

    And maybe Darren can take his place for Wed and Fri. Or maybe just get another good funny friend of yours to accompany you. But whatever you do John, keep the podcast running because it is the best damn thing in the net!

  68. Doug has always added a humorous charm to TAE, but it wasn’t just him that made the show. I am confident you guys are clever enough to figure out a way to keep it going. I’ve always felt the Audio Edition could be renovated to be even more than just a roundtable discussing news items down a lit. Some podcasts go even farther, and do other stuff. This could be the first time that’s it’s time for a renogvation. But whatever you do, please don’t stop.

    We love you guys. :)

  69. Just curious, what’s stopping you from using a program like Skype where the podcast would be recorded over the internet?

  70. I also think it’s kind of rude to all the fans not to say anything, just a fucking post, not even from him directly. How about a last audio edition to say goodbye?

  71. Nagy, my man and fellow servant of Krom, like the other folks have asked, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?

    Did you knock some chick up have have to use your time to look after your mistake?

    This is retarded Nagy. Give your head a shake and get with the program. This podcast has been the best thing in the world for letting people know about you. What are you thinking?

  72. This is the saddest day since April 10th, 1970.

    Who’s Yoko this time around? Did Darren’s girlfriend get suspicious of your on air chemistry?

    I’ll have go out at cripple a few children today with my horse, in memory of what once was. Maybe god will take pity on us after my sacrifice, answer our prayers and reunite our audio edition crew.

  73. Damn U Doug! :) Can Doug do it maybe bi-Weekly?? Keep doing the podcast, but I agree with others, the 2 person show is WAY better then a 1 person show.


    I agree with Fake Name above. I would have never even heard of Doug Nagy without the Audio Edition! And now he’s leaving? What a retard!

    This is the Stupidest thing he could do for his career. WHO THE HELL IS GIVING HIM HIS ADVICE?!?!

  75. Please don’t stop the audio edition!

    I think we all agree, it won’t be the same without Doug, but there are other people who could co-host. I think the key is, find someone who can come on-board every day. But don’t look for a doub clone, look for someone with a good sense of humour, but not a dougclone.

    Is there no way you guys could use technology to overcome this problem? with maybe a VOIP link, and do the podcast from different places?

    Anyway, good luck to Doug in his future work!

  76. In my opinion a two person show was what made it interesting. If you are planning to do it alone I would say close it down, but if there is someone else you can do it with then go ahead. Although I think Doug was the heart and core of the show. We loved his honest thoughts. To know more about movies we can read the news on the site. So continue to do the show only if there’s a real reason to do it. Not because you won an award, or because people demand it. Do it if you think it will be as good as it was. To make it worse don’t mind the trouble…

  77. Get Doug back. Give him money, give him 70 virgins of virtue true, give him plaster castings of Ziyi Zhang’s ankles – whatever it takes to get him back.

    Doug being on the podcast was the best thing for the podcast, and the furthering of Doug Nagy’s career. It would be foolish to end this now.

  78. u should conntinue with the audio edition john, i’ve only listened to 2 of them and i can say that u won’t be losing audience for sometime yet. we’ll tell u when u get really annoying and therefore time to stop ;)

    nevertheless, doug will be sorely missed. hats off to you doug.


  79. This is fuckin’ retarded!!!!!!


    No…I say -and voted for- keep the Audio Edition going. If you need to cut down on podcasts or make them into fifteen to twenty minute stretches, so be it. But don’t put this on the chopping block right away. Doug, while some will miss him and others will not (screw the others) could always drop in and say hello. Likewise, the recently departed for L.A. Sharon can come in for a visit. All is not lost! Besides—you have a title to defend!!!

    You can also get “guests” on the podcast -which is a great idea as well…and not uncommon. Also, this might actually help you out a slight bit, as you polish up Prince Of Peace.


    PS>>> Yes, I know I stank on last week’s predictions. How the hell Clerks II get all the way to #10? And people are still seeing Little Man? Ouch!

  80. If you do keep going, you have to get other people on. Otherwise it would just be re-hashing of what you post? Because your thoughts would basicly be the same…

    It could work still, just get somebody else. If you did it alone it would get tired after a short while I think.

  81. I don’t know what you should do. I probably will stop listening if there isn’t a co-host or it will fall from the first thing I listen to on my iPod to the “I might listen if I run out of others things” group. I’m not a big fan of the “single person” podcasts or shows. I like the back and forth and discussions.

  82. You know what, a few weeks ago I would have thought this was horrible news. But then You did that one Audio Edition by yourself last week, and I actually ended up enjoying it more!

    I agree with the other commentors. Doug will be missed. He is funny. But really he’s not what made the show great. He added to it, but he wasn’t the meat, he was the seasoning.

    Keep the show going John. You are the best Film commentator in the internet. Your international Friends in Mexico need you! And we salute Doug for a job well done too.

  83. This is awful.

    Well here is my suggestion maybe you can have the usual roundtable on Mondays with DArren, and one more just you on Thursday or Fridays. Maybe with some special guests

  84. Jesus, this is sad news. It won’t be that same without Doug. I found that when you John went away from the AD to make your film for a week or two it wasn’t the same either. I think Doug and yourself have a chemistry like no other. When one of you are gone it’s not the same. Should the AD continue? Of course. Darren does a fantastic job and I would love if he filled in for Doug on Wed and Fri but he can’t. I suggest get someone else to fill in for Doug, but you if you do get someone new in, their going to have a hard time filling the boots of Doug.

    I for one would love if Doug had a farewell last AD. And return once every few months for a show. I know Doug is going to have his own podcast soon, which I am looking forward too.

    WE WILL MISS YOU DOUG!!!!!!!!!

  85. Doug is really funny and I love listening to him, but in reality he has been the side-kick on the show. John, you’re the guy who made it interesting.

    The show would be different without Doug for sure, but even without him you’re still the best movie podcast going. You and Darren keep the show up, and bring Doug back for guest spots now and again when he has the time.


  86. This is truly some sad news.

    Will he still be available for special guest appearances, such as the potential Live Audio Edition?

    Please tell me that Hezbollah hasn’t called him into action…

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